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UPPERCUT Dual-Flush Valve and Retrofit Kit



Sloan's new Dual-Flush Flushometer is the first commercial Flushometer to reduce water volume by 30%. The Dual-Flush handle also easily retrofits to most existing valves.

  • Lifting handle up initiates reduced flush (1.1 gpf), eliminating liquid and paper waste, saving a 1/2-gallon of water!
  • Pushing handle down initiates full flush (1.6 gpf), eliminating solid waste and paper.
  • Antimicrobial coating on handle protects against germs.
  • Distinctive green handle signifies water conserving fixture.
  • Available as an easy water saving retrofit which installs in minutes.
  • Each Sloan Uppercut comes with two attractive instructional placards to educate the user on proper operation.
Stock # Product Description Price Qty.
WES-111 UpperCut Complete Royal Dual-Flush Valve for Water Closets $155.99
WES-212 UpperCut Dual-Flush Handle Retrofit Kit $51.26
WES-213 UpperCut Dual-Flush Handle and Filtered Diaphragm Kit $66.82
WES-13 UpperCut Instructional Wall Plate $6.99

WES-111 Specification Guide PDF Icon
WES-212 Specification Guide PDF Icon
WES-213 Specification Guide PDF Icon
Customizable Inter-Office Memo
(to help educate your facility on how the product works)
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