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Essential Bathroom Products

Find essential bathroom products like soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, air fresheners, automatic flushers for flush valves and tank toilets, hand sanitizers, urinal screens, grab bars, hand dryers, and hard to find plumbing products and parts.

Technical Concepts TCell Air Freshener and Room Deodorizer Dispenser and Refills
Air Fresheners

Sloan Valve SMO EBV-89-A Automatic Flusher
Automatic Flushers

Eco-Fresh Urinal Block & Screen
Urinal Screens

WES-150 Urinal Cartridge Kit - Fits Sloan and Falcon Waterfree Urinals
Urinals Cartridges

Tear-n-Dry Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser
Paper Towel Dispensers

Hand Sanitizers

Sloan Valve Flushometer Repair Kits on Sale
Sloan Repair Parts

Paper Products

TC AutoFoam Automatic Foam Hand Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispensers


Air Fresheners, Room Deodorizers

Lifetime Warranty
$29.99 Each
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Select Automatic Air Fresheners & Neutralizers
Product #400979  Air Fresheners
The AutoFresh Select Automatic Air Freshener and Neutralizer Dispenser is equipped with LCD Display and real time programming giving you control over days of the week and hours of the day. The AutoFresh Select Automatic Air Freshener and Neutralizer is easy to use and provides a light fresh scent to your home or place of business.

Microburst 3000 Aerosol Air Neutralizer System

Lifetime Warranty
$39.95 Each
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Microburst 3000 Automatic Air Fresheners & Neutralizers
Product #401219 Air Freshener
Microburst 3000 is the most effective compact metered air freshener and neutralizer dispensing system with revolutionary odor neutralizing and fragrancing technology. The Microburst 3000 dispenser is half the size of standard automatic air fresheners & neutralizers and has the only "proactive" display that provides advance notice when a refill or batteries will need to be replaced.


Lifetime Warranty
$29.99 Each
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Microburst 9000 Automatic Air Fresheners & Neutralizer
Product #401218 Air Freshener
The Microburst 9000 air freshener and air neutralizers are the most effective, long-term air freshener dispensing system with revolutionary odor neutralizing and fragrancing technology. Optional programming extends refill life to 180 days while providing exceptional odor control. 

5 Year Warranty
Starting at $82.99
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San Jamar Universal Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers
Product #T8000TBK
San Jamar's electronic hands free dispensers allow for the most hygienic dispensing available. Paper is always available and you touch only "your" sheet. Our dispensers have the industry's longest battery life allowing you to use fewer batteries. They're also Universal so you can dispense 100% recycled paper. 

3 Year Warranty
starting at $129.99
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Zurn AquaSense Automatic Flusher Fits Sloan
or Zurn Flush Valves
Product #Zerk-CP
The Zurn AquaSense E-Z Flush is the most installer friendly automatic flush valve retrofit kit on the market today. Not only does E-Z Flush allow you the fastest and easiest changeover, but E-Z Flush gives you the tools, batteries, and adapters to start and complete the job. 
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TC Autoflush for
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Air Freshener
Purell TFX Touch
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