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Automatic Cleaning Systems

AutoClean - Chrome

AutoClean® Systems for Urinals/Toilets

3 YEAR WARRANTY on AutoClean Dispensers

The AutoClean® ensures traps and bowls are always clean (odorless and stainless). Programmable dispensing with consistent metered dosage guarantees round-the-clock drain maintenance.

Chrome: $83.99 ea

Purinel refill for TC AutoClean System

AutoClean® Refills

Stock Up on your Favorite Scent

Refills deliver consistent metered dosage of Purinel® to prevent build-up of calcium on pipes and scaling.

Easy In-Line Installation allows cleaning solution to reach the hard to clean areas, such as rim holes, ensuring that the whole fixture is cleaned.

Purinel: $14.99 ea

AutoJanitor - white

AutoJanitor® Dispensers

3 YEAR WARRANTY on AutoJanitor Dispensers

Auto Janitor©™ cleans and deodorizes toilets and urinals while providing a clean fresh scent for the restroom.

Programmable dispenser operates round-the-clock automatically cleaning fixture surfaces, day and night.

White: $0.00 ea

AutoJanitor BioFlush refill

AutoJanitor® Refills

Stock Up and SAVE!

Be sure to have plenty of refills on hand for your AutoJanitor Deodorizing System. Whether you choose the standard Bio-Flush or one of the familiar scents, each formula is designed to reduce the breeding ground of bacteria — the source of odor problems.

BioFlush 24oz Refill: $14.49 ea

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