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ETF-600/610 Repair Parts

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Item # SKU Code Description Price Qty
1A ETF-543-A Faucet/Sensor Assembly (ETF-600) 0365086 ETF543A Faucet and Sensor Assembly (ETF-600) $186.90
1B Pedestal Faucet and Sensor Assembly (ETF-610) 0365117 ETF-570-A Pedestal Faucet and Sensor Assembly (ETF-610) $182.94
ETF-542-A Sensor Window Housing Assembly (ETF-600) 0365070 ETF542A Sensor Module Only (for ETF-600 and ETF-610 faucets) includes 18½ (153 mm) armored Cable, Shroud, and Housing for Sensor Window $85.49
2 ETF-1023-A Spray Head 0.5 gpm Male Vandal Resistant 3365092 ETF1023A 0.5 gpm (1.9 Lpm) Spray Head with Key (male thread) $24.69
ETF-1024-A Spray Head 2.2 gpm Male Vandal Resistant - Aerated Stream 3365093 ETF1024A 2.2 gpm (8.3 Lpm) Aerator Spray Head with Key (male thread) $24.69
2.2 gpm (8.3 Lpm) Laminar Flow Spray Head (male thread) 0305607 F-175-L 2.2 gpm (8.3 Lpm) Laminar Flow Spray Head (male thread) $24.69
3 Replacement Key Only for ETF-1023-A 0.5 gpm (1.9 Lpm) Spray Head and ETF-1024-A 2.2 gpm (8.3 Lpm) Aerator Spray Head 0305927 ETF-435 Replacement Key Only for ETF-1023-A Spray Head and ETF-1024-A Aerator Spray Head (NOT required for F-175-L Laminar Flow Spray Head) $2.30
4A ETF-546-A Faucet Mounting Kit (ETF-600) 3365088 ETF546A Faucet Mounting Kit for ETF-600 includes Base Gasket, two (2) Slotted Mounting Washers, two (2) Wing Nuts, and ETF-547 Compression Fitting Connector $23.20
4B Faucet Mounting Kit for EBF-615 includes Spacer, Base Gasket, 1/4" NPSM Hex Nut, Washer, 9/16" Lockwasher, ETF-547 Compression F 0315085 EBF-123-A Faucet Mounting Kit for ETF-610 includes Spacer, Base Gasket, 1/4” NPSM Hex Nut, Washer, 9/16” Lockwasher, ETF-547 Compression Fitting Connector, and 3/8” RB Water Supply Tube $41.07
5A ETF-547 Compression Fitting Connector 0365058 ETF547 1/8” NPT Pipe to 3/8” Tube Compression Fitting Connector (female) $10.49
5B ETF-259 Tee Compression Fitting 0305728 ETF259 3/8” Tee Compression Fitting $17.36
6 ETF-437-A Solenoid Assembly Kit-Single 3365676 ETF437A Single Solenoid Supply Kit includes Supply Tube, two (2) ETF-61 Compression Fittings, Compression Nut, and Ferrule $24.09
7 ETF-370-A Solenoid Valve Assembly 24V 0305849 ETF370A 24 VAC Solenoid Valve Assembly includes 18” (153 mm) armored Cable and two (2) Terminal Housings $87.39
8 ETF-450-A Splash Proof Junction Box 3365000 ETF450A Control Module Assembly includes splashproof Junction Box and Junction Box Mounting Kit $121.32
9 120V/35VA Plug-In Transformer 0365534 ETF233 120V/35VA Plug-In Transformer $25.03
10 24V/40VA Box Mount Transformer 0345370 EL248-40 24V/40VA Box Mount Transformer $40.69
11 ETF-458-A Power Cord Kit 0365001 ETF458A Input Power Cable (Transformer to Control Module) includes Strain Relief and two (2) Terminal Crimp Connectors $21.24
12 ETF-470-A Check Valve 3365001 ETF470A Back Check $36.45
ETF-1009-A Solenoid Valve Repair Kit 3305577 ETF1009A Solenoid Valve Repair Kit includes Replacement Filter $27.59

Specification Sheets (PDF)
Optima ETF-600 (399.5 kb) Optima ETF-610 (987.7 kb)
Instructional Guides (PDF)
Installation Instructions (1391.6 kb) Spray Head Chart (159.1 kb)
Faucet Identification (176.0 kb) Repair Parts Breakdown (142.2 kb)