Why You Should Switch to Paper Towels From Air Dryers

In the landscape of today's commercial restrooms, the roar of hand dryers often drowns out the quiet simplicity of paper towel dispensers. More often than not, restrooms are equipped with these noisy machines, while paper towel dispensers are noticeably absent. When they do make an appearance, paper towels are frequently found hanging from outdated, unclean dispensers or carelessly scattered beside sinks.

This lack of attention to paper towel dispensers is a missed opportunity for enhancing the restroom experience. Quality paper towels dispensed from hygienic and reliable units can significantly improve the overall user experience. The benefits of paper towels and quality paper towel dispensers extend beyond mere convenience, impacting critical areas such as hygiene and comfort. Read on to learn why you should switch to paper towels from air dryers.

The Benefits of Air Dryers

Before we dive into the many reasons why you should switch to paper towels, it's important to highlight the benefits of air dryers. Despite their shortcomings-and we will get to those soon-hand dryers are quite useful in commercial restroom spaces. These devices are lauded for their economic benefits, as they eliminate the need to constantly refill paper towel dispensers and manage waste disposal.

Businesses often opt for hand dryers due to their cost-effectiveness over time, as well as their environmentally friendly nature. Another advantage of air dryers is their ease of use and maintenance; users simply place their hands under the device and let the warm air do its job.

However, while air dryers have their merits, they are not without their shortcomings. This is where the humble paper towel steps in. There are certain aspects of paper towels that are essential for a quality commercial restroom experience-aspects that hand dryers cannot provide.

Reason I: Better Hygiene

Hand dryers, despite their modern appeal, fall short of effectively removing moisture and bacteria from hands. Instead, they tend to disperse the moisture and bacteria into the surrounding environment as they blow air onto the hands. This can result in a decrease in overall hygiene within the restroom environment. On the other hand, paper towels absorb moisture and trap bacteria, providing a more efficient method for drying hands completely.

The role of paper towels in reducing bacterial spread cannot be overstated. When one's hands are thoroughly dried using paper towels, the risk of germ spread is significantly reduced. Not to mention, touchless paper towel dispenser models further enhance hygiene by minimizing the contact between users and the dispenser, thereby reducing cross-contamination and boosting overall hygiene within the restroom.

Reason II: Improved User Experience and Comfort

Despite the technological advancements now available for restroom facilities, many users still show a preference for paper towels. Therefore, providing a reliable and accessible paper towel dispenser caters to these preferences and enhances the overall user experience. Although, providing both air dryers and paper towel dispensers ensures that all users' needs are met, contributing to a more positive restroom experience.

In addition, paper towel dispensers are particularly advantageous in quiet buildings or environments. Unlike the loud whirring of air dryers, paper towel dispensers operate silently, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. This feature makes them a superior choice for restrooms in locations where noise reduction is a priority.

Reason III: Less Maintenance, Superior Savings

Regarding maintenance, paper towel dispensers have an edge over hand dryers. These devices are less complex, leading to fewer breakdowns and less potential repair time. This reduced maintenance requirement saves time and money for your custodial team, allowing them to allocate resources to other areas.

Moreover, paper towel dispensers are less power-hungry than their hand dryer counterparts. They do not draw as much electricity, resulting in lower monthly utility expenses. This feature, combined with their lower maintenance needs, makes paper towel dispensers a cost-effective choice for commercial restrooms.

Crucial Aspects To Consider

Before making any drastic changes to your restroom facilities, such as installing more paper towel dispensers or eliminating hand dryers entirely, it is essential to consider a few crucial aspects. Proper planning and consideration can ensure a smooth transition and an enhanced user experience.

Firstly, regular removal of disposed paper towels becomes crucial when you opt for paper towel dispensers. Used paper towels can harbor bacteria, which can decrease the hygiene levels of the surrounding environment if not removed promptly. Therefore, a robust waste management system should be in place to ensure regular and efficient disposal of used paper towels. This will help maintain a clean and hygienic restroom environment, even with increased paper towel usage.

Secondly, ensuring that your dispensers are always adequately filled is vital. An empty dispenser can lead to a frustrating experience for users, negating the benefits of providing this option in the first place. Regular checks and refills should be part of the maintenance schedule for your restrooms. This not only enhances the user experience but also shows that your organization pays attention to detail and cares about the comfort of its visitors.

Finally, when considering the switch to paper towels, remember that it does not have to be an all-or-nothing decision. You may choose to offer both options-hand dryers and paper towels-to cater to different user preferences. This approach ensures that all users' needs are addressed, contributing to a more positive restroom experience. Balancing these considerations can help you make an informed decision that best suits your business's needs and the needs of those using your facilities.

Making the Switch With Air Delights

At Air Delights, we are committed to helping you provide a superior restroom experience at your business. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in making the transition from hand dryers to paper towel dispensers smooth and effortless.

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