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T&S Brass Products B-7132-01

Hose Reel,Open,Stainless Steel,35'Hose,3/8"Id With Spray Valve

Hose Reel,Open,Stainless Steel,35'Hose,3/8"Id With Spray Valve

35ft x 3/8in I.D. Open Stainless Steel Hose Reel
w/ EB-0107 Blue Spray Valve

  • Open reel with stainless steel finish
  • Heavy-duty blue hose, 3/8" I.D., rated to 300 PSI
  • Ratcheting system holds the length of hose until a slight tug; retracts automatically
  • 3/8" NPT female inlet
  • Adjustable hose bumper
  • Hose has a nitrile tube and oil-resistant synthetic rubber jacket, rated up to 200 degrees F and 300 PSI
  • Multi-fit bracket for wall, ceiling or under counter mounting
  • NOTE: If mixing valve is used, check valves should be installed to prevent crossflow of water
  • Variations:

  • B-7132-01M Hi-Flo blue spray valve replaced w/ 1.42Gpm gray spray valve (B-0107)
  • Additional model variations shown in More Info section, below

Downloads: Specs | Install | Submittal

SKU Product Description Price QTY
B-7132-01 Hose Reel,Open,Stainless Steel,35'Hose,3/8"Id With Spray Valve $1,105.92
B-7132-01M 3/8" X 35' Open Ss Reel W/B-0107 $1,105.92
B-7132-02 Hose Reel, Open, Stainless Steel, 3/8" X 35' Hose, Rear Trigger Water Gun $1,158.40
B-7132-05 Hose Reel, Open, Stainless Steel, 3/8" X 35' Hose, Front Trigger Water Gun $1,158.40
B-7132-08H Hose Reel: 3/8" Id X 35' Hose, Open Ss, B-0108-H High Flow Spray Valve $1,111.68
B-7132-08M 3/8" X 35' Open Ss Reel W/ B-0108 $1,112.32
B-7132-10 3/8" X 35' Open Ss Reel W/ Extended Spray Wand $1,161.92
SKU Accessories Price QTY
B-CVH1-2 Check Valve, 1/2" Npt Female, Horizontal $49.99
B-CVH3-4 Check Valve, 3/4" Npt Female, Horizontal $65.65
SKU Repair Parts Price QTY
EB-0107 Blue Spray Valve W/ High-Flow Spray Face $76.14
012504-40 Grip Handle, 3/8"Npt Female Inlet (Blue) $25.40
014938-45 Roller Kit,Open Reels Only $51.32
014949-45 3/8" Hose Bumper Stop Kit For T&S Hose Reels $76.36
014941-45 Hose Kit, 3/8" Id X 35 Ft (Blue) $342.72
014933-45 Sprng Asm For Stainless Small & Med Hose Reels $364.11
014946-45 3/8" Swivel Connector Kit (Small Reels) $106.22
014948-45 O-Ring Kit, 3/8" Hose Reel (Smaller Versions) $26.95
014940-45 Ratchet Kit, B-7000 Series Hose Reels $32.94
Technical Documents
B-7132-01 Specifications

More Info
Variations: Hose Reel w/ Spray Outlet || B-7132-35ft Hose x 3/8" I.D.
B-7132-01 B-7132-01M B-7132-02 B-7132-05 --- B-7132-08H B-7132-08M B-7132-10
Hi-Flo Blue Spray Valve (4Gpm) Gray
Spray Valve (1.42Gpm)
Rear Trigger Water Gun Front Trigger Water Gun Aluminum
Rear Trigger Water Gun
Hi-Flo Spray Valve
Spray Wand
Spray Outlet SKU
EB-0107 B-0107 MV-2516-24 MV-2522-24 MV-3516-24 B-0108-H B-0108 EB-2322

HOSE REELS B-7132-01


Hi-Flo Spray Valve SKU: EB-0107


Blue Grip Handle w/ Washer SKU: 012504-40


Roller Replacement Kit SKU: 014938-45


Hose Stop Repair Kit SKU: 014949-45


3/8" x 35ft Hose Replacement Kit SKU: 014941-45


Small Stainless Steel Spring SKU: 014933-45
B-7132-01 (CONT'D)


3/8" Swivel Repair Kit SKU: 014946-45


O-ring Replacement Kit SKU: 014948-45


Ratchet Repair Kit SKU: 014940-45


#27 Washer SKU: 010476-45


Spray Valve Hold Down Ring SKU: 000907-45

Dynamic Features and Benefits

Feature Function Benefit
Adjustable Arm Hose reel arm is adjustable to two different positions. Gives user greater flexibility for their particular application. Adjustability allows arm to be either in wall mount or under counter mount position.
Anti-lockout Ratchet Design When hose is fully extended, ratchet pawl is inbetween two sets of locking gears. Allows hose to retract freely. Eliminates need to manually rewind the hose.
Brass Swivel on Stainless Shaft Eliminates a condition known as "galling" where excessive friction between like metals results in localized welding with subsequent splitting of one or both of two mating parts. Reduces risk of rusting, leaking and potentially an unusable hose reel.
Hose Hose has a nitrile tube and oil-resistant synthetic rubber jacket with a synthetic yarn braid for reinforcement. Rated up to 200 degrees F and 300 psi. Hose has better oil and grease resistant properties than PVC or EPDM rubber hose.
Impact-resistant Ratchet Assembly Ratchet plate is 1/4" thick stainless steel with six catch points. Ratchet pawl is made from corrosion resistant steel. Longer service life as compared to others where the parts are made from plastic and tend to break under stress.
Mounting Base Contains multiple holes and slots. Makes reel easier to retrofit to existing mounting patterns. Eliminates need to drill additional holes to a specific mounting pattern.
Protected Hose Outlet Hose outlet contains a full guide bushing that rims the opening. Allows the hose to move freely across guide bushing instead of against metal. Hose doesn't bind in corners as it can in outlets with only four rollers, resulting in longer hose jacket life.

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