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B-37063-25 Trim Line Series Recessed Napkin/Tampon Vendor

B-37063-25 Trim Line Series Recessed Napkin/Tampon Vendor

Product Features:

Bobrick B-37063 SERIES Trim Line Series Recessed Napkin/Tampon Vendor. This commercially designed unit combines two dispensing mechanisms in one cabinet to provide users with their choice of either napkins or tampons. This unit does not require any electricity to run. Single-coin mechanism option for 25 cent operation.

DOCUMENTS B-37063-25 Specification Sheet

SKU Product Description Price Qty
B-37063-25 B-37063-25 Trim Line Series Recessed Napkin/Tampon Vendor $485.99
B-370634-25 B-370634-25 Similar to B-374063, But with Stainless Steel Skirt for Semi-Recessing $518.39
B-370639-25 B-370639-25 Similar to B-37063, But with Stainless Steel Skirt for Surface Mounting $539.99
SKU Refills Price Qty
HOS-T200V Tampax Tampons Professional Pak in Vending Tube (200/cs) $57.74
MT-4 Maxi Thin Sanitary Napkin Case of 250 for Vending Machine $48.00
T500 T500 Tampax Tampon Case of 500 for Vending Machine $65.99
SKU Repair Parts Price Qty
B-3706-175 Doorlock & Key CAT-118 $8.42
B-383257 B-383257 Lock & Key for Napkin/Tampon Vendor $7.77

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Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Always: Wipe or polish with the grain direction of satin finishes. Remove any cleaning or soap residue from stainless surface with water and wipe dry with clean cloth.
  • Caution: Avoid cleaning products containing bleach, hydrochloric acids and or chlorides . . . these are frequently found in toilet bowl or tile cleaners and in abrasive scrubbing powders. Avoid use of steel wool which can leave behind fine particles that cause surface rust. Avoid use of abrasive cleaners on bright polish stainless steel surfaces.


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