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Sloan Naval Repair Parts

Sloan Valve Repair Parts

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Diaphram Kits

5302297 ID:20

B-39 Handle Seal

$1.17 / each

0302109 ID:23

B-7-A Socket CP

$6.34 / each

0307052 ID:31A

G-21 Seat Main

$2.63 / each

5308696 ID:34A

H-553 O-Ring

$1.07 / each

0308063 ID:35

H-6 Coupling CP GJ

$6.40 / each

0308612 ID:40

H-622 Bonnet CP

$7.83 / each

0314082 ID:---

CN-15 Top Plate

$4.97 / each

0314204 ID:---

CN-57 Xpelor

$1.85 / each

5328019 ID:---

SH-406 Spring

$1.17 / each


When it comes to maintaining marine sanitation systems, equipping yourself with dependable Sloan naval repair parts is non-negotiable. Designed specifically for Sloan Naval flush valves, these repair components ensure that your exposed Naval flushometers for urinals and water closets operate optimally, even in the harshest marine applications. The resilience and compatibility of our naval flush valve parts mean you can undertake repairs confidently and trust that uptime and reliability are within reach. Whether you need to replace a diaphragm, a handle, or any other component, our selection of Sloan flush valve replacement parts is comprehensive, ensuring your fixtures function seamlessly for years to come. Embrace the sea-worthy toughness and longevity that Sloan offers through its dedicated line of flush valve components.

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