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XLerator XL-C-ECO Hand Dryer 208-277V

  • Zinc Die-Cast Cover - Chrome Plated
  • 8-10 Second Dry Time
  • ECOs Dry Time (no heat) 10-15 Seconds
  • 80% Less Energy Than Conventional Hand Dryers
  • 95% Cost Savings Vs. Paper Towels
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • GREENSPEC Listed and Helps Qualify for several LEED credits
  • A Hygienic Hand Drying Solution
  • Over a Decade of Proven Performance
  • To learn about customization, call:   (800) 440-5556
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SKU Product Description Price Qty
XL-C-ECO-208-277 XL-C-ECO (no heat) Xlerator Hand Dryer in Chrome 208-277 Volt $570.00
XL-C-ECO-110-120 XL-C-ECO (no heat) Xlerator Hand Dryer in Chrome 110-120 Volt $570.00
XL-C-208-277 XL-C Xlerator Hand Dryer in Chrome 208-277 Volt $600.00
XL-C-110-120 XL-C Xlerator Hand Dryer in Chrome 110-120 Volt $600.00
SKU Accessory Price Qty
XL-89W MICROBAN Wall Guards for XLERATOR Hand Dryers - White $120.00
XL-89S Stainless Steel Wall Guards for XLERATOR Hand Dryers $200.00
40502 Optional Xlerator Hand Dryer Recess Kit - Stainless Steel $175.00

More Info

ADA Compliant Recess Kit - Meets 4-inch (102mm) Protrusion Requirement

Optional recess kit includes a wall box (22 ga) and dryer mounting plate (16 ga) made from 18-8 Type 304 brushed stainless steel. A stainless steel tether is connected to the dryer mounting plate to hold the dryer in position when servicing.

Width 16 3/8" (416 mm) Height 26" (660 mm)
Depth 3 3/8" (86 mm) Weight 11 lbs. (4.99 kgs.)

SKU: 40502

XLerator Recess Kit



  • Width: 11-3/4" (298 mm)
  • Height: 12-11/16" (322 mm)
  • Depth: 6-11/16" (170 mm)
  • Weight

  • XL-BW: 15 lbs. (6.8 kgs.)
  • XL-SB: 16 lbs. (7.26 kgs.)
  • XL-W, GR, C, SI, SP: 17 lbs. (7.71 kgs.)


A. All covers will be fastened to a base plate by two chrome plated tamper-proof bolts. Cover shall be one of the following:

  • Die-cast zinc alloy: One-piece, heavy-duty, reinforced, lightweight, unbreakable, rustproof and all exposed surfaces shall be bright chrome plated or finished with chip-proof, electrostatically applied epoxy paint
  • Bulk Molding Compound (BMC): White reinforced thermoset resin
  • Stainless Steel with a brushed finish
  • Special Image: Digital image applied to die-cast or stainless steel covers using patented Kolorfusion Sublimation Decoration process

B. Base plate shall be equipped with (3) 7/8" (22 mm) diameter holes, the bottom one is suitable for use with surface conduit

C. All internal parts shall be coated according to Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. requirements.

D. Entire mechanism shall be internally grounded.


A. Motor shall be a thermally protected, series commutated, through-flow discharge vacuum motor/blower (5/8 hp / 20,000 rpm) which provides air velocity of up to 19,000 LFM (linear feet per minute) at the air outlet and 16,000 LFM at the hands (4 inches [102 mm] below air outlet).

B. Control assembly is activated by an infrared optical sensor located next to the air outlet. The dryer shall operate as long as hands are under the air outlet. There is a 35-second lockout feature if hands are not removed.


One dryer for every two washbasins is sufficient for most applications. If restroom traffic is unusually heavy, we suggest one dryer per washbasin in small installations and two dryers for every three washbasins in larger installations. When a 54" washfountain is used, we suggest four to five dryers.


The dryer shall be guaranteed to be free from defects for a period of five (5) years. Warranty shall include labor performed at factory as well as the repair or exchange of defective parts, at manufacturer's option.


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