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Microburst 3000 Air Freshener & Air Neutralizer

Microburst 3000 Automatic Air Fresheners are the most effective compact air freshener dispensing system with revolutionary odor neutralizing and fragrancing technology. The Microburst 3000 air freshener dispenser is half the size of standard aerosol air freshener dispensers and has the only "proactive" display that provides advance notice when a refill or batteries will need to be replaced. You can also program the Microburst 3000 Air Freshener Dispenser for days of the week and hours of the day.

Microburst 3000 Aerosol Air Freshener and Air Neutralizer System
Microburst 3000 Air Freshener Dispenser
Specification | Instructions | MSDS

Microburst 3000 Air Freshener Dispenser 401219
  • One dispenser controls odors in areas up to 800 square ft.
  • 16 pleasing fragrances to choose from.
  • Real time clock for maximum programming flexibility.
  • Refills last up to 168 days
  • LCD (liquid crystal display) provides visual of battery life and number of days remaining to change refill.
  • Micro molecules disperse better for greater coverage and effectiveness.
Microburst 3000 Air Freshener Dispenser 401219 LCD Display
Stock # Micro 3000 Air Freshener Dispensers Unit / Price Qty.
401219 Microburst 3000 Dispenser White Finish
401442 Microburst Economy Dispenser
(Sprays once every 15 minutes)
Stock # Micro 3000 Air Freshener Refills Unit / Price Qty.
401260 Fragrance Preference Pack
(2 each of Blue Wave, Orchard Splash, Mountain Air, Ocean Mist, and Garden Delight)
401255 Fresh Linen Air Freshener
401256 Orchard Splash Air Freshener
401257 Mountain Air Air Freshener
401259 Garden Delight Air Freshener
401258 Ocean Mist Air Freshener
802456 Cinnamon Air Freshener
802455 Vanilla Bean Air Freshener
802465 Blue Wave Air Freshener - New!
802458 Orange Citrus Air Freshener
802459 Delicious Apple Air Freshener
802460 Jasmine Bloom Air Freshener
802461 Apple Cinnamon Air Freshener
802462 Spring Sage Air Freshener
802463 Mandarin Orange Air Freshener
401253 Baby Powder Air Freshener
802464 Mango Air Freshener
Stock # Accessories Price Qty.
Ccell-2 C-cell Duracell 2 Pack $3.99
Ccell-12 C-cell Duracell 12 Pack $21.00

On Sale! $21.99
Economizer Aerosol Air Freshener
Microburst Economy Air Freshener Dispenser 401442
  • One dispenser controls odors in areas up to 800 square ft.
  • 16 pleasing fragrances available for the economizer dispenser.
  • The Economizer Dispenser sprays once every 15 minutes.
  • Operates on 2 C-cell batteries
  • Microburst 3000 Economy Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser
  • Specification Sheet
Micro 3000 Air Freshener Refills
The revolutionary Micro 3000 automatic air freshener and air neutralizer refills provide the most effective, best cost-in-use odor neutralizing available today. With outstanding full-strength long-term odor controlling properties, the clean fresh scents permeate the room with subtle fragrances that reassure users that the room is clean, safe and comfortable. The Micro 3000 refills are three times the power-per-ounce of traditional air fresheners which provide full strength odor control for up to 168 days.
Microburst Aerosol Refills
Micro 3000 Air Freshener Refills

Microburst 3000 Automatic Air Freshener 401219
4.9 out of 5 based on 14 user ratings.
Spring Sage Freshner

May 31, 2017
Item 802462: The fragrance is not overpowering

blue wave micro 3000

May 24, 2017
Item 802465: Scent is Fresh and Clean.

Nice fragrance,

May 15, 2017
Item 802462: Not too strong, nice and refreshing


May 04, 2017
Item 401260: Nice assortment of congenial fragrances which do not overpower your senses.

Great Fragrance with A Touch of Warmth
Warm and Inviting Fragrance

Apr 17, 2017
Item 802462: I have tried multiple fragrances, but the Spring Sage has a sweet scent that adds warmth and welcome to each room. Whenever I return home, the aroma is like a warm greeting welcoming me back. This fragrance has become one of my favorites. I highly recommend this air freshener, especially if you enjoy the smell of men's colognes with sandalwood and other sweet, spicy scents.

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