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Eco Air 2.0

Eco-Air Air Freshener Dispenser With Refill

Passive Room Air Freshener

Eco Air Chart

Freshens the air for 30 days

Unique fragrances are designed for consistent and powerful 30-day performance. Eco Air outperforms gels, wicks, and aerosols.

Fits in a variety of dispensers

Fits in our own Fresh-brand dispenser but was also designed to work inside of TC®, TimeMist®, Ecolab®, Hospeco®, Kimberly-Clark®, Vectair® and fan dispensers too.

Stays strong

Cannot break or spill. Use it in restrooms, conference rooms, entry ways, lobbies, trash rooms, or near soiled linens.

Caution: Avoid prolonged contact with porous, painted, stained, or varnished surfaces as the Refill could stain or discolor.

Eco-Air Dispensers & Refills


Eco-Air Air Freshener CABINET Dispenser


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Cotton Blossom


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Cucumber Melon


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Citrus


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Herbal Mint


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Honeysuckle


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Kiwi Grapefruit


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Fabulous


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Mango


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Spiced Apple


Eco-Air Air Freshener Refill - Summer Sunshine

More Info

The Eco Air is a passive air freshening system that delivers a powerful, consistent freshness for 30 days. It is capable of freshening your largest spaces without any batteries or fans, and in addition to its own dispenser, Eco Air fits in TC®, TimeMist®, Ecolab®, Hospeco®, Kimberly-Clark®, Vectair®, and fan-dispensers. No matter what you put it in, or where you hang it, the Eco Air cannot break or spill. It works well in restroom stalls, on restroom walls, conference rooms, entry ways, lobbies, trash rooms, or near soiled linens. Eco Air is also 100% recyclable and is part of a closed-loop recycling program that allows you to easily recycle.

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