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Koala Kare Baby Changing Station Parts

Koala Kare Parts

  SKU Koala Kare Parts Description Price Qty
1060-KIT Refresh Kit for KB100 - 1060-KIT For use with Cream KB100 $32.40
1061-KIT Refresh Kit for KB100 - 1061-KIT For use with Grey & Granite KB100 $32.40
1062-KIT Refresh Kit for KB100-ST - 1062-KIT For use with Cream KB100-ST $32.40
1063-KIT Refresh Kit for KB100-ST - 1063-KIT For use with Grey & Granite KB100-ST $32.40
1064-KIT Refresh Kit for KB101 - 1064-KIT For use with Cream KB101 $32.40
1065-KIT Refresh Kit for KB101 - 1065-KIT For use with Grey & Granite KB101 $32.40
1066-KIT Refresh Kit for KB108 - 1066-KIT For use with Cream KB108 $36.45
1067-KIT Refresh Kit for KB108 - 1067-KIT For use with Grey & Granite KB108 $36.45
1068-KIT Refresh Kit for KB110 - 1068-KIT For use with KB110-SSRE and KB110-SSWM $32.40
1069-KIT Refresh Kit for KB111 - 1069-KIT For use with KB111-SSRE and KB111-SSWM $32.40
1070-KIT Refresh Kit for KB112 - 1070-KIT For use with KB112-01CT and KB112-01RE $32.40
1071-KIT Refresh Kit for KB200 - 1071-KIT For use with KB200 $32.40
1072-KIT Refresh Kit for KB208 - 1072-KIT For use with Grey Granite KB208 $32.40
1073-KIT Refresh Kit for KB208 - 1073-KIT For use with Grey & Sandstone KB208 $32.40

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