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Watts Water Safety

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  Sku Description Price  
W-0141950 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 FF15 WTR HT CONN FEMALE x FEMALE 15 (pack of 25) $471.01
W-0141966 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 FS15 WTR HT CONN FEMALE x SWEAT 15 (pack of 25) $402.12
W-0141977 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 SS15 Sweat x Sweat 15 (pack of 25) $413.34
W-0141978 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 SS18 WTR HT CONN SWEAT x SWEAT 18 (pack of 25) $734.83
W-0141980 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 SS24 WTR HT CONN SWEAT x SWEAT 24 (pack of 25) $838.43
W-0141994 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1212BSS IPS x 1/2 JBK SP12-88CP (pack of 50) $642.98
W-0141998 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1216BSS IPS x 1/2 JBULK SP16-88CP (pack of 50) $688.91
W-0142001 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1220B FIPS x 1/2 JBK 20-88CP (pack of 50) $451.10
W-0142002 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1220BSS IPS x 1/2 (pack of 50) $758.31
W-0142005 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1230BSS 1/2IPx1/2IP JBK SP30-88CP (pack of 10) $211.26
W-0142010 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 2212BSS OD COMP x JBK SPC12-88CP (pack of 50) $551.12
W-0142014 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 2216BSS OD x 1/2 JBULK SPC16-88CP-HEX 1/2 (pack of 50) $642.98
W-0142018 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 2220BSS OD COMP x JBK SPC20-88CP (pack of 50) $758.31
W-0142023 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3809TSS OD x 7/8 JBK SPCT9-614CP (pack of 50) $451.10
W-0142026 Connectors 3/8 3812SSD OD x 3/8 JBK SPCA12-66CP (pack of 50) $612.36
W-0142027 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3812T x 12 QUICK JBK CT12-614CP (pack of 50) $413.34
W-0142030 Connectors 3/8 3816BSS OD COMP x JBULK SPC16-68CP-HEX 3/8 (pack of 50) $639.91
W-0142033 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3820B x 20 QUICK JBK C20-68CP (pack of 50) $451.10
W-0142034 Connectors 3/8 3820BSS OD COMPR JBK SPC20-68CP (pack of 50) $723.61
W-0142036 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3820SSD OD x 3/8 JBK SPCA20-66CP (pack of 50) $826.69
W-0142037 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3820T x 20 QUICK JBULK CT20-614CP (pack of 50) $425.59
W-0142038 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3820TSS OD x 7/8 JBK SPCT20-614CP (pack of 50) $642.98
W-0142041 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3836BSS OD COMPR JBK SPC36x68CP (pack of 10) $188.40
W-0142055 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF4560DWSS OD COMPX JBK SPCC60-66CP (pack of 10) $271.07
W-0142069 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 F3820BSS FLARE x JBK SPFC20-68CP (pack of 50) $872.61
W-0144997 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 MSA18 MxSWT W/ADP (pack of 25) $976.21
W-0145154 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3812WSS x 3/8 OD JBK SPCC12-66CP (pack of 50) $525.61
W-0145311 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 1504521 WTR HT CO (pack of 25) $1561.52
W-0145312 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 1504554 WTR HT CO (pack of 25) $1905.97
W-0145779 Tubing and Hose CT892CP 11/16 X 5 CHROME COP TUB $543.33
W-0145915 Watts Supply Lines 3/4FIP 18" WH CONN CPR 8618R WH CONN CPR (pack of 5) $337.62
W-0145922 Watts Supply Lines 91-1032R 3/8OD FLR X 1/2MIP VALVE (pack of 5) $337.00
W-0145923 Watts Supply Lines 91-2032R 1/2OD FLR X 1/2MIP VALVE (pack of 5) $337.00
W-0145924 Watts Supply Lines 91-3032R 5/8OD FLR X 1/2FIP VALVE (pack of 5) $368.63
W-0145925 Watts Supply Lines 91-3042R 5/8OD FLR X 3/4FIP VALVE (pack of 5) $463.45
W-0146100 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF1212BSS-IPS JBK SP12-88CP (pack of 50) $642.98
W-0146101 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF1216BSS-IPS JBULK SP16-88CP (pack of 50) $688.91
W-0146102 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF1220BSS-IPS JBULK SP20-88CP (pack of 50) $758.31
W-0146103 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF2212BSS-OD JBK SPC12-88CP (pack of 50) $501.11
W-0146104 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF2216BSS-OD JBULK SPC16-88CP-HEX 1/2 (pack of 50) $642.98
W-0146105 Connectors 1/2 LF2220B-OD JBULK C20-88CP (pack of 50) $459.27
W-0146106 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF2220BSS-OD JBK SPC20-88CP (pack of 50) $758.31
W-0146107 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3812B x 12 QCK JBK C12-68CP (pack of 50) $385.79
W-0146108 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3812BSS-OD JBK SPC12-68CP (pack of 50) $551.12
W-0146109 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3812SSD-OD JBK SPCA12-66CP (pack of 50) $574.60
W-0146110 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3816B x 16 QCK JBK C16-68CP (pack of 50) $385.79
W-0146111 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3816BSS JBULK SPC16-68CP-HEX 3/8 (pack of 50) $597.05
W-0146112 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3820B x 20 QCK JBK C20-68CP (pack of 50) $451.10
W-0146113 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3820BSS JBK SPC20-68CP (pack of 50) $688.91
W-0146114 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3820SSD-OD JBK SPCA20-66CP (pack of 50) $826.69
W-0146115 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3820WSS JBK SPCC20-66CP (pack of 50) $688.91
W-0146116 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3812WSS JBK SPCC12-66CP (pack of 50) $525.61
W-0148000 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 FF12SS SteelCorrugated WH Conn (pack of 25) $413.34
W-0148001 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 x 3/4 FFSS15 SteelCorrugated WH Conn (pack of 25) $459.27
W-0148002 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 x 3/4 FFSS18 SteelCorrugated WH Conn (pack of 25) $493.97
W-0148003 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 x 3/4 FFSS24 SteelCorrugated WH Conn (pack of 25) $597.05
W-0148024 Watts Supply Lines LF1x1 1FFSS12 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $390.38
W-0148025 Watts Supply Lines LF1x1 1FFSS15 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $425.08
W-0148026 Watts Supply Lines LF1x1 1FFSS18 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $631.75
W-0148027 Watts Supply Lines LF1x1 1FFSS24 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $792.50
W-0148032 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4x1 121SS12 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $333.23
W-0148033 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4x1 121SS15 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $367.42
W-0148034 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4x1 121SS18 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $390.38
W-0148035 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4x1 121SS24 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $459.27
W-0291366 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFD-CFC-S-FFx06 STAIN STEEL 3/8 ID HOSE (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0291367 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFD-CFC-S-FFx20 STAIN STEEL 3/8 ID HOSE (pack of 25) $493.97
W-0298000 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HHx48 WCBULK LSP48-1212 (pack of 10) $436.40
W-0298001 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HHx60 WBULK LSPW60-1212 (pack of 10) $445.59
W-0298002 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HHx72 WBULK LSPW72-1212 (pack of 10) $477.65
W-0298003 Connectors 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HLx48 WBULK LSPWE48-1212 3/4 (pack of 10) $510.30
W-0298004 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HLx60 WCBULK LSPWE60-1212 (pack of 10) $583.37
W-0298005 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HLx72 WCBULK LSPWE72-1212 (pack of 10) $629.30
W-0298042 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx6 WCBULK SPCT6-614CP HEX (pack of 25) $206.67
W-0298043 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx9 WBULK SPCT9-614CP (pack of 25) $206.67
W-0298044 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx12 WBULK SPCT12-614CP (pack of 25) $237.80
W-0298045 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx16 WBULK SPCT16-614CP (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298046 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx20 WBULK SPCT20-614CP (pack of 25) $298.53
W-0298049 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-TBx12 WBULK SPFCT12-614CP-HEX (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298054 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x7/8 CTC-S-CBx12 WBULK SPCT12-714CP-HEX (pack of 25) $262.80
W-0298055 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x7/8 CTC-S-CBx16 WBK SPCR16-714CP (pack of 25) $206.67
W-0298058 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-CBx9 WBULK SPCT9-814CP-HEX (pack of 25) $192.90
W-0298059 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-CBx12 WBULK SPCT12-814CP-HEX (pack of 25) $220.45
W-0298060 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-CBx16 WBLK SPCT16-814CP (pack of 25) $179.12
W-0298061 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-CBx20 WBK SPCT20-814CP (pack of 25) $206.67
W-0298063 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-FBx9 WBULK SPT9-814CP-HEX 1/2 (pack of 25) $237.80
W-0298064 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-FBx12 WBULK SPT12-814CP (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298065 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-FBx16 WBULK SPT16-814CP-HEX (pack of 25) $298.53
W-0298068 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-TBx9 WBK SPFCT9-814CP (pack of 25) $179.12
W-0298069 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-TBx12 WBK SPFCT12-814CP (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298070 Connectors 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-TBx16 WBK SPFCT16-814CP (pack of 25) $334.25
W-0298075 Connectors 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-CBx6 WBK CT6-614CP (pack of 25) $260.25
W-0298077 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-CBx12 WBULK CT12-614CP-HEX 3/8 (pack of 25) $179.12
W-0298079 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-CBx20 WBK CT20-614CP (pack of 25) $206.67
W-0298083 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-TBx12 (pack of 25) $206.67
W-0298085 Connectors 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-TBx20 WBK FCT20-614CP (pack of 25) $229.64
W-0298095 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-P-CBx12 WBK CT12-814CP (pack of 25) $206.67
W-0298101 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-P-TBx12 WBK FCT12-814CP (pack of 25) $220.45
W-0298105 Connectors 1/2x7/8 CTC-P-FBx9 WBK T9-814CP (pack of 25) $183.71
W-0298107 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-P-FBx16 WBULK T16-814CP (pack of 25) $192.90
W-0298109 Connectors 3/8x3/8 CFC-S-CCx12 WBULK SPCC12-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $292.40
W-0298111 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-S-CCx20 WBULK SPCC20-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $344.45
W-0298114 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx36 (pack of 10) $289.44
W-0298115 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx48 (pack of 10) $349.04
W-0298116 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx60 (pack of 10) $413.34
W-0298117 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx72 (pack of 10) $468.46
W-0298118 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-CFx12 WBULK SPC12-88CP (pack of 25) $292.40
W-0298121 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-CFx24 WBULK SPC24-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $473.05
W-0298122 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-CFx30 WBULK SPC30-88CP-HEX (pack of 10) $211.46
W-0298123 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-CFx36 WBULK SPC36-88CP-HEX (pack of 10) $250.46
W-0298124 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx48 (pack of 10) $317.00
W-0298125 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx60 (pack of 10) $404.16
W-0298126 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx72 (pack of 10) $280.26
W-0298128 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 CFC-S-CFx16 WBULK SPC16-68CP (pack of 25) $367.42
W-0298129 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 CFC-S-CFx20 WBULK SPC20-68CP (pack of 25) $390.38
W-0298132 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx36 (pack of 10) $183.71
W-0298133 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx48 (pack of 10) $257.19
W-0298134 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx60 (pack of 10) $413.34
W-0298135 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx72 (pack of 10) $284.75
W-0298144 Connectors 3/8x1/2 CFC-S-TFx72 WBK SPFC72-68CP (pack of 10) $356.19
W-0298146 Connectors 7/16x1/2 CFC-S-CFx16 WBULK SPC16-78CP-HEX (pack of 25) $361.80
W-0298149 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx30 (pack of 10) $192.90
W-0298151 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-FFx12 WBULK SP12-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $287.30
W-0298152 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-FFx16 WBULK SP16-88CP (pack of 25) $361.80
W-0298155 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx30 (pack of 10) $192.90
W-0298156 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx36 (pack of 10) $202.08
W-0298157 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx48 (pack of 10) $289.44
W-0298158 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx60 (pack of 10) $367.42
W-0298159 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx72 (pack of 10) $399.66
W-0298160 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-TFx12 WBK SPFC12-88CP (pack of 25) $179.12
W-0298162 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-TFx20 WBK SPFC20-88CP (pack of 25) $212.79
W-0298172 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-P-CCx16 WBK CC16-66CP (pack of 25) $192.90
W-0298173 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-P-CCx20 WBK CC20-66CP (pack of 25) $220.45
W-0298180 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-CFx12 WBULK C12-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298181 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-CFx16 WBK C16-88CP (pack of 25) $287.30
W-0298182 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-CFx20 WBK C20-88CP (pack of 25) $287.30
W-0298189 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-TFx12 WBK FC12-88CP (pack of 25) $220.45
W-0298191 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-TFx20 WBK FC20-88CP (pack of 25) $212.79
W-0298192 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-TFx24 WBK FC24-88CP (pack of 25) $212.79
W-0298201 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 CFC-P-CFx24 WBK C24-68CP (pack of 25) $321.49
W-0298208 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-TFx16 (pack of 25) $298.53
W-0298210 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 CFC-P-TFx24 WBK FC24-68CP (pack of 25) $220.45
W-0298217 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 CFC-P-CFx16 WBK C16-78CP (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298230 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx72 (pack of 10) $174.52
W-0298234 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCDC-S-CEx48 WBULK SPDE48-66CP (pack of 10) $344.55
W-0298235 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCDC-S-CEx60 WCBULK SPDE60-66CP (pack of 10) $372.11
W-0298236 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCDC-S-CEx72 WBULK SPDE72-66CP (pack of 10) $394.97
W-0298237 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LFCDC-S-FEx48 WCBULK SPDE48-68CP (pack of 10) $339.86
W-0298238 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LFCDC-S-FEx60 WBULK SPDE60-68CP-HEX (pack of 10) $353.73
W-0298239 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LFCDC-S-FEx72 WBULK SPDE72-68CP-HEX (pack of 10) $220.45
W-0298240 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-S-COx20 WBULK SPCA20-66CP (pack of 25) $250.56
W-0298241 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-S-COx12 WBULK SPCA12-66CP (pack of 25) $212.79
W-0298242 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-FBx20 WBULK SPT20-814CP-HEX (pack of 25) $212.79
W-0298265 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFCIC-S-CCx12 IN (pack of 25) $367.42
W-0298266 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFCIC-S-CCx6 FT (pack of 10) $317.00
W-0298267 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFCIC-S-CCx10 FT (pack of 10) $344.55
W-0298268 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFCIC-S-CCx20 FT (pack of 10) $376.60
W-0298272 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWH-S-FF-Lx18 WBULK LBF-18 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $652.17
W-0298274 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx36 (pack of 10) $932.42
W-0298275 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx48 (pack of 10) $1281.46
W-0298276 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx60 (pack of 10) $1469.66
W-0298277 Connectors 7/8x3/4 CWH-S-AF-Lx12 WBULK LBF-12A 7/8x3/4 (pack of 10) $811.18
W-0298278 Connectors 7/8x3/4 CWH-S-AF-Lx15 WBK LBF-15A (pack of 10) $870.16
W-0298279 Connectors 7/8x3/4 CWH-S-AF-Lx18 WBK LBF-18A (pack of 10) $950.79
W-0298281 Connectors 7/8x3/4 CWH-S-AF-Lx48 WBK LBF-48A (pack of 10) $1111.85
W-0298293 Connectors 3/4x3/4 CWH-S-FM-Lx24 WBK LBF-24C (pack of 10) $907.73
W-0298360 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/4 LFCDC-S-CEx48 3/8Compx3/4GH-Elbow (pack of 10) $215.95
W-0298361 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/4 LFCDC-S-CEx60 3/8Compx3/4GH-Elbow (pack of 10) $234.33
W-0298362 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/4 LFCDC-S-CEx72 3/8Compx3/4GH-Elbow (pack of 10) $261.88
W-0298400 Connectors 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx12 WBULK SPCC12-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $292.40
W-0298401 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx16 WBULK SPCC16-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $333.23
W-0298402 Connectors 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx20 WBULK SPCC20-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $361.80
W-0298403 Connectors 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx24 WBULK SPCC24-66CP (pack of 25) $375.59
W-0298404 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx12 WBULK SPC12-88CP (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298405 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx16 WCBULK SPC16-88CP (pack of 25) $333.23
W-0298406 Connectors 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx20 WBULK SPC20-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $417.43
W-0298407 Connectors 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx24 WBULK SPC24-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $473.05
W-0298408 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx12 WCBULK SPC12-68CP (pack of 25) $344.45
W-0298409 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx16 WBULK SPC16-68CP (pack of 25) $389.87
W-0298410 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx20 WBULK SPC20-68CP (pack of 25) $390.38
W-0298411 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx24 WBULK SPC24-68CP (pack of 25) $402.12
W-0298412 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-TFx12 WBULK SPFC12-68CP-HEX (pack of 25) $389.87
W-0298413 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-TFx16 WBULK SPFC16-68CP-HEX (pack of 25) $379.16
W-0298414 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-TFx20 WBULK SPFC20-68CP-HEX (pack of 25) $402.12
W-0298415 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-TFx24 WBK SPFC24-68CP (pack of 25) $402.12
W-0298416 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx12 WBULK SPC12-78CP-HE (pack of 25) $287.30
W-0298417 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx16 WBULK SPC16-78CP-HEX (pack of 25) $344.45
W-0298418 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx20 WBULK SPC20-78CP-HEX (pack of 25) $413.34
W-0298419 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx24 WBULK SPC24-78CP-HEX (pack of 25) $448.05
W-0298420 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx12 WBULK SP12-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $287.30
W-0298421 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx16 WBULK SP16-88CP (pack of 25) $344.45
W-0298422 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx20 WBULK SP20-88CP (pack of 25) $402.12
W-0298423 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx24 WBULK SP24-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $459.27
W-0298425 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-P-CCx16 WBK CC16-66CP (pack of 25) $192.90
W-0298426 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-P-CCx20 WBK CC20-66CP (pack of 25) $220.45
W-0298427 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-P-CCx24 WBK CC24-66CP (pack of 25) $212.79
W-0298428 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx12 WBULK C12-88CP-HE (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298429 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx16 WBK C16-88CP (pack of 25) $287.30
W-0298430 Connectors 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx20 WBK C20-88CP (pack of 25) $306.18
W-0298431 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx12 WCBULK C12-68CP (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298432 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx16 WCBULK C16-68CP (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298433 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx20 WBULK C20-68CP-HEX (pack of 25) $287.30
W-0298434 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx24 WBK C24-68CP (pack of 25) $334.25
W-0298435 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx12 WBULK 12-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $192.90
W-0298436 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx16 WBULK 16-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $225.55
W-0298437 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx20 WBULK 20-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $262.80
W-0298438 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx24 WBK 24-88CP (pack of 25) $275.56
W-0298439 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-COx20 WBULK SPCA20-66CP (pack of 25) $250.56
W-0298440 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-COx12 WBULK SPCA12-66CP (pack of 25) $212.79
W-0298441 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx12 WBULK LBF-12 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $565.01
W-0298442 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx15 WBULK LBF-15 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $615.43
W-0298443 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx18 WBULK LBF-18 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $652.17
W-0298444 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx24 WBULK LBF-24 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $693.60
W-0298445 Watts Supply Lines 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx12 WBULK LBF-12A 7/8x3/4 (pack of 10) $762.38
W-0298446 Connectors 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx15 WBK LBF-15A (pack of 10) $870.16
W-0298447 Watts Supply Lines 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx18 WBK LBF-18A (pack of 10) $890.99
W-0298450 Connectors 5/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx15 WBK LBF-15B (pack of 10) $676.86
W-0298451 Connectors 5/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx18 WBLK LBF-18B (pack of 10) $827.30
W-0298453 Connectors 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FM-Lx12 WBULK LBF-12C 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $703.61
W-0298454 Connectors 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FM-Lx15 WBK LBF-15C (pack of 10) $601.55
W-0298455 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FM-Lx18 WBULK LBF-18C 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $757.89
W-0298456 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FM-Lx24 WBK LBF-24C (pack of 10) $854.24
W-0298458 Connectors 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AM-Lx15 WBK LBF-15D (pack of 10) $864.86
W-0298459 Watts Supply Lines 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AM-Lx18 WBULK LBF-18D 7/8x3/4 (pack of 10) $886.49
W-0298460 Watts Supply Lines 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AM-Lx24 WBK LBF-24D (pack of 10) $969.16
W-0299050 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x1 LFCWS-S-QCx24 3/4CTSx1FIPx24 (pack of 10) $693.60
W-0299051 Watts Supply Lines 1x1 LFCWS-S-QCx24 1CTSx1FIPx24 (pack of 10) $753.21
W-0299052 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-QCx12 3/4CTSx3/4FIPx12 (pack of 10) $537.44
W-0299053 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-QCx18 3/4CTSx3/4FIPx18 (pack of 10) $587.86
W-0299054 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-QCx24 3/4CTSx3/4FIPx24 (pack of 10) $647.67
W-0392200 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 FS-CFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $941.50
W-0392201 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 FS-CFC-S-CFx16 (pack of 25) $1033.36
W-0392202 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 FS-CFC-S-CFx20 (pack of 25) $1091.02
W-0392205 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CFC-S-COx12 (pack of 25) $1079.28
W-0392206 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx12 (pack of 25) $746.57
W-0392207 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-FBx12 (pack of 25) $734.83
W-0392208 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 FS-CWM-S-HHx60 (pack of 10) $693.60
W-0392209 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 FS-CWM-S-HHx72 (pack of 10) $780.76
W-0392210 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFFS-CIC-Sx6 (pack of 10) $225.14
W-0392211 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFFS-CIC-Sx10 (pack of 10) $248.01
W-0392212 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CDC-S-CEx48 (pack of 10) $574.18
W-0392230 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 FS-CFC-S-CCx12 (pack of 25) $941.50
W-0392232 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 FS-CFC-S-CCx20 (pack of 25) $1091.02
W-0392233 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFS-CFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $895.58
W-0392236 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2LFFS-CFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $402.12
W-0392237 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2LFFS-CFC-S-CFx16 (pack of 25) $884.35
W-0392238 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2LFFS-CFC-S-CFx20 (pack of 25) $941.50
W-0392244 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFS-CFC-S-TFx16 (pack of 25) $1045.10
W-0392246 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CFC-S-COx20 (pack of 25) $1125.21
W-0392247 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx6 (pack of 25) $654.72
W-0392248 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx9 (pack of 25) $665.94
W-0392249 Connectors 7/16x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx6 (pack of 25) $654.20
W-0392250 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx9 (pack of 25) $654.72
W-0392251 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx12 (pack of 25) $803.72
W-0392253 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx9 (pack of 25) $642.98
W-0392254 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-FBx6 (pack of 25) $665.94
W-0392255 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-FBx9 (pack of 25) $459.27
W-0392256 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-TBx6 (pack of 25) $620.01
W-0392258 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-TBx12 (pack of 25) $826.69
W-0392260 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-TBx9 (pack of 25) $700.64
W-0392261 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-TBx12 (pack of 25) $792.50
W-0392262 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 FS-CWM-S-HHx48 (pack of 10) $633.79
W-0392263 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CDC-S-CEx60 (pack of 10) $785.45
W-0392264 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CDC-S-CEx72 (pack of 10) $711.96
W-0392265 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LFFS-CDC-S-FEx48 (pack of 10) $569.50
W-0392266 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LDFS-CDC-S-FEx60 (pack of 10) $569.50
W-0392267 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 FS-CDC-S-FEx72 (pack of 10) $711.96
W-0392268 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFFS-CIC-Sx20 (pack of 10) $358.23
W-0392401 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx16 (pack of 25) $1033.36
W-0392402 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx20 (pack of 25) $1091.02
W-0392403 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-FFx16 (pack of 25) $1079.28
W-0392404 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-FFx20 (pack of 25) $1159.91
W-0392406 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $348.02
W-0392407 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx20 (pack of 25) $413.34
W-0392408 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFSCFC-S-CCx12 (pack of 25) $941.50
W-0392409 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFSCFC-S-CCx16 (pack of 25) $1033.36
W-0392410 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFSCFC-S-CCx20 (pack of 25) $1091.02
W-0392411 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $677.68
W-0392415 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-FFx12 (pack of 25) $849.65
W-0392416 Connectors 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx12 (pack of 25) $779.23
W-0392417 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx16 (pack of 25) $930.28
W-0392418 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx20 (pack of 25) $976.21
W-0392419 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx12 (pack of 25) $677.68
W-0392420 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx16 (pack of 25) $765.45
W-0392421 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx20 (pack of 25) $807.29
W-0650320 Watts Tubing WPTC16-500R 1WaterPEXx500Coil-Red $1362.84
W-0650321 Watts Tubing WPTC16-500B 1WaterPEXx500Coil-Blue $1362.84
W-0650371 Watts Tubing WPTC16-100B 1WaterPEXx100Coil-Blue $318.74
W-0650372 Watts Tubing WPTC16-100R 1WaterPEXx100Coil-Red $318.74
W-0650376 Watts Tubing WPTC06-500R 3/8WaterPEXx500Coil-Red $454.68
W-0650378 Watts Tubing WPTC08-500R 1/2WaterPEXx500Coil-Red $516.22
W-0650379 Watts Tubing WPTC08-1000R 1/2WaterPEXx1000Coil-Red $953.01
W-0650380 Watts Tubing WPTC12-100R 3/4WaterPEXx100Coil-Red $180.03
W-0650381 Watts Tubing WPTC12-500R 3/4WaterPEXx500Coil-Red $829.24
W-0650382 Watts Tubing WPTC12-1000R 3/4WaterPEXx1000Coil-Red $1539.21
W-0650384 Watts Tubing WPTC06-500B 3/8WaterPEXx500Coil-Blue $454.68
W-0650386 Watts Tubing WPTC08-500B 1/2WaterPEXx500Coil-Blue $516.22
W-0650387 Watts Tubing WPTC08-1000B 1/2WaterPEXx1000Coil-Blu $953.01
W-0650388 Watts Tubing WPTC12-100B 3/4WaterPEXx100Coil-Blue $180.03
W-0650389 Watts Tubing WPTC12-500B 3/4WaterPEXx500Coil-Blue $829.24
W-0650390 Watts Tubing WPTC12-1000B 3/4WaterPEXx1000Coil-Blu $1539.21
W-0650393 Watts Tubing WPTC06-500W 3/8WaterPEXx500Coil-Whit $454.68
W-0650395 Watts Tubing WPTC08-500W 1/2WaterPEXx500Coil-Whit $516.22
W-0650396 Watts Tubing WPTC08-1000W 1/2WaterPEXx1000Coil-Whi $953.01
W-0650397 Watts Tubing WPTC12-100W 3/4WaterPEXx100Coil-Whit $180.03
W-0650398 Watts Tubing WPTC12-500W 3/4WaterPEXx500Coil-Whit $829.24
W-0650399 Watts Tubing WPTC12-1000W 3/4WaterPEXx1000Coil-Whi $1539.21
W-0650400 Watts Tubing WPTC16-100W 1WaterPEXx100Coil-White $318.74
W-0650401 Watts Tubing WPTC16-500W 1WaterPEXx500Coil-White $1362.84
W-0650402 Watts Tubing WPTC20-100W 11/4WaterPEXx100Coil-Whi $524.49
W-0650403 Watts Tubing WPTC20-300W 11/4WaterPEXx300Coil-Whi $1348.69
W-0650404 Watts Tubing WPTS08-50R 1/2WPx20'-50Sticks-Red $953.01
W-0650405 Watts Tubing WPTS12-25R 3/4WPx20'-25Sticks-Red $829.24
W-0650406 Watts Tubing WPTS08-50B 1/2WPx20'-50Sticks-Blue $953.01
W-0650407 Watts Tubing WPTS12-25B 3/4WPx20'-25Sticks-Blue $829.24
W-0650408 Watts Tubing WPTS08-50W 1/2WPx20'-50Sticks-White $953.01
W-0650409 Watts Tubing WPTS12-25W 3/4WPx20'-25Sticks-White $829.24
W-0650410 Watts Tubing WPTS16-5W 1WPx20Ft-5 Sticks-White $318.74
W-0650411 Watts Tubing WPTS20-5W 11/4WPx20'-5Sticks-White $524.49
W-0650996 Watts Tubing WPTC08-300R 1/2WaterPEX x300Coil-Red $310.46
W-0650997 Watts Tubing WPTC08-300B 1/2WaterPEXx300Coil-Blue $310.46
W-0650998 Watts Tubing WPTC08-300W 1/2WaterPEXx300Coil-Whit $310.46
W-0651000 Watts Tubing WPTC12-300R 3/4WaterPEXx300Coil-Red $541.01
W-0651001 Watts Tubing WPTC12-300B 3/4WaterPEXx300Coil-Blue $541.01
W-0651002 Watts Tubing WPTC12-300W 3/4WaterPEXx300Coil-Whit $541.01
W-0651009 Watts Tubing WPTS12-25W-5 3/4WPx5'-25Sticks-White $1195.95
W-0651010 Watts Tubing WPFP08-50R 1/2WPx10'-50FastPack-Red $531.84
W-0651011 Watts Tubing WPFP12-25R 3/4WPx10'-25FastPack-Red $462.95
W-0651012 Watts Tubing WPFP08-50B 1/2WPx10'-50FastPackBlue $530.91
W-0651013 Watts Tubing WPFP12-25B 3/4WPx10'-25FastPackBlue $462.95
W-0651014 Watts Tubing WPFP08-50W 1/2WPx10'-50FastPackWhit $530.91
W-0651015 Watts Tubing WPFP12-25W 3/4WPx10'-25FastPackWhit $462.95
W-0651017 Watts Tubing WPSR06-500B Stud Reel 3/8WPx500'Blue $508.87
W-0651018 Watts Tubing WPSR06-500R Stud Reel 3/8WPx500'Red $508.87
W-0651019 Watts Tubing WPSR08-300B Stud Reel 1/2WPx300'Blue $347.20
W-0651020 Watts Tubing WPSR08-300R Stud Reel 1/2WPx300'Red $347.20
W-0651024 Watts Tubing WPTC16-300W 1WaterPEXx300Coil-White $734.25
W-0651025 Watts Tubing WPTS08-25B 1/2WPx20'-25Sticks-Blue $516.22
W-0651026 Watts Tubing WPTS08-25R 1/2WPx20'-25Sticks-Red $516.22
W-0651027 Watts Tubing WPTS12-10W 3/4WPx20'-10Sticks-White $361.90
W-0651028 Watts Tubing WPTS12-10B 3/4WPx20'-10Sticks-Blue $361.90
W-0651029 Watts Tubing WPTS12-10R 3/4WPx20'-10Sticks-Red $361.90
W-0651035 Watts Tubing WPTC08-250W 1/2WPx250'Coil-White $258.11
W-0651036 Watts Tubing WPTC12-250W 3/4WPx250'Coil-White $449.16
W-0651042 Watts Tubing WPSR08-300W Stud Reel 1/2WPx300' White $347.20
W-0651043 Watts Tubing WPSR06-500W Stud Reel 3/8WPx500' White $508.87
W-0651055 Watts Tubing WPTC08-250B 1/2WP x 250'Coil-Blue $258.11
W-0651056 Watts Tubing WPTC12-250B 3/4WPx250'Coil-Blue $449.16
W-0651057 Watts Tubing WPTC08-250R 1/2WPx250'Coil-Red $258.11
W-0651058 Watts Tubing WPTC12-250R 3/4WPx250'Coil-Red $449.16
W-0651081 Watts Tubing WPTS16-5R 1WPx20'-5 Sticks-Red $318.74
W-0651082 Watts Tubing WPTS16-5B 1WPx20'-5 Sticks $318.74
W-0651090 Watts Tubing WPTC24-100W 1 1/2WaterPEXx100Coil-WH $1053.92
W-0651091 Watts Tubing WPTC24-300W 1 1/2WaterPEXx300Coil-Wh $2816.02
W-0651092 Watts Tubing WPTC28-100W 2 WaterPEXx100Coil-White $1377.01
W-0651093 Watts Tubing WPTS24-5W 1 1/2WPx20-5Sticks-White $1053.92
W-0651094 Watts Tubing WPTS28-5W 2 WPx20-5Sticks-White $1377.01
W-0666300 Watts Tubing FPTC12-100W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-100FT Coil $198.41
W-0666301 Watts Tubing FPTC12-250W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-250FT Coil $494.17
W-0666302 Watts Tubing FPTC12-300W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-300FT Coil $595.21
W-0666303 Watts Tubing FPTC12-500W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-500FT Coil $912.31
W-0666304 Watts Tubing FPTC12-1000W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-1000FT Coil $1694.31
W-0666305 Watts Tubing FPTS12-25W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-20FT-25Sticks $912.31
W-0666306 Watts Tubing FPTS12-10W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-20FT-10Sticks $397.72
W-0666307 Watts Tubing FPTS12-25W-OS FastPack 3/4FP-PEX-10FT-25Sticks $508.87
W-0666308 Watts Tubing FPTC16-100W-OS 1FP-PEX-100FT Coil $349.97
W-0666309 Watts Tubing FPTC16-300W-OS 1FP-PEX-300FT Coil $807.20
W-0666310 Watts Tubing FPTC16-500W-OS 1FP-PEX-500FT Coil $1499.06
W-0666311 Watts Tubing FPTS16-5W-OS 1FP-PEX-20FT Sticks $349.97
W-0777500 Watts Supply Lines 4 TR GRVxCIPS $2149.38
W-0777501 Watts Supply Lines 6 TR GRVxCIPS $2839.08
W-0777502 Watts Supply Lines 8 TR GRVxCIPS $4233.84
W-0777503 Watts Supply Lines 10 TR GRVxCIPS $7437.91
W-0777504 Watts Supply Lines 4 TR FLGxCIPS $2149.38
W-0777505 Watts Supply Lines 6 TR FLGxCIPS $2839.08
W-0777506 Watts Supply Lines 8 TR FLGxCIPS $4233.84
W-0777507 Watts Supply Lines 10 TR FLGxCIPS $7437.91
W-0777510 Watts Supply Lines 4 RISER 8'6"GRV x 6'CIPS $2398.18
W-0777511 Watts Supply Lines 6 RISER 8'6"GRV x 6'CIPS $3039.49
W-0777512 Watts Supply Lines 8 RISER 8'6"GRV x 6'CIPS $4726.07
W-0777514 Watts Supply Lines 4 RISER 8'6"FLG x 6'CIPS $2398.18
W-0777515 Watts Supply Lines 6 RISER 8'6"FLG x 6'CIPS $3039.49
W-0777516 Watts Supply Lines 8 RISER 8'6"FLG x 6'CIPS $4726.07
W-0959018 Watts Tubing P-34-100 3/4" X 100' PEX TUBE $170.86
W-0959019 Watts Tubing P-34-100B 3/4" 100 BLUE PEX TUBE $170.86
W-0959020 Watts Tubing P-34-100R 3/4" 100 RED PEX TUBE $170.86
W-0959330 Watts Tubing P-12-20R 1/2x20'RED 10 STICKS/BDL $206.67
W-0959331 Watts Tubing P-12-20B 1/2x20'BL 10 STICKS/BNDL $206.67
W-0959332 Watts Tubing P-34-20B 3/4x20'BL 10 STICKS/BNDL $360.08
W-0959333 Watts Tubing P-34-20R 3/4x20'RED 10 STICKS/BDL $360.08
W-0959335 Watts Tubing P-34-10B 3/4x10'BL 10 STICKS/BNDL $185.56
W-0959337 Watts Tubing P-34-10R 3/4x10'RED 10 STICKS/BDL $185.56
W-0959349 Tubing and Hose 3/4"x 100'Barrier PEX $257.90
W-0959350 Tubing and Hose 3/4"x 300'Barrier PEX $732.99
W-0959351 Tubing and Hose 1/2"x 300'Barrier PEX $507.05
W-0959352 Tubing and Hose 1/2"x 100'Barrier PEX $187.79
W-0959353 Tubing and Hose 1"x 300'Barrier PEX $1188.05
W-0959354 Tubing and Hose 1"x 100' Barrier PEX $409.67
W-0959402 Tubing and Hose 1/2 x 500 Barrier PEX Coil - Red $845.06
W-0959403 Tubing and Hose 1/2 x 1000 Barrier PEX Coil - Red $1633.78
W-0959404 Tubing and Hose 3/4 x 500 Barrier PEX Coil - Red $1180.94
W-0959405 Tubing and Hose 3/4 x 1000 Barrier PEX Coil - Red $2307.57
W-40134450 Watts Tubing AL 3/8X50' ALUMINUM TUBING $179.60
W-40134650 Watts Tubing AL 1/2X50' ALUMINUM TUBING $237.90
W-42141425 Watts Tubing SPGE25 3/8X1/4X25 PRE-CUT POLY - Pack of 10 $224.52
W-42143450 Tubing and Hose SVGE50 3/8X1/4X50' PRE-CUT VINYL (pack of 5) $179.94
W-42143650 Tubing and Hose SVIG50 1/2X3/8X50' PRE-CUT VINYL (Pack of 5) $239.02
W-42143912 Watts Tubing SVMK10 7/8X5/8X10' PRE-CUT VINYL (case of 10) $238.82
W-42145820 Watts Tubing SBVLI20 3/4X1/2X20' PRE-CUT BRAIDED VINYL (SC #900-02206C00201) (5 Pack) $196.96
W-42146313 Watts Tubing SFDV50 2IDX50' PRE-CUT FLAT DISCHARGE $189.22
W-42147825 Watts Tubing SCSV25' 2"X25' GREEN PRE-CUT SUCTION HOSE $251.67
W-42154300 Watts Tubing RPGE 3/8X1/4X300' POLY TUBE $178.20
W-42160400 Watts Tubing RVDEB 1/4X.170X500' VINYL TUBING $233.31
W-42160401 Watts Tubing RVEB 1/4X.170X400' VINYL TUBING $186.46
W-42161140 Watts Tubing RVEC 1/4X1/8X400' VINYL $173.17
W-42167310 Watts Tubing RVMK 7/8X5/8X100' VINYL TUBING $191.97
W-42168075 Watts Tubing RVNL 1X3/4X75' VINYL TUBING $188.30
W-42169150 Watts Tubing RVPN 1-1/4X1X100' VINYL TUBING $284.75
W-42169160 Watts Tubing RVSP 1-5/8X1-1/4X50' VINYL TUBING $269.13
W-42169170 Watts Tubing RVUR 1-7/8X1-1/2X50' VINYL TUBING $308.64
W-42169190 Watts Tubing RVXV 2-3/8X2X25' VINYL TUBING $209.42
W-42169610 Watts Tubing RVBNL 1X3/4X100' BLACK VINYL TUBING $277.41
W-42169710 Watts Tubing RVBPN 1-1/4X1X100' BLACK VINYL TUBING $349.04
W-42172250 Watts Tubing RBVIE X1/2X1/4X250' BRAIDED VINYL TUBE $251.67
W-42174150 Watts Tubing RBVKG 5/8X3/8X150' BRAIDED VINYL TUBE $204.83
W-42178075 Watts Tubing RBVNL 1X3/4X75' BRAIDED VINYL TUBE $170.42
W-42178085 Watts Tubing RBV-RL 1X3/4X75' RED TRACER HOSE $320.57
W-42178095 Watts Tubing RBV-BL 1X3/4X75' BLUE TRACER HOSE $320.57
W-42178150 Watts Tubing RBVQN 1-3/8X1X50' BRAIDED VINYL $213.11
W-42178250 Watts Tubing RBVTP 1-3/4X1-1/4X50' BRAIDED VINYL $344.45
W-42178350 Watts Tubing RBVVR 2X1-1/2X50' BRAIDED VINYL $397.72
W-42178425 Watts Tubing RBVYV 2-1/2X2X25' BRAIDED VINYL $788.53
W-42180052 Watts Tubing RSP 1-1/4IDX50'SUCTION $1091.22
W-42180053 Watts Tubing RSR 1-1/2IDX50' SUCTION HOSE $1147.90
W-42180055 Tubing and Hose RCSN 1ID X 50' CLR/GREEN $278.00
W-42180765 Watts Tubing RBBR 1-1/2IDX50' BILGE/ PUMP HOSE $361.90
W-42180775 Watts Tubing RBBL 3/4IDX50' BILGE PUMP HOSE $301.28
W-42180785 Watts Tubing RBBO 1-1/8IDX50'BILGE PUMP HOSE $242.49
W-42180795 Watts Tubing RBBP 1-1/4IDX50' BILGE PUMP HOSE $261.79
W-42182200 Watts Tubing RAIE 1/2X1/4X200' AIR HOSE $510.71
W-42184150 Watts Tubing RAKG 5/8X3/8X150' AIR HOSE $373.85
W-42185100 Watts Tubing RALI 3/4X1/2X100' AIR HOSE $183.71
W-42196050 Watts Tubing RWQN 1-3/8X1X50' $250.76
W-42197150 Watts Tubing XLRWNK 1X5/8X150' WASHER $581.43
W-42198100 Watts Tubing XLRWPM 1-1/4X7/8X100' WASHER HOSE $490.50
W-42199050 Watts Tubing RWNL 1X3/4X50' $191.97
W-42201050 Watts Tubing RFGD 3/8X3/16X50' $372.93
W-42201150 Watts Tubing RFGD 3/8X3/16X150' FUEL HOSE $225.05
W-42202050 Watts Tubing RFIE 1/2X1/4X50' $331.60
W-42202100 Watts Tubing RFIE 1/2X1/4X100' FUEL HOSE $254.45
W-42203100 Watts Tubing RFKF 5/8X5/16X100' FUEL HOSE $210.35
W-42204050 Watts Tubing RFKG 5/8X3/8X50' FUEL HOSE $394.05
W-42205150 Watts Tubing RUFEC 1/4X1/8X100' URETH URETHANE FUEL LINES $442.74
W-42206150 Watts Tubing RUFE 1/4X7/64X100' URETH URETHANE FUEL LINES $191.05
W-42207150 Watts Tubing RUFD 3/16X3/32X100' URET URETHANE FUEL LINES $332.51
W-42217150 Watts Tubing RGMK 7/8X5/8X150' GRDN HOSE $315.05
W-42220150 Watts Tubing RSPKG 5/8X3/8X150' HIGH PRESSURE SPRAY HOSE $449.16
W-42227050 Watts Tubing RCSP 1-1/4IDX50' GREEN SUCTION $262.71
W-42228050 Watts Tubing RCSR 1-1/2IDX50' GREEN SUCTION $374.76
W-42229025 Watts Tubing RCSV 2IDX25' GREEN SUCTION $270.97
W-42231200 Tubing and Hose RBRIE 1/2X1/4X200' SS BRAIDED HOSE $697.90
W-42232150 Tubing and Hose RBRKG 5/8X3/8X150' SS BRAIDED HOSE $852.80
W-42234075 Tubing and Hose RBRMK 7/8X 5/8ID X 75' SS BRAIDED HOSE $902.81
W-42250150 Watts Tubing RFDR 1-1/2IDX150' FLAT DISCHARGE HOSE $558.46
W-42251150 Watts Tubing RFDV 2IDX150'FLAT DISCHARGE HOSE $735.12
W-42252050 Watts Tubing RCDR 1-1/2IDX150 ECONOMY FLAT DISCHARGE HOSE $410.59
W-42252150 Watts Tubing RCDV 2IDX150 ECONOMY FLAT DISCHARGE HOSE $596.13
W-42260050 Watts Tubing RPSP 1-1/4IDX50' POOL & SPA HOSE $212.18
W-42261050 Watts Tubing RPSR 1-1/2IDX50' POOL & SPA HOSE $296.69
W-42280100 Watts Tubing RSFI 1/2IDX100' SPA FLEX HOSE $328.83
W-42281100 Watts Tubing RSFL 3/4IDX100' SPA FLEX HOSE $395.89
W-42282050 Watts Tubing RSFN 1IDX50'SPA FLEX $228.71
W-42283050 Watts Tubing RSFR 1-1/2IDX50' SPA $324.24
W-42284050 Watts Tubing RSFP 1-1/4IDX50' SPA FLE $323.34
W-42285025 Watts Tubing RSFV 2IDX25' SPA FLEX $278.31
W-42291100 Watts Tubing RUTLI 3/4X1/2X100' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $322.41
W-42292100 Watts Tubing RUTNK 1X5/8X100' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $512.54
W-42293075 Watts Tubing RUTOL 1-1/8X3/4X75' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $348.13
W-42294050 Watts Tubing RUTRN 1IDX50' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $448.25
W-42295050 Watts Tubing RUTTP 1-1/4IDX50' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $773.27
W-42296050 Watts Tubing RUTVR 1-1/2IDX50' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $927.58
W-42299050 Watts Tubing LRVPN 1-1/4X1X50' LARGE $348.13
W-42326100 Watts Tubing RHLI 3/4X1/2X100' HEATER $293.01
W-42327100 Watts Tubing RHLK 7/8x5/8x100' Heater $319.65
W-42328100 Watts Tubing RHNL 1X3/4X75' HEATER $296.69
W-42330067 Watts Tubing RR-RA 1/16X33' RED RUBBE $319.65
W-42331036 Watts Tubing RR-RC 1/8X18' RED RUBBER $256.27
W-42340067 Watts Tubing RR-NA 1/16X33' NEOPRENE $462.02
W-42350009 Watts Tubing RR-WA 1/16X9' FOOD GRD NITRILE $172.68
W-42350036 Watts Tubing RR-WA 1/16X18' FOOD GRD NITRILE $315.98
W-42370067 Watts Tubing RR-CIA 1/16X33' CLOTH IN NITRILE $320.57
W-43130120 Watts Tubing CTFX1/4X5' COPPER TUBE $239.75
W-43130121 Watts Tubing CTFX1/4X10' COPPER TUBE $251.67
W-43130124 Watts Tubing CTFX1/4X25' COPPER TUBE $423.45
W-43130140 Watts Tubing CTFX3/8X5' COPPER TUBE $320.57
W-43130141 Watts Tubing CTFX3/8X10' COPPER TUBE $212.18
W-43130972 Tubing and Hose LCTF 5/8X20 O.D. SIZE L $210.24
W-43132801 Watts Tubing XVLK 3/4X5/8X100' BOXED VINYL $587.86
W-43132900 Watts Tubing XVMK 7/8X5/8X100' BOXED VINYL $187.38
W-43132954 Tubing and Hose XVUR 1-7/8X1-1/2X50' $331.61
W-43133700 Watts Tubing XBVMK 7/8X5/8X100' BOXED BRPVC TUBING $182.78

See What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I have been out-of-touch with Air Delights for some years. When I decided to return, they were there, ready and able to help me. They even had my old order records from years back. This was a great help to me. I didn't even need to order new dispensers , because my old ones worked just like new.

  • Due to our order history they followed up with a phone call to ensure what was ordered was actually what we wanted. Turns out we ordered incorrectly. They made the adjustment on the phone and shipped the correct item.

  • From seeing the pop-up ad, through ordering the needed parts cheaper than factory pricing, to installing for a flushable toilet again---THREE DAYS ONLY!!! Impressive, outstanding, and better than most!

  • I've been using products from Air Delights for years and have loved all of the products that I purchased. There have never been any problems with the products or customer service. I've actually gotten some of my friends interested in the products.

  • I've dealt with you folks before so I know the kind of service I will receive. I like the fact that there is a place like yours that people can shop at and get the service we deserve. I've decided we needed another set of this product in our upstairs bathroom since we have someone else utilizing the downstairs bathroom. GREAT SERVICE!

  • They expedited shipping to me and got it her super fast and were MORE than courteous when I called. The Best!

  • This commercial supplier has always been patient with my household sized orders. They even called once when what I had ordered was not the same as my previous orders. Saved me from having to return a mistaken order. I love their air freshener products. It's not always easy to find air fresheners that I can use with my allergies.

  • Your company is the best.You save me money on the part that I needed.Also I will be order off your company if I need anything else.

  • Our Flushmate 503 developed a broken cartridge at 4PM central time. AirDelights is pacific time, so by the time I placed my order it was 2:47 pacific time. They sent the parts by FEDEX next day standard delivery. I had the parts in my hand in St Louis MO at 10:18 AM the next morning. The order was before 3PM so they shipped the same day.

  • Ease of ordering and length of time on delivery and the pleasing aroma of items purchased are all great! I will be purchasing more in the near future. Thanks to everyone involved with my order.

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