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Hospeco Products HS-OR1001-BL

Health Gards Premium Urinal Mat - 6 Pack

Hospeco Health Gards Premium Urinal Mat - 6 Pack

Keep customers coming back with a clean restroom!

Health Gards Antimicrobial Urinal Mats are designed to grip the floor, capture any fluid that escapes, eliminate any odors and quickly air dry. Mats do not absorb and retain urine, preventing discoloration and lingering odor.

hospeco healthgards restroom floor mats
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HS-OR1001-BL Health Gards Premium Urinal Mat - 6 Pack $62.97

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Health Gards Antimicrobial Mats

  • Eliminate Puddles Keeps floors dry around urinals, commodes, near sinks and hand drying areas
  • Odor Inhibitor Each mat is loaded with a strong antimicrobial that will stop odors from starting or spreading
  • Protect Flooring Protects flooring from liquids and stains. Mat stays securely in place with non-slip backing.
  • Long LastingIn most locations, mats will last up to a month depending on traffic and usage. They should be thrown away afterwards.
  • Maintenance Simple - Just mop or wipe around them as needed. If they get wet, OK. They are designed with a self drying surface, so they air dry like entrance mats


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