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Jacknob Toilet Partition Hardware

3" high pilaster shoes for toilet partitions are typically installed at the bottom of the bathroom stall pilaster post and cover up the hardware used to mount the post to the floor. 3" high pilaster shoes for restroom partitions are available closed end and open end with holes. 3" high pilaster shoes with open end for toilet stalls are the best choice for replacing a shoe in an existing install. The open end allows the shoe to be wrapped around the post in place. Available in #4 satin finish stamped stainless steel.

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For over 60 years Jacknob has been supplying the highest quality partition hardware for restroom and bathroom toilet stalls and partitions. Including bathroom stall locks, restroom stall door latches, partition brackets and hinges, commercial restroom hardware, bathroom stall hardware including urinal screen mounting brackets. Also offer pilaster shoes including open pilaster shoes, headrail and headrail parts and wall brackets for all types of restroom partitions.