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Tampon Vending Machine Dispensers

Tampon Vending / Dispensers

Tampon Waste Recepticles

Safe and Sanitary Disposal

Scensibles System for Safe and Sanitary Disposal
Maintain clean and healthy restroom standards. Personal disposal bags, refillable dispensers, stall waste receptacles and liner bags for safe and sanitary disposal of feminine care products. Scented disposal bags masks odors and easy tie-handle closure completely conceals contents. Minimize the risk of exposure to possible blood-borne pathogens. Encourages proper disposal, reducing plumbing issues. Specially designed scented plastic receptacle liners ensure safe handling for maintenance staff.

Maxithins, Gards,and Tampax Menstrual Care

The Complete Menstrual Care System for your Facility.
HOSPECO pioneered the concept of providing Menstrual Care Products in Women’s Public Restrooms. It's a necessity. Not a luxury. Air Delights offers a complete menstrual care solution for the public restroom - from product dispensing to safe and hygienic disposal. Gards, Maxithins, and Dual Dispensers are the leading popular brands. Now introducing the Scensibles System for Hygienic Disposal.

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