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Bradley Automatic Hand Dryers

Bradley Hand Dryers are a great alternative to Paper Towel Dispensers in Commercial Facility Restrooms and Bathrooms. Warm air hand dryers provide a hygenic method for commercial restroom patrons while reducing wasteful usage of paper products and paper dispensers. If you have any questions about the Bradley Hand Dryers or any other brand we offer, please feel free to call us at 1-800-440-5556.

Aerix+ Hand Dryers

Bradley's complete line of Aerix hand dryers cover any application or budget. These dryers reduce paper towel and energy costs, protect the environment, keep noise levels down and are easy to use and maintain.

NEW Aerix+ dryers incorporate the latest technology for the fastest drying times available. And the vertical, dual-sided dryer has an easy-to-empty water collection tray to keep floors and walls clean.

Save time, money & headaches

  • Renovation installation made easy: mounting holes match those of most popular models
  • Universal voltage adjusts automatically and saves installation time
  • Sanitary, hands-free operation
  • Contemporary, sleek design

Model 2922 Series

These highly efficient, ultra high speed hand dryers use 40% less energy and offers the longest service life of any high speed hand dryer. Plus, flexible controls let you customize air flow, sound quality and heating options to fit any application.

  • 10-12 second dry time
  • Adjustable speed
  • Longest service life of any high speed dryer
  • Energy efficient
  • Customize to fit any application
  • Cover and internal airflow path with antimicrobial technology
  • Durable and vandal resistant

The Bradley Aerix+ 2922 is an extended service life high speed hand dryer. Its motor is specially designed for durability in very high traffic areas. There are three airspeed settings and a switch to turn the heating element on or off to provide maximum flexiblity.¹

The cover and internal airflow path are protected with anti-microbial SteriTouch® technology. This dryer is also very energy efficient and GreenSpec listed. It is covered by a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Dry time is reported at 10-12 seconds. Noise level rated at 68-75dB depending on airspeed setting.

Safety features include thermal protection on heating element and motor with anti-vandalism auto-shut off and auto-reset after 30 seconds of continuous use. Tamper proof cover screws. IP24 Ingress protection rating (withstands low pressure water sprayed from all directions). cULus approved.

¹ Controls are located inside the cover and protected against unauthorized tampering (cover can only be opened with provided special security wrench).

Dry Time 10-12 seconds
Mount Surface Mount
Cover White epoxy enamel finish on die-cast aluminum Brushed stainless steel (Both finishes include chrome plated nozzle)
Nozzle Multi-port nozzle for reduced noise
Activation Automatic (infra-red) Hands-Free (Adjustable)
Power 400-1200 Watts (Adjustable), 110-120V, 50/60Hz
Motor Long-life universal brush type. Adjustable speed.
Fan Enclosed Impeller
Airspeed 78-100 CFM, 250-265MPH (Adjustable)
Heating Element 400W
Filter Integrated coarse particulate screen & felt
IP Rating IP24 (Water Ingress Level 4)
Product Dimensions 9.3" Wide x 13" Tall x 7.6 Deep
Net Weight 11.6 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions Approx. 15" x 13" x 11"
Shipping Weight 14 lbs.

More Information

See how you can achieve 95% percent cost savings and 70% carbon footprint reduction by getting rid of paper towels and switching to our high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers. Hand dryers prove to be the leader in efficient and hygienic methods of drying. In addition, they are the most cost efficient and environmentally sound drying technique. Whether Hand Dryers are installed in schools, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, service stations, stadiums, movie theaters, correctional facilities, factories, hotels, health clubs, etc., each individual who uses our hand dryers is guaranteed safety and satisfaction. We are confident that you will agree that warm air hand dryers are clearly the best alternative in drying.

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