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Watts Water Safety

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  Sku Description Price  
W-0141950 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 FF15 WTR HT CONN FEMALE x FEMALE 15 (pack of 25) $332.28
W-0141966 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 FS15 WTR HT CONN FEMALE x SWEAT 15 (pack of 25) $283.68
W-0141977 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 SS15 Sweat x Sweat 15 (pack of 25) $291.60
W-0141978 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 SS18 WTR HT CONN SWEAT x SWEAT 18 (pack of 25) $518.40
W-0141980 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 SS24 WTR HT CONN SWEAT x SWEAT 24 (pack of 25) $591.48
W-0141994 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1212BSS IPS x 1/2 JBK SP12-88CP (pack of 50) $453.60
W-0141998 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1216BSS IPS x 1/2 JBULK SP16-88CP (pack of 50) $486.00
W-0142001 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1220B FIPS x 1/2 JBK 20-88CP (pack of 50) $318.24
W-0142002 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1220BSS IPS x 1/2 (pack of 50) $534.96
W-0142005 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 1230BSS 1/2IPx1/2IP JBK SP30-88CP (pack of 10) $149.04
W-0142010 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 2212BSS OD COMP x JBK SPC12-88CP (pack of 50) $388.80
W-0142014 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 2216BSS OD x 1/2 JBULK SPC16-88CP-HEX 1/2 (pack of 50) $453.60
W-0142018 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 2220BSS OD COMP x JBK SPC20-88CP (pack of 50) $534.96
W-0142023 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3809TSS OD x 7/8 JBK SPCT9-614CP (pack of 50) $318.24
W-0142026 Connectors 3/8 3812SSD OD x 3/8 JBK SPCA12-66CP (pack of 50) $432.00
W-0142027 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3812T x 12 QUICK JBK CT12-614CP (pack of 50) $291.60
W-0142030 Connectors 3/8 3816BSS OD COMP x JBULK SPC16-68CP-HEX 3/8 (pack of 50) $451.44
W-0142033 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3820B x 20 QUICK JBK C20-68CP (pack of 50) $318.24
W-0142034 Connectors 3/8 3820BSS OD COMPR JBK SPC20-68CP (pack of 50) $510.48
W-0142036 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3820SSD OD x 3/8 JBK SPCA20-66CP (pack of 50) $583.20
W-0142037 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3820T x 20 QUICK JBULK CT20-614CP (pack of 50) $300.24
W-0142038 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3820TSS OD x 7/8 JBK SPCT20-614CP (pack of 50) $453.60
W-0142041 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3836BSS OD COMPR JBK SPC36x68CP (pack of 10) $132.91
W-0142055 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF4560DWSS OD COMPX JBK SPCC60-66CP (pack of 10) $191.23
W-0142069 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 F3820BSS FLARE x JBK SPFC20-68CP (pack of 50) $615.60
W-0144997 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 MSA18 MxSWT W/ADP (pack of 25) $688.68
W-0145154 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 3812WSS x 3/8 OD JBK SPCC12-66CP (pack of 50) $370.80
W-0145311 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 1504521 WTR HT CO (pack of 25) $1101.60
W-0145312 Watts Supply Lines 3/4 1504554 WTR HT CO (pack of 25) $1344.60
W-0145779 Tubing and Hose CT892CP 11/16 X 5 CHROME COP TUB $383.30
W-0145915 Watts Supply Lines 3/4FIP 18" WH CONN CPR 8618R WH CONN CPR (pack of 5) $238.18
W-0145922 Watts Supply Lines 91-1032R 3/8OD FLR X 1/2MIP VALVE (pack of 5) $237.74
W-0145923 Watts Supply Lines 91-2032R 1/2OD FLR X 1/2MIP VALVE (pack of 5) $237.74
W-0145924 Watts Supply Lines 91-3032R 5/8OD FLR X 1/2FIP VALVE (pack of 5) $260.06
W-0145925 Watts Supply Lines 91-3042R 5/8OD FLR X 3/4FIP VALVE (pack of 5) $326.95
W-0146100 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF1212BSS-IPS JBK SP12-88CP (pack of 50) $453.60
W-0146101 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF1216BSS-IPS JBULK SP16-88CP (pack of 50) $486.00
W-0146102 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF1220BSS-IPS JBULK SP20-88CP (pack of 50) $534.96
W-0146103 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF2212BSS-OD JBK SPC12-88CP (pack of 50) $353.52
W-0146104 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF2216BSS-OD JBULK SPC16-88CP-HEX 1/2 (pack of 50) $453.60
W-0146105 Connectors 1/2 LF2220B-OD JBULK C20-88CP (pack of 50) $324.00
W-0146106 Watts Supply Lines 1/2 LF2220BSS-OD JBK SPC20-88CP (pack of 50) $534.96
W-0146107 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3812B x 12 QCK JBK C12-68CP (pack of 50) $272.16
W-0146108 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3812BSS-OD JBK SPC12-68CP (pack of 50) $388.80
W-0146109 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3812SSD-OD JBK SPCA12-66CP (pack of 50) $405.36
W-0146110 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3816B x 16 QCK JBK C16-68CP (pack of 50) $272.16
W-0146111 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3816BSS JBULK SPC16-68CP-HEX 3/8 (pack of 50) $421.20
W-0146112 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3820B x 20 QCK JBK C20-68CP (pack of 50) $318.24
W-0146113 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3820BSS JBK SPC20-68CP (pack of 50) $486.00
W-0146114 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3820SSD-OD JBK SPCA20-66CP (pack of 50) $583.20
W-0146115 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3820WSS JBK SPCC20-66CP (pack of 50) $486.00
W-0146116 Watts Supply Lines 3/8 LF3812WSS JBK SPCC12-66CP (pack of 50) $370.80
W-0148000 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 FF12SS SteelCorrugated WH Conn (pack of 25) $291.60
W-0148001 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 x 3/4 FFSS15 SteelCorrugated WH Conn (pack of 25) $324.00
W-0148002 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 x 3/4 FFSS18 SteelCorrugated WH Conn (pack of 25) $348.48
W-0148003 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4 x 3/4 FFSS24 SteelCorrugated WH Conn (pack of 25) $421.20
W-0148024 Watts Supply Lines LF1x1 1FFSS12 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $275.40
W-0148025 Watts Supply Lines LF1x1 1FFSS15 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $299.88
W-0148026 Watts Supply Lines LF1x1 1FFSS18 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $445.68
W-0148027 Watts Supply Lines LF1x1 1FFSS24 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $559.08
W-0148032 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4x1 121SS12 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $235.08
W-0148033 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4x1 121SS15 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $259.20
W-0148034 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4x1 121SS18 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $275.40
W-0148035 Watts Supply Lines LF3/4x1 121SS24 SteelCorrugatedConnector (pack of 25) $324.00
W-0291366 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFD-CFC-S-FFx06 STAIN STEEL 3/8 ID HOSE (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0291367 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFD-CFC-S-FFx20 STAIN STEEL 3/8 ID HOSE (pack of 25) $348.48
W-0298000 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HHx48 WCBULK LSP48-1212 (pack of 10) $307.87
W-0298001 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HHx60 WBULK LSPW60-1212 (pack of 10) $314.35
W-0298002 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HHx72 WBULK LSPW72-1212 (pack of 10) $336.96
W-0298003 Connectors 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HLx48 WBULK LSPWE48-1212 3/4 (pack of 10) $360.00
W-0298004 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HLx60 WCBULK LSPWE60-1212 (pack of 10) $411.55
W-0298005 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWM-S-HLx72 WCBULK LSPWE72-1212 (pack of 10) $443.95
W-0298042 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx6 WCBULK SPCT6-614CP HEX (pack of 25) $145.80
W-0298043 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx9 WBULK SPCT9-614CP (pack of 25) $145.80
W-0298044 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx12 WBULK SPCT12-614CP (pack of 25) $167.76
W-0298045 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx16 WBULK SPCT16-614CP (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298046 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-CBx20 WBULK SPCT20-614CP (pack of 25) $210.60
W-0298049 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-S-TBx12 WBULK SPFCT12-614CP-HEX (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298054 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x7/8 CTC-S-CBx12 WBULK SPCT12-714CP-HEX (pack of 25) $185.40
W-0298055 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x7/8 CTC-S-CBx16 WBK SPCR16-714CP (pack of 25) $145.80
W-0298058 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-CBx9 WBULK SPCT9-814CP-HEX (pack of 25) $136.08
W-0298059 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-CBx12 WBULK SPCT12-814CP-HEX (pack of 25) $155.52
W-0298060 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-CBx16 WBLK SPCT16-814CP (pack of 25) $126.36
W-0298061 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-CBx20 WBK SPCT20-814CP (pack of 25) $145.80
W-0298063 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-FBx9 WBULK SPT9-814CP-HEX 1/2 (pack of 25) $167.76
W-0298064 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-FBx12 WBULK SPT12-814CP (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298065 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-FBx16 WBULK SPT16-814CP-HEX (pack of 25) $210.60
W-0298068 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-TBx9 WBK SPFCT9-814CP (pack of 25) $126.36
W-0298069 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-TBx12 WBK SPFCT12-814CP (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298070 Connectors 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-TBx16 WBK SPFCT16-814CP (pack of 25) $235.80
W-0298075 Connectors 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-CBx6 WBK CT6-614CP (pack of 25) $183.60
W-0298077 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-CBx12 WBULK CT12-614CP-HEX 3/8 (pack of 25) $126.36
W-0298079 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-CBx20 WBK CT20-614CP (pack of 25) $145.80
W-0298083 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-TBx12 (pack of 25) $145.80
W-0298085 Connectors 3/8x7/8 CTC-P-TBx20 WBK FCT20-614CP (pack of 25) $162.00
W-0298095 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-P-CBx12 WBK CT12-814CP (pack of 25) $145.80
W-0298101 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-P-TBx12 WBK FCT12-814CP (pack of 25) $155.52
W-0298105 Connectors 1/2x7/8 CTC-P-FBx9 WBK T9-814CP (pack of 25) $129.60
W-0298107 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-P-FBx16 WBULK T16-814CP (pack of 25) $136.08
W-0298109 Connectors 3/8x3/8 CFC-S-CCx12 WBULK SPCC12-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $206.28
W-0298111 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-S-CCx20 WBULK SPCC20-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $243.00
W-0298114 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx36 (pack of 10) $204.19
W-0298115 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx48 (pack of 10) $246.24
W-0298116 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx60 (pack of 10) $291.60
W-0298117 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx72 (pack of 10) $330.48
W-0298118 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-CFx12 WBULK SPC12-88CP (pack of 25) $206.28
W-0298121 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-CFx24 WBULK SPC24-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $333.72
W-0298122 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-CFx30 WBULK SPC30-88CP-HEX (pack of 10) $149.18
W-0298123 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-CFx36 WBULK SPC36-88CP-HEX (pack of 10) $176.69
W-0298124 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx48 (pack of 10) $223.63
W-0298125 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx60 (pack of 10) $285.12
W-0298126 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx72 (pack of 10) $197.71
W-0298128 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 CFC-S-CFx16 WBULK SPC16-68CP (pack of 25) $259.20
W-0298129 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 CFC-S-CFx20 WBULK SPC20-68CP (pack of 25) $275.40
W-0298132 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx36 (pack of 10) $129.60
W-0298133 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx48 (pack of 10) $181.44
W-0298134 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx60 (pack of 10) $291.60
W-0298135 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx72 (pack of 10) $200.88
W-0298144 Connectors 3/8x1/2 CFC-S-TFx72 WBK SPFC72-68CP (pack of 10) $251.28
W-0298146 Connectors 7/16x1/2 CFC-S-CFx16 WBULK SPC16-78CP-HEX (pack of 25) $255.24
W-0298149 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx30 (pack of 10) $136.08
W-0298151 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-FFx12 WBULK SP12-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $202.68
W-0298152 Connectors 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-FFx16 WBULK SP16-88CP (pack of 25) $255.24
W-0298155 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx30 (pack of 10) $136.08
W-0298156 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx36 (pack of 10) $142.56
W-0298157 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx48 (pack of 10) $204.19
W-0298158 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx60 (pack of 10) $259.20
W-0298159 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx72 (pack of 10) $281.95
W-0298160 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-TFx12 WBK SPFC12-88CP (pack of 25) $126.36
W-0298162 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-S-TFx20 WBK SPFC20-88CP (pack of 25) $150.12
W-0298172 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-P-CCx16 WBK CC16-66CP (pack of 25) $136.08
W-0298173 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-P-CCx20 WBK CC20-66CP (pack of 25) $155.52
W-0298180 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-CFx12 WBULK C12-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298181 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-CFx16 WBK C16-88CP (pack of 25) $202.68
W-0298182 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-CFx20 WBK C20-88CP (pack of 25) $202.68
W-0298189 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-TFx12 WBK FC12-88CP (pack of 25) $155.52
W-0298191 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-TFx20 WBK FC20-88CP (pack of 25) $150.12
W-0298192 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 CFC-P-TFx24 WBK FC24-88CP (pack of 25) $150.12
W-0298201 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 CFC-P-CFx24 WBK C24-68CP (pack of 25) $226.80
W-0298208 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-TFx16 (pack of 25) $210.60
W-0298210 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 CFC-P-TFx24 WBK FC24-68CP (pack of 25) $155.52
W-0298217 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 CFC-P-CFx16 WBK C16-78CP (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298230 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx72 (pack of 10) $123.12
W-0298234 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCDC-S-CEx48 WBULK SPDE48-66CP (pack of 10) $243.07
W-0298235 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCDC-S-CEx60 WCBULK SPDE60-66CP (pack of 10) $262.51
W-0298236 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCDC-S-CEx72 WBULK SPDE72-66CP (pack of 10) $278.64
W-0298237 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LFCDC-S-FEx48 WCBULK SPDE48-68CP (pack of 10) $239.76
W-0298238 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LFCDC-S-FEx60 WBULK SPDE60-68CP-HEX (pack of 10) $249.55
W-0298239 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LFCDC-S-FEx72 WBULK SPDE72-68CP-HEX (pack of 10) $155.52
W-0298240 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-S-COx20 WBULK SPCA20-66CP (pack of 25) $176.76
W-0298241 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 CFC-S-COx12 WBULK SPCA12-66CP (pack of 25) $150.12
W-0298242 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 CTC-S-FBx20 WBULK SPT20-814CP-HEX (pack of 25) $150.12
W-0298265 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFCIC-S-CCx12 IN (pack of 25) $259.20
W-0298266 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFCIC-S-CCx6 FT (pack of 10) $223.63
W-0298267 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFCIC-S-CCx10 FT (pack of 10) $243.07
W-0298268 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFCIC-S-CCx20 FT (pack of 10) $265.68
W-0298272 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 CWH-S-FF-Lx18 WBULK LBF-18 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $460.08
W-0298274 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx36 (pack of 10) $657.79
W-0298275 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx48 (pack of 10) $904.03
W-0298276 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx60 (pack of 10) $1036.80
W-0298277 Connectors 7/8x3/4 CWH-S-AF-Lx12 WBULK LBF-12A 7/8x3/4 (pack of 10) $572.26
W-0298278 Connectors 7/8x3/4 CWH-S-AF-Lx15 WBK LBF-15A (pack of 10) $613.87
W-0298279 Connectors 7/8x3/4 CWH-S-AF-Lx18 WBK LBF-18A (pack of 10) $670.75
W-0298281 Connectors 7/8x3/4 CWH-S-AF-Lx48 WBK LBF-48A (pack of 10) $784.37
W-0298293 Connectors 3/4x3/4 CWH-S-FM-Lx24 WBK LBF-24C (pack of 10) $640.37
W-0298360 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/4 LFCDC-S-CEx48 3/8Compx3/4GH-Elbow (pack of 10) $152.35
W-0298361 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/4 LFCDC-S-CEx60 3/8Compx3/4GH-Elbow (pack of 10) $165.31
W-0298362 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/4 LFCDC-S-CEx72 3/8Compx3/4GH-Elbow (pack of 10) $184.75
W-0298400 Connectors 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx12 WBULK SPCC12-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $206.28
W-0298401 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx16 WBULK SPCC16-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $235.08
W-0298402 Connectors 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx20 WBULK SPCC20-66CP-HEX (pack of 25) $255.24
W-0298403 Connectors 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-CCx24 WBULK SPCC24-66CP (pack of 25) $264.96
W-0298404 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx12 WBULK SPC12-88CP (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298405 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx16 WCBULK SPC16-88CP (pack of 25) $235.08
W-0298406 Connectors 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx20 WBULK SPC20-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $294.48
W-0298407 Connectors 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx24 WBULK SPC24-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $333.72
W-0298408 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx12 WCBULK SPC12-68CP (pack of 25) $243.00
W-0298409 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx16 WBULK SPC16-68CP (pack of 25) $275.04
W-0298410 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx20 WBULK SPC20-68CP (pack of 25) $275.40
W-0298411 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx24 WBULK SPC24-68CP (pack of 25) $283.68
W-0298412 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-TFx12 WBULK SPFC12-68CP-HEX (pack of 25) $275.04
W-0298413 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-TFx16 WBULK SPFC16-68CP-HEX (pack of 25) $267.48
W-0298414 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-TFx20 WBULK SPFC20-68CP-HEX (pack of 25) $283.68
W-0298415 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-S-TFx24 WBK SPFC24-68CP (pack of 25) $283.68
W-0298416 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx12 WBULK SPC12-78CP-HE (pack of 25) $202.68
W-0298417 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx16 WBULK SPC16-78CP-HEX (pack of 25) $243.00
W-0298418 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx20 WBULK SPC20-78CP-HEX (pack of 25) $291.60
W-0298419 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2 LFCFC-S-CFx24 WBULK SPC24-78CP-HEX (pack of 25) $316.08
W-0298420 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx12 WBULK SP12-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $202.68
W-0298421 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx16 WBULK SP16-88CP (pack of 25) $243.00
W-0298422 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx20 WBULK SP20-88CP (pack of 25) $283.68
W-0298423 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-S-FFx24 WBULK SP24-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $324.00
W-0298425 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-P-CCx16 WBK CC16-66CP (pack of 25) $136.08
W-0298426 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-P-CCx20 WBK CC20-66CP (pack of 25) $155.52
W-0298427 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-P-CCx24 WBK CC24-66CP (pack of 25) $150.12
W-0298428 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx12 WBULK C12-88CP-HE (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298429 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx16 WBK C16-88CP (pack of 25) $202.68
W-0298430 Connectors 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx20 WBK C20-88CP (pack of 25) $216.00
W-0298431 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx12 WCBULK C12-68CP (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298432 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx16 WCBULK C16-68CP (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298433 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx20 WBULK C20-68CP-HEX (pack of 25) $202.68
W-0298434 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFCFC-P-CFx24 WBK C24-68CP (pack of 25) $235.80
W-0298435 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx12 WBULK 12-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $136.08
W-0298436 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx16 WBULK 16-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $159.12
W-0298437 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx20 WBULK 20-88CP-HEX (pack of 25) $185.40
W-0298438 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFCFC-P-FFx24 WBK 24-88CP (pack of 25) $194.40
W-0298439 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-COx20 WBULK SPCA20-66CP (pack of 25) $176.76
W-0298440 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFCFC-S-COx12 WBULK SPCA12-66CP (pack of 25) $150.12
W-0298441 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx12 WBULK LBF-12 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $398.59
W-0298442 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx15 WBULK LBF-15 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $434.16
W-0298443 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx18 WBULK LBF-18 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $460.08
W-0298444 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FF-Lx24 WBULK LBF-24 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $489.31
W-0298445 Watts Supply Lines 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx12 WBULK LBF-12A 7/8x3/4 (pack of 10) $537.84
W-0298446 Connectors 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx15 WBK LBF-15A (pack of 10) $613.87
W-0298447 Watts Supply Lines 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx18 WBK LBF-18A (pack of 10) $628.56
W-0298450 Connectors 5/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx15 WBK LBF-15B (pack of 10) $477.50
W-0298451 Connectors 5/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AF-Lx18 WBLK LBF-18B (pack of 10) $583.63
W-0298453 Connectors 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FM-Lx12 WBULK LBF-12C 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $496.37
W-0298454 Connectors 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FM-Lx15 WBK LBF-15C (pack of 10) $424.37
W-0298455 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FM-Lx18 WBULK LBF-18C 3/4x3/4 (pack of 10) $534.67
W-0298456 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-FM-Lx24 WBK LBF-24C (pack of 10) $602.64
W-0298458 Connectors 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AM-Lx15 WBK LBF-15D (pack of 10) $610.13
W-0298459 Watts Supply Lines 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AM-Lx18 WBULK LBF-18D 7/8x3/4 (pack of 10) $625.39
W-0298460 Watts Supply Lines 7/8x3/4 LFCWH-S-AM-Lx24 WBK LBF-24D (pack of 10) $683.71
W-0299050 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x1 LFCWS-S-QCx24 3/4CTSx1FIPx24 (pack of 10) $489.31
W-0299051 Watts Supply Lines 1x1 LFCWS-S-QCx24 1CTSx1FIPx24 (pack of 10) $531.36
W-0299052 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-QCx12 3/4CTSx3/4FIPx12 (pack of 10) $379.15
W-0299053 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-QCx18 3/4CTSx3/4FIPx18 (pack of 10) $414.72
W-0299054 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 LFCWH-S-QCx24 3/4CTSx3/4FIPx24 (pack of 10) $456.91
W-0392200 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 FS-CFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $664.20
W-0392201 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 FS-CFC-S-CFx16 (pack of 25) $729.00
W-0392202 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 FS-CFC-S-CFx20 (pack of 25) $769.68
W-0392205 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CFC-S-COx12 (pack of 25) $761.40
W-0392206 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx12 (pack of 25) $526.68
W-0392207 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-FBx12 (pack of 25) $518.40
W-0392208 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 FS-CWM-S-HHx60 (pack of 10) $489.31
W-0392209 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 FS-CWM-S-HHx72 (pack of 10) $550.80
W-0392210 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFFS-CIC-Sx6 (pack of 10) $158.83
W-0392211 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFFS-CIC-Sx10 (pack of 10) $174.96
W-0392212 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CDC-S-CEx48 (pack of 10) $405.07
W-0392230 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 FS-CFC-S-CCx12 (pack of 25) $664.20
W-0392232 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 FS-CFC-S-CCx20 (pack of 25) $769.68
W-0392233 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFS-CFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $631.80
W-0392236 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2LFFS-CFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $283.68
W-0392237 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2LFFS-CFC-S-CFx16 (pack of 25) $623.88
W-0392238 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x1/2LFFS-CFC-S-CFx20 (pack of 25) $664.20
W-0392244 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFS-CFC-S-TFx16 (pack of 25) $737.28
W-0392246 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CFC-S-COx20 (pack of 25) $793.80
W-0392247 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx6 (pack of 25) $461.88
W-0392248 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx9 (pack of 25) $469.80
W-0392249 Connectors 7/16x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx6 (pack of 25) $461.52
W-0392250 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx9 (pack of 25) $461.88
W-0392251 Watts Supply Lines 7/16x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx12 (pack of 25) $567.00
W-0392253 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-CBx9 (pack of 25) $453.60
W-0392254 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-FBx6 (pack of 25) $469.80
W-0392255 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-FBx9 (pack of 25) $324.00
W-0392256 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-TBx6 (pack of 25) $437.40
W-0392258 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x7/8 FS-CTC-S-TBx12 (pack of 25) $583.20
W-0392260 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-TBx9 (pack of 25) $494.28
W-0392261 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x7/8 FS-CTC-S-TBx12 (pack of 25) $559.08
W-0392262 Watts Supply Lines 3/4x3/4 FS-CWM-S-HHx48 (pack of 10) $447.12
W-0392263 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CDC-S-CEx60 (pack of 10) $554.11
W-0392264 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFS-CDC-S-CEx72 (pack of 10) $502.27
W-0392265 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LFFS-CDC-S-FEx48 (pack of 10) $401.76
W-0392266 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 LDFS-CDC-S-FEx60 (pack of 10) $401.76
W-0392267 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x3/8 FS-CDC-S-FEx72 (pack of 10) $502.27
W-0392268 Watts Supply Lines 1/4x1/4 LFFS-CIC-Sx20 (pack of 10) $252.72
W-0392401 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx16 (pack of 25) $729.00
W-0392402 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx20 (pack of 25) $769.68
W-0392403 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-FFx16 (pack of 25) $761.40
W-0392404 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-FFx20 (pack of 25) $818.28
W-0392406 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $245.52
W-0392407 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx20 (pack of 25) $291.60
W-0392408 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFSCFC-S-CCx12 (pack of 25) $664.20
W-0392409 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFSCFC-S-CCx16 (pack of 25) $729.00
W-0392410 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x3/8 LFFSCFC-S-CCx20 (pack of 25) $769.68
W-0392411 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-CFx12 (pack of 25) $478.08
W-0392415 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-FFx12 (pack of 25) $599.40
W-0392416 Connectors 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx12 (pack of 25) $549.72
W-0392417 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx16 (pack of 25) $656.28
W-0392418 Watts Supply Lines 1/2x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx20 (pack of 25) $688.68
W-0392419 Watts Supply Lines 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx12 (pack of 25) $478.08
W-0392420 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx16 (pack of 25) $540.00
W-0392421 Connectors 3/8x1/2 LFFSCFC-S-TFx20 (pack of 25) $569.52
W-0650320 Watts Tubing WPTC16-500R 1WaterPEXx500Coil-Red $961.44
W-0650321 Watts Tubing WPTC16-500B 1WaterPEXx500Coil-Blue $961.44
W-0650371 Watts Tubing WPTC16-100B 1WaterPEXx100Coil-Blue $224.86
W-0650372 Watts Tubing WPTC16-100R 1WaterPEXx100Coil-Red $224.86
W-0650376 Watts Tubing WPTC06-500R 3/8WaterPEXx500Coil-Red $320.76
W-0650378 Watts Tubing WPTC08-500R 1/2WaterPEXx500Coil-Red $364.18
W-0650379 Watts Tubing WPTC08-1000R 1/2WaterPEXx1000Coil-Red $672.32
W-0650380 Watts Tubing WPTC12-100R 3/4WaterPEXx100Coil-Red $127.01
W-0650381 Watts Tubing WPTC12-500R 3/4WaterPEXx500Coil-Red $585.00
W-0650382 Watts Tubing WPTC12-1000R 3/4WaterPEXx1000Coil-Red $1085.86
W-0650384 Watts Tubing WPTC06-500B 3/8WaterPEXx500Coil-Blue $320.76
W-0650386 Watts Tubing WPTC08-500B 1/2WaterPEXx500Coil-Blue $364.18
W-0650387 Watts Tubing WPTC08-1000B 1/2WaterPEXx1000Coil-Blu $672.32
W-0650388 Watts Tubing WPTC12-100B 3/4WaterPEXx100Coil-Blue $127.01
W-0650389 Watts Tubing WPTC12-500B 3/4WaterPEXx500Coil-Blue $585.00
W-0650390 Watts Tubing WPTC12-1000B 3/4WaterPEXx1000Coil-Blu $1085.86
W-0650393 Watts Tubing WPTC06-500W 3/8WaterPEXx500Coil-Whit $320.76
W-0650395 Watts Tubing WPTC08-500W 1/2WaterPEXx500Coil-Whit $364.18
W-0650396 Watts Tubing WPTC08-1000W 1/2WaterPEXx1000Coil-Whi $672.32
W-0650397 Watts Tubing WPTC12-100W 3/4WaterPEXx100Coil-Whit $127.01
W-0650398 Watts Tubing WPTC12-500W 3/4WaterPEXx500Coil-Whit $585.00
W-0650399 Watts Tubing WPTC12-1000W 3/4WaterPEXx1000Coil-Whi $1085.86
W-0650400 Watts Tubing WPTC16-100W 1WaterPEXx100Coil-White $224.86
W-0650401 Watts Tubing WPTC16-500W 1WaterPEXx500Coil-White $961.44
W-0650402 Watts Tubing WPTC20-100W 11/4WaterPEXx100Coil-Whi $370.01
W-0650403 Watts Tubing WPTC20-300W 11/4WaterPEXx300Coil-Whi $951.46
W-0650404 Watts Tubing WPTS08-50R 1/2WPx20'-50Sticks-Red $672.32
W-0650405 Watts Tubing WPTS12-25R 3/4WPx20'-25Sticks-Red $585.00
W-0650406 Watts Tubing WPTS08-50B 1/2WPx20'-50Sticks-Blue $672.32
W-0650407 Watts Tubing WPTS12-25B 3/4WPx20'-25Sticks-Blue $585.00
W-0650408 Watts Tubing WPTS08-50W 1/2WPx20'-50Sticks-White $672.32
W-0650409 Watts Tubing WPTS12-25W 3/4WPx20'-25Sticks-White $585.00
W-0650410 Watts Tubing WPTS16-5W 1WPx20Ft-5 Sticks-White $224.86
W-0650411 Watts Tubing WPTS20-5W 11/4WPx20'-5Sticks-White $370.01
W-0650996 Watts Tubing WPTC08-300R 1/2WaterPEX x300Coil-Red $219.02
W-0650997 Watts Tubing WPTC08-300B 1/2WaterPEXx300Coil-Blue $219.02
W-0650998 Watts Tubing WPTC08-300W 1/2WaterPEXx300Coil-Whit $219.02
W-0651000 Watts Tubing WPTC12-300R 3/4WaterPEXx300Coil-Red $381.67
W-0651001 Watts Tubing WPTC12-300B 3/4WaterPEXx300Coil-Blue $381.67
W-0651002 Watts Tubing WPTC12-300W 3/4WaterPEXx300Coil-Whit $381.67
W-0651009 Watts Tubing WPTS12-25W-5 3/4WPx5'-25Sticks-White $843.70
W-0651010 Watts Tubing WPFP08-50R 1/2WPx10'-50FastPack-Red $375.19
W-0651011 Watts Tubing WPFP12-25R 3/4WPx10'-25FastPack-Red $326.59
W-0651012 Watts Tubing WPFP08-50B 1/2WPx10'-50FastPackBlue $374.54
W-0651013 Watts Tubing WPFP12-25B 3/4WPx10'-25FastPackBlue $326.59
W-0651014 Watts Tubing WPFP08-50W 1/2WPx10'-50FastPackWhit $374.54
W-0651015 Watts Tubing WPFP12-25W 3/4WPx10'-25FastPackWhit $326.59
W-0651017 Watts Tubing WPSR06-500B Stud Reel 3/8WPx500'Blue $358.99
W-0651018 Watts Tubing WPSR06-500R Stud Reel 3/8WPx500'Red $358.99
W-0651019 Watts Tubing WPSR08-300B Stud Reel 1/2WPx300'Blue $244.94
W-0651020 Watts Tubing WPSR08-300R Stud Reel 1/2WPx300'Red $244.94
W-0651024 Watts Tubing WPTC16-300W 1WaterPEXx300Coil-White $517.99
W-0651025 Watts Tubing WPTS08-25B 1/2WPx20'-25Sticks-Blue $364.18
W-0651026 Watts Tubing WPTS08-25R 1/2WPx20'-25Sticks-Red $364.18
W-0651027 Watts Tubing WPTS12-10W 3/4WPx20'-10Sticks-White $255.31
W-0651028 Watts Tubing WPTS12-10B 3/4WPx20'-10Sticks-Blue $255.31
W-0651029 Watts Tubing WPTS12-10R 3/4WPx20'-10Sticks-Red $255.31
W-0651035 Watts Tubing WPTC08-250W 1/2WPx250'Coil-White $182.09
W-0651036 Watts Tubing WPTC12-250W 3/4WPx250'Coil-White $316.87
W-0651042 Watts Tubing WPSR08-300W Stud Reel 1/2WPx300' White $244.94
W-0651043 Watts Tubing WPSR06-500W Stud Reel 3/8WPx500' White $358.99
W-0651055 Watts Tubing WPTC08-250B 1/2WP x 250'Coil-Blue $182.09
W-0651056 Watts Tubing WPTC12-250B 3/4WPx250'Coil-Blue $316.87
W-0651057 Watts Tubing WPTC08-250R 1/2WPx250'Coil-Red $182.09
W-0651058 Watts Tubing WPTC12-250R 3/4WPx250'Coil-Red $316.87
W-0651081 Watts Tubing WPTS16-5R 1WPx20'-5 Sticks-Red $224.86
W-0651082 Watts Tubing WPTS16-5B 1WPx20'-5 Sticks $224.86
W-0651090 Watts Tubing WPTC24-100W 1 1/2WaterPEXx100Coil-WH $743.50
W-0651091 Watts Tubing WPTC24-300W 1 1/2WaterPEXx300Coil-Wh $1986.61
W-0651092 Watts Tubing WPTC28-100W 2 WaterPEXx100Coil-White $971.44
W-0651093 Watts Tubing WPTS24-5W 1 1/2WPx20-5Sticks-White $743.50
W-0651094 Watts Tubing WPTS28-5W 2 WPx20-5Sticks-White $971.44
W-0666300 Watts Tubing FPTC12-100W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-100FT Coil $139.97
W-0666301 Watts Tubing FPTC12-250W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-250FT Coil $348.62
W-0666302 Watts Tubing FPTC12-300W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-300FT Coil $419.90
W-0666303 Watts Tubing FPTC12-500W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-500FT Coil $643.61
W-0666304 Watts Tubing FPTC12-1000W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-1000FT Coil $1195.28
W-0666305 Watts Tubing FPTS12-25W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-20FT-25Sticks $643.61
W-0666306 Watts Tubing FPTS12-10W-OS 3/4FP-PEX-20FT-10Sticks $280.58
W-0666307 Watts Tubing FPTS12-25W-OS FastPack 3/4FP-PEX-10FT-25Sticks $358.99
W-0666308 Watts Tubing FPTC16-100W-OS 1FP-PEX-100FT Coil $246.89
W-0666309 Watts Tubing FPTC16-300W-OS 1FP-PEX-300FT Coil $569.45
W-0666310 Watts Tubing FPTC16-500W-OS 1FP-PEX-500FT Coil $1057.54
W-0666311 Watts Tubing FPTS16-5W-OS 1FP-PEX-20FT Sticks $246.89
W-0777500 Watts Supply Lines 4 TR GRVxCIPS $1516.32
W-0777501 Watts Supply Lines 6 TR GRVxCIPS $2002.88
W-0777502 Watts Supply Lines 8 TR GRVxCIPS $2986.84
W-0777503 Watts Supply Lines 10 TR GRVxCIPS $5247.20
W-0777504 Watts Supply Lines 4 TR FLGxCIPS $1516.32
W-0777505 Watts Supply Lines 6 TR FLGxCIPS $2002.88
W-0777506 Watts Supply Lines 8 TR FLGxCIPS $2986.84
W-0777507 Watts Supply Lines 10 TR FLGxCIPS $5247.20
W-0777510 Watts Supply Lines 4 RISER 8'6"GRV x 6'CIPS $1691.84
W-0777511 Watts Supply Lines 6 RISER 8'6"GRV x 6'CIPS $2144.26
W-0777512 Watts Supply Lines 8 RISER 8'6"GRV x 6'CIPS $3334.09
W-0777514 Watts Supply Lines 4 RISER 8'6"FLG x 6'CIPS $1691.84
W-0777515 Watts Supply Lines 6 RISER 8'6"FLG x 6'CIPS $2144.26
W-0777516 Watts Supply Lines 8 RISER 8'6"FLG x 6'CIPS $3334.09
W-0959018 Watts Tubing P-34-100 3/4" X 100' PEX TUBE $120.53
W-0959019 Watts Tubing P-34-100B 3/4" 100 BLUE PEX TUBE $120.53
W-0959020 Watts Tubing P-34-100R 3/4" 100 RED PEX TUBE $120.53
W-0959330 Watts Tubing P-12-20R 1/2x20'RED 10 STICKS/BDL $145.80
W-0959331 Watts Tubing P-12-20B 1/2x20'BL 10 STICKS/BNDL $145.80
W-0959332 Watts Tubing P-34-20B 3/4x20'BL 10 STICKS/BNDL $254.02
W-0959333 Watts Tubing P-34-20R 3/4x20'RED 10 STICKS/BDL $254.02
W-0959335 Watts Tubing P-34-10B 3/4x10'BL 10 STICKS/BNDL $130.90
W-0959337 Watts Tubing P-34-10R 3/4x10'RED 10 STICKS/BDL $130.90
W-0959349 Tubing and Hose 3/4"x 100'Barrier PEX $181.94
W-0959350 Tubing and Hose 3/4"x 300'Barrier PEX $517.10
W-0959351 Tubing and Hose 1/2"x 300'Barrier PEX $357.70
W-0959352 Tubing and Hose 1/2"x 100'Barrier PEX $132.48
W-0959353 Tubing and Hose 1"x 300'Barrier PEX $838.13
W-0959354 Tubing and Hose 1"x 100' Barrier PEX $289.01
W-0959402 Tubing and Hose 1/2 x 500 Barrier PEX Coil - Red $596.16
W-0959403 Tubing and Hose 1/2 x 1000 Barrier PEX Coil - Red $1152.58
W-0959404 Tubing and Hose 3/4 x 500 Barrier PEX Coil - Red $833.11
W-0959405 Tubing and Hose 3/4 x 1000 Barrier PEX Coil - Red $1627.92
W-40134450 Watts Tubing AL 3/8X50' ALUMINUM TUBING $126.70
W-40134650 Watts Tubing AL 1/2X50' ALUMINUM TUBING $167.83
W-42141425 Watts Tubing SPGE25 3/8X1/4X25 PRE-CUT POLY - Pack of 10 $158.39
W-42143450 Tubing and Hose SVGE50 3/8X1/4X50' PRE-CUT VINYL (pack of 5) $126.94
W-42143650 Tubing and Hose SVIG50 1/2X3/8X50' PRE-CUT VINYL (Pack of 5) $168.62
W-42143912 Watts Tubing SVMK10 7/8X5/8X10' PRE-CUT VINYL (case of 10) $168.48
W-42145820 Watts Tubing SBVLI20 3/4X1/2X20' PRE-CUT BRAIDED VINYL (SC #900-02206C00201) (5 Pack) $138.95
W-42146313 Watts Tubing SFDV50 2IDX50' PRE-CUT FLAT DISCHARGE $133.49
W-42147825 Watts Tubing SCSV25' 2"X25' GREEN PRE-CUT SUCTION HOSE $177.55
W-42154300 Watts Tubing RPGE 3/8X1/4X300' POLY TUBE $125.71
W-42160400 Watts Tubing RVDEB 1/4X.170X500' VINYL TUBING $164.59
W-42160401 Watts Tubing RVEB 1/4X.170X400' VINYL TUBING $131.54
W-42161140 Watts Tubing RVEC 1/4X1/8X400' VINYL $122.16
W-42167310 Watts Tubing RVMK 7/8X5/8X100' VINYL TUBING $135.43
W-42168075 Watts Tubing RVNL 1X3/4X75' VINYL TUBING $132.84
W-42169150 Watts Tubing RVPN 1-1/4X1X100' VINYL TUBING $200.88
W-42169160 Watts Tubing RVSP 1-5/8X1-1/4X50' VINYL TUBING $189.86
W-42169170 Watts Tubing RVUR 1-7/8X1-1/2X50' VINYL TUBING $217.73
W-42169190 Watts Tubing RVXV 2-3/8X2X25' VINYL TUBING $147.74
W-42169610 Watts Tubing RVBNL 1X3/4X100' BLACK VINYL TUBING $195.70
W-42169710 Watts Tubing RVBPN 1-1/4X1X100' BLACK VINYL TUBING $246.24
W-42172250 Watts Tubing RBVIE X1/2X1/4X250' BRAIDED VINYL TUBE $177.55
W-42174150 Watts Tubing RBVKG 5/8X3/8X150' BRAIDED VINYL TUBE $144.50
W-42178075 Watts Tubing RBVNL 1X3/4X75' BRAIDED VINYL TUBE $120.22
W-42178085 Watts Tubing RBV-RL 1X3/4X75' RED TRACER HOSE $226.15
W-42178095 Watts Tubing RBV-BL 1X3/4X75' BLUE TRACER HOSE $226.15
W-42178150 Watts Tubing RBVQN 1-3/8X1X50' BRAIDED VINYL $150.34
W-42178250 Watts Tubing RBVTP 1-3/4X1-1/4X50' BRAIDED VINYL $243.00
W-42178350 Watts Tubing RBVVR 2X1-1/2X50' BRAIDED VINYL $280.58
W-42178425 Watts Tubing RBVYV 2-1/2X2X25' BRAIDED VINYL $556.28
W-42180052 Watts Tubing RSP 1-1/4IDX50'SUCTION $769.82
W-42180053 Watts Tubing RSR 1-1/2IDX50' SUCTION HOSE $809.81
W-42180055 Tubing and Hose RCSN 1ID X 50' CLR/GREEN $196.12
W-42180765 Watts Tubing RBBR 1-1/2IDX50' BILGE/ PUMP HOSE $255.31
W-42180775 Watts Tubing RBBL 3/4IDX50' BILGE PUMP HOSE $212.54
W-42180785 Watts Tubing RBBO 1-1/8IDX50'BILGE PUMP HOSE $171.07
W-42180795 Watts Tubing RBBP 1-1/4IDX50' BILGE PUMP HOSE $184.68
W-42182200 Watts Tubing RAIE 1/2X1/4X200' AIR HOSE $360.29
W-42184150 Watts Tubing RAKG 5/8X3/8X150' AIR HOSE $263.74
W-42185100 Watts Tubing RALI 3/4X1/2X100' AIR HOSE $129.60
W-42196050 Watts Tubing RWQN 1-3/8X1X50' $176.90
W-42197150 Watts Tubing XLRWNK 1X5/8X150' WASHER $410.18
W-42198100 Watts Tubing XLRWPM 1-1/4X7/8X100' WASHER HOSE $346.03
W-42199050 Watts Tubing RWNL 1X3/4X50' $135.43
W-42201050 Watts Tubing RFGD 3/8X3/16X50' $263.09
W-42201150 Watts Tubing RFGD 3/8X3/16X150' FUEL HOSE $158.76
W-42202050 Watts Tubing RFIE 1/2X1/4X50' $233.93
W-42202100 Watts Tubing RFIE 1/2X1/4X100' FUEL HOSE $179.50
W-42203100 Watts Tubing RFKF 5/8X5/16X100' FUEL HOSE $148.39
W-42204050 Watts Tubing RFKG 5/8X3/8X50' FUEL HOSE $277.99
W-42205150 Watts Tubing RUFEC 1/4X1/8X100' URETH URETHANE FUEL LINES $312.34
W-42206150 Watts Tubing RUFE 1/4X7/64X100' URETH URETHANE FUEL LINES $134.78
W-42207150 Watts Tubing RUFD 3/16X3/32X100' URET URETHANE FUEL LINES $234.58
W-42217150 Watts Tubing RGMK 7/8X5/8X150' GRDN HOSE $222.26
W-42220150 Watts Tubing RSPKG 5/8X3/8X150' HIGH PRESSURE SPRAY HOSE $316.87
W-42227050 Watts Tubing RCSP 1-1/4IDX50' GREEN SUCTION $185.33
W-42228050 Watts Tubing RCSR 1-1/2IDX50' GREEN SUCTION $264.38
W-42229025 Watts Tubing RCSV 2IDX25' GREEN SUCTION $191.16
W-42231200 Tubing and Hose RBRIE 1/2X1/4X200' SS BRAIDED HOSE $492.35
W-42232150 Tubing and Hose RBRKG 5/8X3/8X150' SS BRAIDED HOSE $601.62
W-42234075 Tubing and Hose RBRMK 7/8X 5/8ID X 75' SS BRAIDED HOSE $636.90
W-42250150 Watts Tubing RFDR 1-1/2IDX150' FLAT DISCHARGE HOSE $393.98
W-42251150 Watts Tubing RFDV 2IDX150'FLAT DISCHARGE HOSE $518.60
W-42252050 Watts Tubing RCDR 1-1/2IDX150 ECONOMY FLAT DISCHARGE HOSE $289.66
W-42252150 Watts Tubing RCDV 2IDX150 ECONOMY FLAT DISCHARGE HOSE $420.55
W-42260050 Watts Tubing RPSP 1-1/4IDX50' POOL & SPA HOSE $149.69
W-42261050 Watts Tubing RPSR 1-1/2IDX50' POOL & SPA HOSE $209.30
W-42280100 Watts Tubing RSFI 1/2IDX100' SPA FLEX HOSE $231.98
W-42281100 Watts Tubing RSFL 3/4IDX100' SPA FLEX HOSE $279.29
W-42282050 Watts Tubing RSFN 1IDX50'SPA FLEX $161.35
W-42283050 Watts Tubing RSFR 1-1/2IDX50' SPA $228.74
W-42284050 Watts Tubing RSFP 1-1/4IDX50' SPA FLE $228.10
W-42285025 Watts Tubing RSFV 2IDX25' SPA FLEX $196.34
W-42291100 Watts Tubing RUTLI 3/4X1/2X100' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $227.45
W-42292100 Watts Tubing RUTNK 1X5/8X100' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $361.58
W-42293075 Watts Tubing RUTOL 1-1/8X3/4X75' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $245.59
W-42294050 Watts Tubing RUTRN 1IDX50' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $316.22
W-42295050 Watts Tubing RUTTP 1-1/4IDX50' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $545.52
W-42296050 Watts Tubing RUTVR 1-1/2IDX50' RED BRAIDED UTILITY HOSE $654.38
W-42299050 Watts Tubing LRVPN 1-1/4X1X50' LARGE $245.59
W-42326100 Watts Tubing RHLI 3/4X1/2X100' HEATER $206.71
W-42327100 Watts Tubing RHLK 7/8x5/8x100' Heater $225.50
W-42328100 Watts Tubing RHNL 1X3/4X75' HEATER $209.30
W-42330067 Watts Tubing RR-RA 1/16X33' RED RUBBE $225.50
W-42331036 Watts Tubing RR-RC 1/8X18' RED RUBBER $180.79
W-42340067 Watts Tubing RR-NA 1/16X33' NEOPRENE $325.94
W-42350009 Watts Tubing RR-WA 1/16X9' FOOD GRD NITRILE $121.82
W-42350036 Watts Tubing RR-WA 1/16X18' FOOD GRD NITRILE $222.91
W-42370067 Watts Tubing RR-CIA 1/16X33' CLOTH IN NITRILE $226.15
W-43130120 Watts Tubing CTFX1/4X5' COPPER TUBE $169.13
W-43130121 Watts Tubing CTFX1/4X10' COPPER TUBE $177.55
W-43130124 Watts Tubing CTFX1/4X25' COPPER TUBE $298.73
W-43130140 Watts Tubing CTFX3/8X5' COPPER TUBE $226.15
W-43130141 Watts Tubing CTFX3/8X10' COPPER TUBE $149.69
W-43130972 Tubing and Hose LCTF 5/8X20 O.D. SIZE L $148.32
W-43132801 Watts Tubing XVLK 3/4X5/8X100' BOXED VINYL $414.72
W-43132900 Watts Tubing XVMK 7/8X5/8X100' BOXED VINYL $132.19
W-43132954 Tubing and Hose XVUR 1-7/8X1-1/2X50' $233.94
W-43133700 Watts Tubing XBVMK 7/8X5/8X100' BOXED BRPVC TUBING $128.95