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Automatic Metered Air Fresheners
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Automatic Air Fresheners and Neutralizers

Freshen up the air automatically with Air Delights Metered Air Freshener Dispensers and Refills. With 18 pleasing fragrances to choose from that will freshen your room without over powering it. Finally remove unwanted odors while leaving a clean fresh scent automatically with one of our battery operated metered air freshener dispensers.

Automatic Air Fresheners and Metered Air Freshener Dispensers.

Air Freshener Dispenser 400979
  • One dispenser controls odors in areas up to 800 square ft.
  • 18 fragrances to choose from.
  • Real time clock for maximum programming flexibility.
  • Long lasting... Up to 168 days between refills.
  • Ten Year Warranty!
  • Specification | Instructions | MSDS
     Programmable Air Freshener Dispenser
Stock # Air Freshener Dispensers Unit / Price Qty.
400979 AutoFresh LCD Programmable Air Freshener Dispenser (White)
401375 Economy Air Freshener Dispenser - Sprays Every 15 Minutes
Stock # Air Freshener Refills Unit / Price Qty.
401231 Fragrance Preference Pack - 10 Refills
(2 each of Fresh Linen, Orchard Splash, Mountain Air, Garden Delight and Ocean Mist) -
400983 Fresh Linen Air Freshener
400984 Orchard Splash Air Freshener
400985 Mountain Air Air Freshener
401506 Garden Delights Air Freshener
401547 Ocean Mist Air Freshener
402573 Vanilla Bean Air Freshener
402696 Cinnamon Air Freshener
402579 Blue Wave Air Freshener - New!
402358 Orange Citrus Air Freshener
402578 Mango Air Freshener
402357 Cucumber Melon Air Freshener
402574 Delicious Apple Air Freshener
402575 Jasmine Bloom Air Freshener
402576 Apple Cinnamon Air Freshener
402577 Spring Sage Air Freshener
402353 Mandarin Orange Air Freshener
402352 Baby Powder Air Freshener
402351 Lemon Air Freshener
Stock # Accessories Unit / Price Qty.
Dcell-2 D-Cell Batteries 2 Pack $3.49
Dcell-12 D-Cell Batteries 12 Pack $17.00

Economy Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser Economy Air Freshener Dispenser 401375

Sprays in 15-Minute Intervals
  • One dispenser controls odors in areas up to 800 square ft.
  • 18 pleasing fragrances available for the economy dispenser.
  • The Economy Dispenser sprays once every 15 minutes.
  • Operates on 2 D-cell batteries
  • Specification Sheet

AutoFresh LCD Programmable Air Freshener Dispenser (White) 400979
4.9 out of 5 based on 39 user ratings.
Great product
Church Lady

Sep 05, 2017
Item 400979: So far, this dispenser is working well. I like the little window display.


Aug 29, 2017
Item 402573: Very pleased with this product and would certainly recommend. The Vanilla Bean scent is great! We use it in our garage and it works wonders. The sprayer is easy to set, and works well.

Property Manager

Aug 23, 2017
Item 400985-12: Mountain Air Aerosol Air Freshener is a good smell for the interior hallways of out apartment complex. It smells fresh and clean and covers all the different orders that come from units.

autofresh select air freshener dispenser

Jul 28, 2017
Item 400979: Works as advertised.

Midwest Gal

Jul 26, 2017
Item 402351: This product is used in a business place and we have to be careful of people with allergies to scents. We have found that the lemon scent is very pleasant and not over powering.

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