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Air Fresheners & Odor Control

Air Delights is an innovative air freshener and odor control manufacturer since 1991. We strive to create the most pleasing fragrances for our air neutralizers. Our metered air fresheners use the highest quality essential oils to create the most pleasing scents that will transform any space with an odor control problem. Combined with one of our programmable automatic air freshener dispensers you can dispense metered air neutralizer on a timed basis for even more control.

MicroBurst 9000 Automatic Air Freshener

MicroBurst 9000 Automatic Air Freshener

The Microburst 9000 delivers maximum odor control for a full 90 days from one Microburst 9000 air freshener refill.

Optional programming extends refill life to 180 days while providing exceptional odor control.

MicroBurst 3000 Automatic Air Freshener

MicroBurst 3000 Automatic Air Freshener

The only "proactive" display that provides advance notice when a refill or batteries will need to be replaced. LCD (liquid crystal display).

One dispenser controls odors in areas up to 800 square feet.

AutoMist Automatic Air Freshener

AutoMist Automatic Air Freshener

Can be programmed for 3000 or 9000 count refills. Real time (military) clock for maximum programming flexibility.

LCD (liquid crystal display) provides visual of battery life and programming settings.

T-Cell Air Freshener

T-Cell Air Freshener

It's the perfect environmental solution because it does not contain propellants or added VOCs and the components are recyclable.

TCell Air Fresheners TCell Air Fresheners
4.9 out of 5 based on 214 user ratings.

AutoFresh Air Fresheners

AutoFresh Select Dispenser

The AutoFresh Automatic Air Freshener and Air Neutralizer System has been value-engineered to do the complete job.

One air freshener dispenser controls odors in areas up to 800 square feet.

AutoFresh Pump Spray Air Freshener

AutoFresh Pump Spray Air Freshener

The Esprit IV's timer can be set as often as 5 minutes, or up to 25 minutes between sprays.

The visual and audio indicators signal "change me" for batteries and refills, which are available in 8 pleasing fragrances.

Easy Fresh Air Fresheners

Easy Fresh Air Freshener

Each cover is composed of a unique material containing twice as much fragrance as most other air. Easy Fresh refills are 100% recyclable.

Manufactured with 50% less energy than typical containers. Simply replace the old cover with a Fresh one... it's easy!

Eco-Air Air Freshener

Eco-Air Air Freshener

The Eco-Air is a passive air freshener that delivers consistent freshness for up to 30 days.

Eco Air Fresheners
Eco Air Fresheners
4.9 out of 5 based on 129 user ratings.

Air Delights Air Fresheners

Freshen up the air automatically with Air Delights Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers and Refills.

Micro 9000 metered air freshener refills are the most power per ounce you can get in a metered air freshener. One cannister has 9000 sprays and can last three times as long as a traditional metered air freshener refill. This is our most cost effective refill for controlling odor in your business or home.

Micro 3000 Air Freshener is designed for smaller spaces. This refill is 2.7 ounces and 3000 metered sprays and fits into a more compact automatic air freshener dispenser. So, it's much easier to fit in smaller restrooms, bathrooms, or any place with an odor control problem or if you just want a pleasing fragrance.

AutoMist 3000 Air Freshener refills are a standered metered 3000 spray refill cannister. The AutoMist refills dispense 3000 metered sprays but cover a larger area better than the Micro 3000 as it has a larger spray. The AutoMist 3000 refills fit most all dispensers in the market today like Glade, Rubbermaid, and Time Mist.

Check out our sale on the Micro 9000 refills and dispensers.

Air Freshener Fragrance Descriptions

Air Delight Air Care Systems

Air Delights Air Care Systems ensure the first things you and your customers notice when you enter your washroom is a clean, fresh and pleasant fragrance. By combining innovative and reliable dispensing technologies with our select fragrances, our automated air care systems are highly cost-efficient and long-lasting, delivering consistent and continuous freshness, offering the perfect solution to suit your specific washroom needs.