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Sloan OPTIMA Repair Parts

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Diaphram Kits

Sloan OPTIMA Repair Parts
SKU Code Description Price Qty
EL-128-A Actuator Cartridge Repair Kit3305043 EL-128-A EL-128-A Actuator Cartridge Repair Kit $24.16
EL-124-2 CP Solenoid Assembly 24V0305329 EL-124-2 EL-124-2 CP Solenoid Assembly 24V $159.56
EL-138-2 RB Solenoid Assembly 24V0305331 EL-138-2 EL-138-2 RB Solenoid Assembly 24V $159.56
DO-22 O-Ring0337086 DO-22 DO-22 O-Ring $1.89
EL-104 Adapter CP0305132 EL-104 EL-104 Adapter CP $28.42
EL-163-A Solenoid Plunger Assembly0305165 EL-163-A EL-163-A Solenoid Plunger Assembly $42.36
A-6 Handle Coupling CP0301082 A-6 A-6 Handle Coupling CP $5.20
EL-164 Flux Plate CP0305166 EL-164 EL-164 Flux Plate CP $11.98
EL-165-2 Solenoid Coil 24V AC0305118 EL-165-2 EL-165-2 Solenoid Coil 24V AC $22.37
EL-162 Coil Housing CP0305164 EL-162 EL-162 Coil Housing CP $41.11
EL-102-2 Name Plate 24V AC0305127 EL-102-2 EL-102-2 Name Plate 24V AC $1.31
EL-101 Solenoid Nut CP0305125 EL-101 EL-101 Solenoid Nut CP $19.74
EL-166 Solenoid Nut RB0305167 EL-166 EL-166 Solenoid Nut RB $1.88
EL-176-A Flange Assembly CP0305139 EL-176-A EL-176-A Flange Assembly CP $10.72
EL-152 Hex Socket Screw CP0305152 EL-152 EL-152 Hex Socket Screw CP $2.29
EL-151 Sensor Plate (for Exposed Urinals) CP0305151 EL-151 EL-151 Sensor Plate (for Exposed Urinals) CP $44.54
EL-201 Sensor Plate (for Closets) CP0305219 EL-201 EL-201 Sensor Plate (for Closets) CP $44.54
HY-66 Cover Plate0318066 HY-66 HY-66 Cover Plate $43.90
EL-161 Sensor Plate (for Concealed Urinals) CP0305161 EL-161 EL-161 Sensor Plate (for Concealed Urinals) CP $44.54
EL-168-A Yoke Assembly0305323 EL-168-A EL-168-A Yoke Assembly $4.34
EL-141-A Over Ride Switch Assembly0305324 EL-141-A EL-141-A Over Ride Switch Assembly $24.37
EL-1500 Sensor - Urinal3305620 EL-1500 EL-1500 Sensor - Urinal $209.33
EL-1500-L Sensor - Closet3305621 EL-1500-L EL-1500-L Sensor - Closet $209.33
EL-1005-A Exposed Urinal Accessory Kit CP3305170 EL-1005-A EL-1005-A Exposed Urinal Accessory Kit CP $255.09

Royal 110-3.5 ES-S TMO (345.3 kb) Royal 111-1.28 ES-S TMO (272.9 kb)
Sloan 111-1.28 ES-S TMO (660.6 kb) Royal 111-1.6 ES-S TMO (363.4 kb)
Sloan 111-1.6 ES-S TMO (616.5 kb) Royal 113-1.28 ES-S TMO (391.1 kb)
Royal 113 ES-S TMO (357.8 kb) Royal 115/116-1.28 ES-S TMO (413.1 kb)
Royal 115/116 ES-S TMO (370.0 kb) Royal 180 ES-S TMO (260.4 kb)
Royal 186 ES-S TMO HEU (390.1 kb) Royal 186 ES-S TMO (303.6 kb)
Sloan 186 ES-S TMO (241.6 kb)  

Installation Instructions (Royal) (1342.0 kb) Installation Instructions (Sloan) (4182.6 kb)
Faucet Identification (312.5 kb) Repair Parts Breakdown (322.1 kb)

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