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T&S Brass Products B-3990

Modular Waste Drain, 3-1/2" Sink Opening, 1-1/2" Npt Adapter

Modular Waste Drain, 3-1/2" Sink Opening, 1-1/2" Npt Adapter

3-1/2 inch Modular Pull Waste Valve

  • Modular design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Valve body has 3-1/2" sink opening and comes standard with a 2" outlet
  • 2" NPT female x 1-1/2" NPT male adapter
  • Variations:

  • B-3990-3X employs a 3" handle extension kit
  • B-3990-5X employs a 5" handle extension kit
SKU Product Description Price QTY
B-3990 Modular Waste Drain, 3-1/2" Sink Opening, 1-1/2" Npt Adapter $177.26
B-3990-3X B-3990 W/ 3" Handle Extension $212.57
B-3990-5X B-3990 W/ 5" Handle Extension $284.57
SKU Accessories Price QTY
B-3990-3KIT Modular Waste Drain 3" Handle Extension Kit $45.42
B-3990-5KIT Modular Waste Drain 5" Handle Extension Kit $48.74
017670-45 Waste Drain Installation Tool $10.80
SKU Repair Parts Price QTY
010386-45 3-1/2" Flat Strainer, Stainless Steel $10.08
016654-45 Vr Screw, Ss, 8-32Un X 1/4" $4.22
010384-45 3-1/2" Waste Drain Face Flange, Stainless Steel $16.32
017694-45 3-1/2" Vandal Resistant Drain Guard $5.44
010382-45 Gasket For 3-1/2" Waste Drain Valve $6.40
017219-45 Valve Body Assembly W/ (2) Seals $55.16
017698-45K Valve Body Seals, 2-Pack $13.76
018196-45 Stainless Steel Lock Washer For #10 Screw $4.13
017669-45 #10-32Un Stainless Steel Shcs $4.22
B-3945 2" Npt Female X 1 1/2" Npt Male Adapter $16.40
010391-45 Overflow Coupling Nut (Waste Drains) $5.38
010390-45 Coupling Nut Ferrule - Waste Drains $4.22
017454-45 1/4-20Un X 1-1/4" Long, Stainless Steel Shcs $4.32
017451-20 5-1/4" Stainless Steel Support Rod For Modular Waste Drain Valve $9.60
017448-45 Handle, Zinc Die Cast / Chrome Plated $10.24

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3-1/2" Removeable Snap-in Strainer SKU: 010386-45


Stainless Steel Screw
SKU: 016654-45


3-1/2" Face Flange SKU: 010384-45


3-1/2" Vandal-resistant
Drain Guard
SKU: 017694-45


3-1/2" Face Flange Gasket SKU: 010382-45


Valve Body Assembly
w/ 2 Seals
SKU: 017219-45


Valve Body Seal Kit
(Bag of 2)
SKU: 017698-45K


#10 Split Lock Washer SKU: 018196-45


10-32 x 1-1/8" Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) SKU: 017669-45


Adapter (converts 2" NPT male to 1-1/2" NPT male) SKU: B-3945


Coupling Nut SKU: 010391-45


Coupling Nut Ferrule SKU: 010390-45


1/4-20 x 1-1/4" Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) SKU: 017454-45


Support Rod SKU: 017451-20


Handle SKU: 017448-45


Waste Drain Installation Tool SKU: 017670-45

Modular Waste Drain Installation Instructions


The Series B-3990 Modular Waste Drains are designed to fit sinks with a 3-1/2" drain opening. Versions with and without overflow tubes and various outlets adapters are available.

Series B-3990 Waste Drains operate by a push/pull motion of the handle to close and open the drain.


  • Low maintenance gate valve assembly
  • Clear 2" diameter drain passage for fast draining and easy clog removal from sink
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of service parts with out removal from sink
  • Handle guard assembly for exposed applications for protection against damage from mop buckets, push carts, etc.
  • Modular design for cofigurability and serviceability
  • Optional handle length extensions available
  • Vandal resistant drain guard provided to keep unsafe or unintended objects out of the drain passage
  • Multi-purpose sink flange tool provided for easy installation


1. Remove the Snap-in Strainer and unscrew the Sink Flange Assembly from the Waste Drain Assembly. Apply a bead of Plumber’s Putty to the bottom of the Sink Flange Assembly where it contacts the sink bowl. (Keep the Drain Guard installed in the Sink Flange Assembly at all times. Remove it only when clog maintenance is needed and install it again when finished)

2. Make sure the underside and inside mating surfaces of the sink bowl in the area of the drain are clean.

3. Install the Waste Drain Assembly and Gasket from below the sink.

4. Install the Sink Flange Assembly thru the sink drain opening and screw it into the Waste Drain Assembly below.

5. Before tightening, position the waste drain Handle to the desired location. Tighten the Sink Flange Assembly securely with the Sink Flange Tool provided. (Figure 2)


6. If Overflow is used (Figure 3) -- Install the Overflow Head in the sink. The modular design of the waste drain allows the overflow port on the Outlet to be positioned Left, Right or Back. To change positions, remove the (4) cap screws with a 5/32" hex key wrench and rotate the Outlet to the desired position. If the Outlet has been removed, ensure the Valve Seal is either in the Valve Body correctly or installed on the Outlet lip correctly. Install the (4) cap screws and tighten. Measure and cut the overflow tube to fit into the Overflow Head and Overflow Port on the waste drain Outlet. Install the Coupling Nuts and Seals on the overflow tube. Install the overflow tube and tighten the connections.

7. Connect the drain line to the waste drain Outlet. If Outlet Adapters are used, seal all threaded connections with pipe sealant.

8. Open and close the waste drain several times to check the operation. Check for leaks.

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