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P- Shield Disposable Urinal Floor Mat (Case of 6)

$75.47 / each

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P- Shield Disposable Urinal Floor Mat (Case of 6)

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P- Shield Disposable Urinal Floor Mat (Case of 6)

4 reviews

The P-Shield Disposable Urinal Floor Mat's unique design allows men to stand closer to the target without stepping on the mat. It holds twice as much urine, has a none-slip bottom layer that seals the urine in and protects floors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique shield design allows users to stand closer to the urinal without having to step on the mat
  • Lasts 60 days; twice as long as any other urinal mat
  • Reduces costs and labor by 50%. Our superabsorbent soaks in more than twice that of the leading mat
  • Replacement date indicator assures a cleaner, fresher restroom since you know when to replace it
  • Unique non-slip flexible materials and strong adhesive keep the mat in place
  • Hides stains and eliminates odors; our superabsorbent layers are blacks o they hide unsightly urine
  • Contains urine counteractant AND a mold inhibitor
  • "Odor lock technology" traps and eliminates urine and its odor, keeping your restroom smelling great



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P-Shield Urinal Mats absorb and neutralize uric acid, protecting your floors and keeping your restroom smelling great. An impenetrable bottom plastic layer keeps urine off the floor while a superabsorbent top layer consumes and neutralizes urine. Eliminates odors without fragrance. Every mat contains a mold inhibitor and an odor counteractant specifically designed for urine.

5.0 out of 5 based on 4 user ratings.


Urinal Matts
Review Star Rating
Jan 26, 2023
Happy with your product

Urinal floor mats
Review Star Rating
Jul 14, 2022
I just order the product for the maintenance department. And I know they keep requesting me to order them. So they must be satisfied with the product and the other products we were from Air Delights.

P-Shield Mat
Review Star Rating
May 11, 2020
First time user. Will look to see if the meet my expectations.

These are worth every penny!
Review Star Rating
May 03, 2017
I work in a large building with over 80 white collar men. It's truly shocking how much trouble they seem to have in the restrooms... like REALLY shocking! Some can't seem to hit the urinal to save their lives. Others have wild "splash back" issues. (shaking head) Apparently their mothers did an incredibly poor job of teaching them how to go potty and it now affects me because I have to find solutions to keep our restrooms clean and smelling reasonable... these urinal mats have been the best solution I've found so far :-)

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