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Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit

WES-150 Urinal Cartridge Kit Fits Sloan Valve and Falcon Waterfree Urinals

The Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge features a reduced surface area which helps eliminate room for bacteria to grow and helps keep your restroom more odor-free. See how our patented surface area reduction helps prevent off-gassing.

Each cartridge includes - biodegradable sealant, installation key, disposal bag, plastic gloves, and instructions.

Video: Click Here to see How it Works

This Cartridge Fits the following Brands:
  • Sloan Sku: WES-150
  • Bobrick Sku: FWFC-1
  • Falcon Sku: 98DF32K00

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Stock # Waterfree Cartridges Price Qty.
98DS20K00 Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit - Facility Pack of 20 Cartridges $759.99
98DF32K00 Falcon Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit - 32 Pack $1,262.00
Stock # Odor Control Price Qty.
WDSAC Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Apple Spice $2.99
WDSHM Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Herbal Mint $2.99
WDSMA Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Mango $2.99
WDSCB Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Cotton Blossom $2.99
WDSCT Wave Scented Urinal Screen - Citrus $2.99
SANI-C Eco-Fresh Urinal Screen - Cherry $3.29
SANI-GA Eco-Fresh Urinal Screen - Green Apple $3.29
UM6-6 Urinal Mat - No Fragrance, Case of 6 $62.97
Stock # Cleaning Supplies Price Qty.
SJS-20 WaterFree Urinal Cleaner and Deodorizer Concentrate Refill $5.94
SJS-19 WaterFree Urinal Cleaner Starter Kit
(includes cleaner concentrate refill and spray bottle)
WES-7 Optional Steel Tool for Removing Cartridges
(replaces plastic tool that comes in WES-150 kit)
D58000-001 Waterfree Urinal Brush $3.55

Heavy-Duty Cartridge - Specification Sheet


Our Falcon Waterfree urinal system is at the forefront of waterless technology. Its gravity fed design moves urine through the system without using or wasting any water, thereby saving 100% of the energy associated with traditional flush urinals. It also saves you money by eliminating the rising costs associated with water and sewage rates.

There’s no flush valve assembly, no water supply hookup, no sealant replacement, and no needless water wasted with the Falcon system. The only maintenance steps required for normal use are a routine spray-and-wipe cleaning of the fixture and an easy cartridge change (about two or three times per year, depending on usage), which is made easier by our new indicator that helps you know when it’s time for a cartridge change. If you’re still using flush urinals, now is the time to change to the Falcon system!



There’s no need to flush, since our urinals are touch-free, which virtually eliminates the spread of bacteria. As a result, bacteria have no way of spreading through the flush plumes ejected by flush urinals with every use. This leaves the area around our waterless urinals cleaner and more hygienic.


Our cartridge’s air-tight seal combined with our patented external cavity and liquid sealant barrier are estimated to be 500 times more efficient at eliminating odor than conventional P-traps. See our video below or download the Caltech Sewer Gas Diffusion Study to learn more.

Less Bacteria

A common misconception exists that water helps achieve better hygiene, but that’s simply not true for urinal hygiene. Just like humans, bacteria depend on water for survival. Since our urinals use no water for flushing, our products actually create a less fertile breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, research shows that our urinals have up to 5 times less bacteria than flush urinals. Download the Shanghai Bacteria Count Test Report to learn more.

5x Less Bacteria

There are up to 5x less bacteria in waterless urinals than in flush urinals.

Waterfree Urinal Replacement Cartridge Kit (includes sealant and removal tool) 96DF32K00
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Falcon Sloan Review
Review Star Rating
? 02, 0
The cartridges arrived in good condition and come with the tool and liquid needed for cleaning. I have no complaints on this product. It works great.

Sloan Urinals
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Exactly what I ordered works as designed.

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great service

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I purchase for our end user and they are satisfied with the product

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We using this product for over 8 year and it always work great.

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