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Zurn Automatic Sensor Faucets

The Zurn AquaSense E-Z Sensor Faucet has been a trusted commercial fixture for over 15 years. As technology enhancements and environmental conditions evolve, Zurn has expanded efforts in design, research, and collection of customer opinions.

AquaSense E-Z Sensor Faucets Applications - Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing new and retrofit construction industries in the commercial sector. Hospitals and healthcare facilities need hygienic and bacteria preventative products to ensure optimum patient care. Zurn Sensor Faucets are hands-free, sensor activated products that eliminate the likelihood of transferring germs and bacteria. Zurn also offers lead-free sensor faucet models to further promote the health and safety of users in the healthcare industry.

AquaSense E-Z Sensor Faucets Applications - Education

Schools and universities are one of the most at-risk commercial segments for passing along germs, bacteria, and illnesses. Converting to hands-free sensor operated products, such as Zurn E-Z Sensor Faucets, greatly reduces the chances of infectious bacteria from being spread from student to student.

AquaSense E-Z Sensor Faucets Applications - High Profile Office Space

Commercial office space is the ideal market for both new and retrofit construction. The conversion from manual operated products to sensor is becoming more relevant. As high profile offices renovate and build new facilities, it is important to offer modernistic designs of products, such as sensor faucets, and the promotion of hands-free sanitation is prefered.

AquaSense E-Z Sensor Faucets Applications - Transportation

Airports, train stations, and bus stations are just three examples of high traffic environments where germs and bacteria love to spread. Specifying and installing sensor plumbing products in high traffic environments greatly mitigates health risks with respect to spreading germs. Zurn Hardwired Sensor Faucets are ideal for high volume transportation facilities to save on maintenance costs of replacing batteries and ensuring that products remain functioning for the end user.

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