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ETF-500 Repair Parts

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Item # SKU Code Description Price Qty
1A Faucet/Sensor Assembly with Standard Gooseneck Spout (ETF-500) 0365111 ETF561A Faucet/Sensor Assembly with Standard Gooseneck Spout (ETF-500) $387.15
Sensor Housing and Cable Assembly for ETF-500 and ETF-500-S Faucets 0365097 ETF568A Sensor Housing and Cable Assembly for ETF-500 and ETF-500-S Faucets $51.90
2 ETF-178 CP Spray Head Adapter (ETF-500/EBF-550/ETF-700/EBF-750) 0305784 ETF178 Aerator Adapter for Spray Heads (not required for AC-55-A Shower Spray Head) $21.68
3A ETF-1021-A Spray Head 0.5 GPM Female Vandal Resistant 3365091 ETF1021A 0.5 gpm (1.9 Lpm) Spray Head with Key (female thread) $18.91
ETF-1022-A Spray Head 2.2 gpm Female Vandal Resistant - Aerated Stream 3365090 ETF1022A 2.2 gpm (8.3 Lpm) Aerator Spray Head with Key (female thread) $18.91
Replacement Key Only for ETF-1023-A 0.5 GPM (1.9 Lpm) Spray Head and ETF-1024-A 2.2 GPM (8.3 Lpm) Aerator Spray Head 0305927 ETF-435 Replacement Key ONLY for ETF-1021-A Spray Head and ETF-1022-A Aerator Spray Head (NOT required for ETF-237 Laminar Flow Spray Head) $2.42
3B AC-55-A Spray Head Assembly for EBF-550 & 750, ESF-20 & 30, ETF-700 0328134 AC55A Shower Spray Head Assembly, 2.2 gpm (8.3 Lpm) $89.92
4 Faucet Spout Mounting Kit (500, 550) 0315060 EBF110A Faucet Mounting Kit includes Base Gasket, large Flat Washer, large Lockwasher, large Nut, Mounting Spacer, Mounting Stud, small Flat Washer, small Lockwasher, small Nut, Anti-Rotation Screw, and ETF-591 Compression Fitting Connector (male) $47.37
1/8" NPT Pipe to 3/8" Tube Male Compression Fitting Connector 0365152 ETF591 1/8” NPT Pipe to 3/8” Tube Male Compression Fitting Connector $4.11
5 ETF-437-A Solenoid Assembly Kit-Single 3365676 ETF437A Single Solenoid Supply Kit includes Supply Tube, two (2) ETF-61 Compression Fittings, Compression Nut, and Ferrule $20.31
6 ETF-370-A Solenoid Valve Assembly 24V 0305849 ETF370A 24 VAC Solenoid Valve Assembly includes 18” (153 mm) armored Cable and two (2) Terminal Housings $91.76
7 ETF-470-A Check Valve 3365001 ETF470A Back Check $30.68
8 ETF-259 Tee Compression Fitting 0305728 ETF259 3/8” Tee Compression Fitting $15.42
9 ETF-450-A Splash Proof Junction Box 3365000 ETF450A Control Module Assembly includes splashproof Junction Box and Junction Box Mounting Kit $128.66
10 120V/35VA Plug-In Transformer 0365534 ETF233 120V/35VA Plug-In Transformer $26.28
11 24V/40VA Box Mount Transformer 0345370 EL248-40 24V/40VA Box Mount Transformer $42.72
12 ETF-458-A Power Cord Kit 0365001 ETF458A Input Power Cable (Transformer to Control Module) includes Strain Relief and two (2) Terminal Crimp Connectors $16.28
14 ETF-547 Compression Fitting Connector 0365058 ETF547 1/8” NPT Pipe to 3/8” Tube Female Compression Fitting Connector $8.02
ETF-1009-A Solenoid Valve Repair Kit 3305577 ETF1009A Solenoid Valve Repair Kit includes Replacement Filter $29.24

Specification Sheets (PDF)
Optima ETF-550 (803.7 kb)
Instructional Guides (PDF)
Installation Instructions (936.4 kb) Spray Head Chart (159.1 kb)
Faucet Identification (176.0 kb)

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