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Urinal Screens

Dome Urinal Screens

Versatile urinal freshening
Perfect for domed waterless urinals, urinals with domed metal debris traps, or urinals with standing water. Unique design provides a burst of fragrance collected in the headspace with every use.

Keeps your restroom cleaner
Unique dome shape helps reduce urine splash and over-spray on your floors, walls, and partitions.

Protects your drains
The unique raised dome shape helps the screen stay in place and protect your drains over the course of 60 days. No more floating or movement in your urinal.

DOCUMENTS SDS for the Dome Urinal Screen

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DOME-CB Dome Urinal Screen - Cotton Blossom (60 day screen) - Pack of 5 $15.50
DOME-MG Dome Urinal Screen - Mango (60 day screen) - Pack of 5 $15.50

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This fragrant deodorant screen lasts 60 days, 2 to 4 times longer than other urinal screens. The Dome keeps restrooms fresh for 2 months! Slash your labor, and reduce product costs with this attractive design. It is great for urinals with raised caps and it won't float or move around your urinal. The Dome's easy reminder system lets you know when to replace the screen.

Key Benefits

  • Freshens the urinal for 60 days - 2-4 times better than other urinal screens
  • Reminds you when to change it - simply pull off the date tabs to set your replacement date
  • Reduces labor over 50%
  • Saves on product cost
  • Better fit for more urinals - perfect for high-domed waterless urinal cartridges and raised drains.
  • Protects the drain - unique dome design eliminates floating and movement in urinal
  • Provides a burst of fragrance collected in the headspace with every use
  • Eliminates odors - Releases billions of optimized bacteria that consume mal-odors in the urinal.
  • Complies with VOC requirements in all 50 states, North America and Europe. 100% recyclable.
  • Dome design deflects urine stream reducing splash back

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