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Microburst 9000

Microburst 9000 Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser and Refills.

Automatic Air Freshener & Air Neutralizer

Microburst 9000 Air Freshener Dispenser

  • Air freshener dispenser controls odors in areas up to 800 square ft.
  • 16 pleasing fragrances to choose from.
  • 9000 metered sprays
  • Air Freshener Refills last up to 180 days
  • Proactive display provides advance notice when the air freshener refill or new batteries will be needed.
  • Real time clock for maximum programming flexibility.
  • Microburst air freshener and neutralizer refills are three times the power-per-ounce of traditional aerosol.
  • On Sale! Refills Regularly $11.99 Each Are On Sale for $9.99 Each!
DOCUMENTS Specification | Instructions | MSDS
Microburst 9000 Air Neutralizer LCD Display

Air Delights Microburst 9000 automatic air fresheners and air neutralizer are the most effective, long-term air freshener dispensing system with revolutionary odor neutralizing and fragrancing technology. The Microburst 9000 air freshener system delivers maximum odor control for a full 90 days from one Microburst 9000 air freshener refill. Optional programming extends air freshener refill life to 180 days while providing exceptional odor control.

Stock # Microburst 9000 Air Freshener Dispensers Unit / Price Qty.
401218 Microburst 9000 Programmable Air Freshener Dispenser - White
On Sale! Regularly $39.99 On Sale for $29.99 Each
401217 Microburst 9000 Programmable Air Freshener Dispenser - Chrome
401375 Microburst Economy Air Freshener Dispenser
(Sprays once every 15 minutes)
Stock # Micro 9000 Air Freshener Refills Unit / Price Qty.
401249 Fragrance Preference Pack
(1 each of Fresh Linen, Mountain Air, Orchard Splash, Garden Delight, and Ocean Mist fragrances)
401244 Fresh Linen Air Freshener
401245 Orchard Splash Air Freshener
401246 Mountain Air Air Freshener
401248 Garden Delights Air Freshener
401247 Ocean Mist Air Freshener
802356 Cinnamon Air Freshener
802355 Vanilla Bean Air Freshener
802365 Blue Wave Air Freshener - New!
802358 Orange Citrus Air Freshener
802357 Cucumber Melon Air Freshener
802359 Delicious Apple Air Freshener
802360 Jasmine Bloom Air Freshener
802361 Apple Cinnamon Air Freshener
802362 Spring Sage Air Freshener
401243 Baby Powder Air Freshener
802364 Mango Air Freshener
802363 Mandarin Orange Air Freshener
Stock # Accessories Price Qty.
Dcell-2 D-Cell Batteries 2 Pack $3.49
Dcell-12 D-Cell Batteries 12 Pack $17.00

Microburst 9000 Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser and Refills on sale.

Microburst 9000 Automatic Air Freshener Chrome Dispenser

The revolutionary Microburst 9000 automatic air freshener dispenser provide the most effective, best cost-in-use odor neutralizing available today. With outstanding full-strength long-term odor controlling properties, the clean fresh scents permeate the room with subtle fragrances. The Micro 9000 refills are three times the power-per-ounce of traditional air fresheners which provide full strength odor control for up to 168 days.The "micro molecules" spray provides greater coverage and longest-lasting odor neutralizing and fragrancing with less propellants.

Get 1 Chrome Microburst 9000 Dispenser and 4 Micro 9000 Premium Air Fresheners

On Sale! $69.99 Each

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Economizer Microburst 9000 Dispenser and Refills.

Economizer Microburst 9000 Dispenser

  • One dispenser controls odors inareas up to 800 square feet.
  • 12 pleasing fragrances available for the economizer dispenser.
  • The Economizer Dispenser spraysonce every 15 minutes.
  • Operates on 2 D-cell batteries
DOCUMENTS Specifications
Economizer Microburst 9000 Display

401375 Microburst 9000 Air Freshener Dispenser

$29.99 Each Each

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Microburst 9000 Automatic Air Freshener 401218
4.9 out of 5 based on 36 user ratings.


Micro 9000 Air Freshener Refill
Review Star Rating
Feb 13, 2018
Item 802357: This family of products delivers consistent odor control/elimination. The wide variety of scents makes it possible to find one that works for any application.

Carolina Rose
Review Star Rating
Feb 07, 2018
Item 401245: Works well in my church's restroom.

mr george
Review Star Rating
Jan 24, 2018
Item 401218: we bought 2 a couple of months ago and people liked them that we bought 2 more they work great intructions are hard to follow it could be made easier like a switch low med high 12 hours on during day time etc etc hard to tell if settings are correct anyway maybe the basic model is simpler to set

Good smell
Review Star Rating
Jan 17, 2018
Item 802360: Smells very good, it just cost to much compared to other brands

micro burst 9000 refills
Review Star Rating
Jan 16, 2018
Item 802356-4: Have been using them for years.They are reliable and very effective. Shipping is also great.

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