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EZ Flush Retro-Fit Automatic Flush Unit with Metal Cover

$158.64 / each

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EZ Flush Retro-Fit Automatic Flush Unit with Metal Cover
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ZURN Retrofit Autoflushers

EZ Flush Retro-Fit Automatic Flush Unit with Metal Cover

3 reviews
  • Clog-resistant linear bypass diaphragm
  • Chemical resistant gaskets and seals for extended service life with lower maintenance costs
  • Chrome-plated E-Z Flush sensor unit with 3-year battery life
  • Fits both Toilet and Urinal Flush valves
  • Easy two minute installation - No tools required
  • 3-year warranty
  • EZ-Flush Repair Parts
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In Stock

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The Most Installer-friendly Automatic Flush Valve Retrofit Kit on the Market Today

Not only does E-Z Flush allow you the fastest and easiest changeover, but E-Z Flush gives you the tools, batteries, and adapters to start and complete the job. Unlike other kits that limit themselves to the number of manufacturers and models they can

retrofit, the unique handle port mounting feature of the E-Z Flush makes it the most versatile flush valve retrofit available today. Once installed, E-Z Flush provides trouble-free automatic flushing for both the building owner and the user.

Zurn E-Z Flush Specification

AquaSense Retrofit Kit- The AquaSense "A" E-Z Flush Unit is designed to provide automatic flushing for urinal and/or water closet flush valves. The unit features an adjustable automatic infrared sensor, user-in-view L.E.D., low battery indicator light, switchable 24 hour auto-flush, 10 degree angled sensor, courtesy flush button, and high impact-resistant chrome plated plastic cover with replaceable tempered glass lens. The unit comes complete with 4 "C" size batteries, wrench for installation, and an allen key for the battery compartment.

E-Z Flush Benefits

  • Increased Sanitation
  • User Friendly
  • Water Savings
  • Hands-Free Operation
  • Eliminates Odors and Unflushed Fixtures
  • Reduced Flush Valve Maintenance
  • Improves Building Presentation
  • Modern Appearance

E-Z Flush Features

  • Best Working Battery Sensor Retrofit Unit on the Market for Harsh Water Conditions
  • Adjustable Infrared Sensing
  • Sensor and Motor Components Do Not Contact Water
  • User-In-View L.E.D.
  • Ease of Installation
  • Low Battery Light
  • Impact-Resistant Covers with Angled Face
  • Replaceable Glass Lens
  • Courtesy Flush Button Standard
  • High Mount Adapter for Tall Rough-ins
  • Uses Standard "C" Batteries
  • Three+ Years Battery Life
  • Retrofit to Zurn, Sloan, and Delany (order suffix -LY)
  • Twenty-four Hour Auto Flush Option

5.0 out of 5 based on 3 user ratings.


Retro Fit Flush Valve
Review Star Rating
Oct 25, 2021
Nicely Priced Automatic Flush valve for Remodeling. Very easy to install. No extra effort to have this go to work.

Zerk- CCP EZ Flush
Review Star Rating
Feb 20, 2019
***** Installs in a couple of min.

ez flush retro fit
Review Star Rating
May 04, 2018
it was so easy to install it and worked so well i felt a little guilty about charging my customer. i installed three of the units in less than 20 minutes. good product, great value.

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