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Bobrick Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit

WES-150 Urinal Cartridge Kit Fits Sloan Valve and Falcon Waterfree Urinals

The Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge features a reduced surface area which helps eliminate room for bacteria to grow and helps keep your restroom more odor-free. See how our patented surface area reduction helps prevent off-gassing.

Each cartridge includes - biodegradable sealant, installation key, disposal bag, plastic gloves, and instructions.

  • Falcon Sku: FWFC-1
  • Bobrick Sku: 98DF32K00

This Cartridge Fits the following Brands:

Wave Urinal Screens
Urinal Screens

Eco-Fresh Urinal Block & Screen
Urinal Block & Screen

Urinal Floor Mat
Floor Mat

Stock # Waterfree Cartridges Price Qty.
FWFC-1 Bobrick Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit
(includes sealant and removal tool)
FWFC-20 Bobrick Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit - Facility Pack of 20 Cartridges (98DS20K00) $866.13
FWFC-32 Bobrick Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit - 32 Pack (98DF32K00) $1,349.99
Stock # Odor Control Price Qty.
WDSAC Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Apple Spice $2.79
WDSHM Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Herbal Mint $2.79
WDSMA Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Mango $2.79
WDSCB Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Cotton Blossom $2.79
WDSCT Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Citrus $2.79
SANI-C Eco-Fresh Urinal Screen - Cherry $3.29
SANI-GA Eco-Fresh Urinal Screen - Green Apple $3.29
UM6-6 Urinal Mat - No Fragrance, Case of 6 $62.97
Stock # Cleaning Supplies Price Qty.
SJS-20 WaterFree Urinal Cleaner and Deodorizer Concentrate Refill $12.39
SJS-19 WaterFree Urinal Cleaner Starter Kit
(includes cleaner concentrate refill and spray bottle)
WES-7 Optional Steel Tool for Removing Cartridges
(replaces plastic tool that comes in WES-150 kit)
D58000-001 Waterfree Urinal Brush $3.73

Optional Steel Tool for Removing Cartridges (replaces plastic tool that comes in WES-150 kit)
Steel Tool
SJS-19 Waterfree Urinal Cleaner Starter Kit
Waterfree Urinal Cleaner Kit
SJS-20 Waterfree Urinal Cleaner and Deodorizer Concentrate Refill
Urinal Cleaner Refill
D58000-001 Waterfree Urinal Brush
Waterfree Urinal Brush

Heavy-Duty Cartridge - Specification Sheet
The cartridge is the main component and is installed at the base of the urinal. A biodegradable sealant liquid is contained within the cartridge. A barrier is formed between the drain and the open air by the liquid sealant, eliminating odors. The cartridge is designed to collect uric sediment, the remaining liquid, which is non-corrosive and free of hard water, is allowed to flow into the drainage pipe.The result: no wasted water and an odor-free environment.Maintenance is performed by replacing the cartridge after 7000 uses with a provided key.

FWFC-1 Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit from Bobrick
The replaceable and biodegradable, liquid-sealed cartridge filters waste so liquids enter the drain and sediments are collected for disposal when the cartridge is replaced after 6,000 to 7,000 uses.Multiplying each use by 1.6 gallons of water (to compare to low-flow toilets) or by 3.5 (to compare to older units) shows a savings of 9,600 to 24,500 gallons of water.

The Cartridge is engineered to receive waste through drain holes. Waste passes through an emissible layer of Sealant, continues through a Siphon Trap System, and flows out through a Patented Baffle to prevent the loss of Sealant. A Discharge Tube in the housing directs the flow of waste into the building drain system. The Cartridge is designed as a replaceable component when its function has been exhausted.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses no water
  • Mechanical-free design
  • Patented, Sealed Locking Cartridge
  • Biodegradable Cartridge Sealant Liquid eliminates all odors
  • Improved hygiene and safety
  • Reduced water and sewer costs
  • Water supply piping not required
  • Easy installation and replacement


  • Specification Sheet
  • Cartridge Kit
  • Engineered to last for at least 7000 uses
  • Cartridge is made from recyclable ABS
  • Sealant Liquid 100% biodegradable
  • Cartridge Installation/Removal Tool
  • Protective Glove
  • Disposal Bag

Waterfree Urinal Replacement Cartridge Kit (includes sealant and removal tool) 96DF32K00
4.9 out of 5 based on 11 user ratings.


Director of Finance/Purchasing
Review Star Rating
Jul 22, 2019
All Good.. we have a minimum of 300 guests five days a week at the Big Cat Habitat. We are vey pleased with the performance of this product. Our maintenance man makes sure to replace filters when we need them and keeps everything clean for our public.

Falcon Sloan Review
Review Star Rating
? 02, 0
The cartridges arrived in good condition and come with the tool and liquid needed for cleaning. I have no complaints on this product. It works great.

Sloan Urinals
Review Star Rating
? 02, 0
Exactly what I ordered works as designed.

Review Star Rating
? 02, 0
great service

Review Star Rating
? 02, 0
I purchase for our end user and they are satisfied with the product

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