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T&S Brass Products EW-SP21FC

Eyewash Head, Flow Control, Flip-Top Cover

Eyewash Head, Flow Control, Flip-Top Cover

Eyewash Dustcover Assembly
for Older-style Eyewash Units

  • Safety green eye/face wash head with built-in 2.5Gpm automatic pressure compensation flow control
  • Assures soft, steady stream of water from 30 to 90psi
  • Integral flip top dust covers automatically release w/ flow of water
  • 1/4" IPS supply

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EW-SP21FC Eyewash Head, Flow Control, Flip-Top Cover $149.35
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EW-SP21FC Specifications

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Emergency Safety Equipment by Haws

For Immediate On-The-Job Eye Safety

Why do you need to consider installing an eyewash station in your facility? Since OSHA does not require eyewash stations by industry, the need for an eyewash station should be determined by the chemicals that are used in an establishment. Wherever corrosive chemicals are being used, an eyewash station is very important for employee safety and health.

"The medical profession teaches and practices irrigating eyes by introducing flushing fluid at the inner corner of the eye -- adjacent to the nose -- letting it run across the eye to the outer edge. This is specifically done to avoid driving contaminants into the lacrimal punctum and the nasal cavity. The accepted medical practice is counter to the way most eyewashes operate and can result in further injury to the splash or blown-particulate injured victim. Axion MSR is the only eyewash product that duplicates the methodology used by and recommended by healthcare professionals."

-- Robert S. Wolf, Opthalmologist

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