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Hospeco How-To Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

EV1 Instructions
EVNT3 Instructions
EVNT4 Instructional
How to Mount a Scensibles® Dispencer on a Period Product Dispenser
Evogen® Tri-Vend High Capacity No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser Instructions (EVNT6)

Hospeco is a globally recognized commercial bathroom and personal hygiene brand committed to providing individuals with advanced restroom equipment to improve their overall experience. Thankfully, the team at Air Delights proudly offers Hospeco products and equipment for our loyal clientele! Along with supplying superior commercial restroom solutions and products, we provide our customers with helpful resources and information related to Hospeco pad and tampon vending machine maintenance. Below is our collection of how-to instructional videos to better educate you on tampon machines in bathrooms, how to use tampon dispensers, and other essential troubleshooting information. View our Hospeco how-to instructional videos today to learn more about these wonderful products!

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