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  Sku Description Price  
W-0955227 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,PAP,Tube,1/2 300 Hydronic Retail $354.24
W-0955228 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,PAP,Tube,1/2 500 Hydronic Retail $570.02
W-0955229 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,PAP,Tube,3/4 100 Hydronic Retail $207.48
W-0955230 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,PAP,Tube,3/4 300 Hydronic Retail $570.02
W-0955231 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,PAP,Tube,3/4 500 Hydronic Retail $950.04
W-0955232 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,PAP,Tube,1-100 Hydronic Retail $300.24
W-0955233 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,PAP,Tube,1 300 Hydronic Retail $870.70
W-0955303 Installation and Replacement Parts R,Stapler,Foamboard,TASM Hydronic Retail $624.31
W-0955314 Installation and Replacement Parts R,Plate,C Chan,1/2,4 20 Hydronic Retail $287.82
W-0955316 Installation and Replacement Parts R,Unwinder,PEX Hydronic Retail $627.34
W-0955317 Thermostats R,Therm,Air,Dig,Non,Bat Hydronic Retail $104.88
W-0955319 Installation and Repair Kits R,FlwCtrlKit,05 4,1MPT Hydronic Retail $134.18
W-0955320 Installation and Repair Kits R,FlwCtrlKit,1-13,1FPT Hydronic Retail $177.61
W-0955321 Thermostats R,SnwMlt,Det,LCD 1H,24V Hydronic Retail $558.96
W-0955324 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,1x125,50 Hydronic Retail $1545.30
W-0955325 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,1x125,100 Hydronic Retail $2868.36
W-0955326 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,1x125,150 Hydronic Retail $4245.96
W-0955327 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,1x125,200 Hydronic Retail $5623.56
W-0955328 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,1x125,328 Hydronic Retail $9076.42
W-0955329 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,32x125,50 Hydronic Retail $1672.80
W-0955330 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,32x125,100 Hydronic Retail $3114.36
W-0955331 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,32x125,150 Hydronic Retail $4614.96
W-0955332 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,32x125,200 Hydronic Retail $6115.56
W-0955333 RadiantPEX and Onix Tubing R,InsPx,Dual,32x125,328 Hydronic Retail $9642.24
W-0955373 Installation and Replacement Parts R,InsPx,Csng,St,125 200 Hydronic Retail $619.09
W-0955378 Installation and Replacement Parts R,InsPx,RepairTape3/4x33 Hydronic Retail $224.64
W-0955381 Installation and Replacement Parts R,InsPx,SleevBeltKit,125 Hydronic Retail $615.96
W-0955382 Installation and Replacement Parts R,InsPx,SleevBeltKit,160 Hydronic Retail $617.00
W-0955384 Installation and Replacement Parts R,InxPx,LinkBeltCsg,125 Hydronic Retail $119.70
W-0955385 Installation and Replacement Parts R,InxPx,LinkBeltCsg,160 Hydronic Retail $284.04
W-0955401 Thermostats R,Basic,1Zone $1413.62
W-0955402 Thermostats R,Basic,1Zone,AddOn $1246.69
W-81013745 Installation and Repair Kits HP-BHM-100-Rad Boiler Header Mod 1" $353.81
W-81013746 Installation and Repair Kits HP-BHM-125-Rad Boiler Header Mod 1-1/4 $370.66
W-81013752 Installation and Repair Kits HP-BHM-75-Rad Boiler Header Mod 3/4" $342.58