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Watts Water Safety

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  Sku Description Price  
W-0650417 Manifolds WPCM1-M12-06 CpM-12-ClxSw-3/8CF $133.42
W-0650418 Manifolds WPCM1-M3-06B CpM-3-ClxSw-3/8CF/MBV $123.26
W-0650419 Manifolds WPCM1-M4-06B CpM-4-ClxSw-3/8CF/MBV $148.90
W-0650420 Manifolds WPCM1-M6-06B CpM-6-ClxSw-3/8CF/MBV $190.78
W-0650421 Manifolds WPCM1-M8-06B CpM-8-ClxSw-3/8CF/MBV $234.55
W-0650422 Manifolds WPCM1-M10-06B CpM-10-ClxSw-3/8CF/MBV $284.33
W-0650423 Manifolds WPCM1-M12-06B CpM-12-ClxSw-3/8CF/MBV $331.78
W-0650429 Manifolds WPCM1-M12-08 CpM-12-ClxSw-1/2CF $133.42
W-0650430 Manifolds WPCM1-M3-08B CpM-3-ClxSw-1/2CF/MBV $141.12
W-0650431 Manifolds WPCM1-M4-08B CpM-4-ClxSw-1/2CF/MBV $177.19
W-0650432 Manifolds WPCM1-M6-08B CpM-6-ClxSw-1/2CF/MBV $215.18
W-0650433 Manifolds WPCM1-M8-08B CpM-8-ClxSw-1/2CF/MBV $260.59
W-0650434 Manifolds WPCM1-M10-08B CpM-10-ClxSw-1/2CF/MBV $305.59
W-0650435 Manifolds WPCM1-M12-08B CpM-12-ClxSw-1/2CF/MBV $348.78
W-0650440 Manifolds WPCM2-M10-08 CpM-10-Clx3/4C-1/2CF $130.97
W-0650441 Manifolds WPCM2-M12-08 CpM-12-Clx3/4C-1/2CF $146.38
W-0650442 Manifolds WPCM2-M3-08B CpM-3-Clx3/4C-1/2CF/MBV $151.49
W-0650443 Manifolds WPCM2-M4-08B CpM-4-Clx3/4C-1/2CF/MBV $173.54
W-0650444 Manifolds WPCM2-M6-08B CpM-6-Clx3/4C-1/2CF/MBV $227.38
W-0650445 Manifolds WPCM2-M8-08B CpM-8-Clx3/4C-1/2CF/MBV $272.57
W-0650446 Manifolds WPCM2-M10-08B CpM-10-Clx3/4C-1/2CF/MBV $317.42
W-0650447 Manifolds WPCM2-M12-08B CpM-12-Clx3/4C-1/2CF/MBV $360.08
W-0650452 Manifolds WPCM3-M10-08 CpM-10-3/4Cx3/4C-1/2CF $143.86
W-0650453 Manifolds WPCM3-M12-08 CpM-12-3/4Cx3/4C-1/2CF $159.19
W-0650454 Manifolds WPCM3-M3-08B CpM3-3/4CxC-1/2CF/MBV $164.16
W-0650455 Manifolds WPCM3-M4-08B CpM4-3/4CxC-1/2CF/MBV $185.83
W-0650456 Manifolds WPCM3-M6-08B CpM6-3/4CxC-1/2CF/MBV $232.34
W-0650457 Manifolds WPCM3-M8-08B CpM8-3/4CxC-1/2CF/MBV $284.33
W-0650458 Manifolds WPCM3-M10-08B CpM10-3/4CxC-1/2CF/MBV $329.26
W-0650459 Manifolds WPCM3-M12-08B CpM12-3/4CxC-1/2CF/MBV $371.39
W-0650463 Manifolds WPCM5-M16-06 CpM-16-OpxOp-3/8CF $210.31
W-0650464 Manifolds WPCM5-M16-08 CpM-16-OpxOp-1/2CF $200.44
W-0650465 Manifolds WPCM6-M16-08 CpM-16-OpxOp-1/2BBF $200.44
W-0650466 Manifolds WPCM5-M16-06B CpM-16-OpxOp-3/8CF/MBV $695.28
W-0650467 Manifolds WPCM5-M16-08B CpM-16-OpxOp-1/2CF/MBV $573.11
W-0650726 Manifolds 3583-1810 Manifold Dual Union-Bulk $273.60
W-0650727 Manifolds 3584-1810 Manifold Dual Stem-Bulk $192.96
W-0650728 Manifolds 3582-18 ManifoldDividerPlugBulk $325.66
W-0650729 Manifolds 3585-18 Manifold Return End-Bulk $287.78
W-0650735 Manifolds 3591-1810 Manifold 1StemLeft-Bulk $214.56
W-0650970 Manifolds WPCM6-M16-08B CpM-16-OpxOP-1/2CF/MBV $579.90
W-0959166 Manifolds P-MF3 3/4"BARBx1/2"FTG 3 MANIFOLD COPPER $142.78
W-0959167 Manifolds P-MF3BV 3/4"BARBx1/2"FTG BV(3) MANIFOLD COPPER $227.16
W-0959168 Manifolds P-MF4 3/4"BARBx1/2"FTG4 MANIFOLD COPPER $151.63
W-0959169 Manifolds P-MF4BV 3/4"BARB X 1/2" FTGBV(4) MANIFOLD COPPER $261.86
W-0959257 Watts Fittings P-1089 SINGLE UNION BODY MANIFOLD(3589B-1810 (pack of 5) $142.56
W-0959265 Watts Kits P-1082 WRENCH CONNECT MANIFOLD(351192-18) (pack of 5) $309.46
W-0959303 Watts Manifolds P-1077 DUAL UNION BODY DUAL MANIFOLD (pack of 5) $247.90
W-0959304 Watts Manifolds P-1079 DUAL STEM BODY DUAL MANIFOLD (pack of 5) $210.60
W-0959359 Watts Manifolds 10 PORT PRE-ASSEMBLED MANIFOLD P-10 PORT $279.29
W-0959360 Watts Manifolds 20 PORT PRE-ASSEMBLED MANIFOLD P-20 PORT $514.42