5 Ways To Make Your Company Bathroom More Inviting

A clean, functional, and well-stocked restroom provides the ideal experience for guests. In a business setting, where employee health and morale are vital, the importance of maintaining a welcoming facility is significant. Here are five simple ways to make your company bathroom more inviting.

Stylize & Personalize Your Space

Your commercial restroom should reflect your business, both in condition and style. It's recommended you design your company facilities in a tasteful manner that complements the interior decor of your building. Consider your paint colors, hardware, appliances, lighting, signage, artwork, and other design selections when updating your bathrooms. This is especially important if your company facility is open to employees and guests.

Invest in Quality Hardware & Appliances

One of the best ways to set your commercial restroom apart is by investing in higher-quality plumbing hardware and appliances. Aside from boasting a personalized style, your faucets, toilets, and hand-drying devices should feature top-of-the-line functionality, performance, durability, and efficiency.

For instance, you can spend a bit more on advanced flush valves to improve the capabilities of your toilets, or install sensor-activated hand-cleaning equipment to save on consumed resources and eliminate cross-contamination of bacteria. The cost of purchasing high-end hardware and appliances might seem impractical, but the long-term benefits of these investments certainly will make your facilities more inviting.

Maintain Clean Facilities

Automated commercial restroom products don't just boost the experience for restroom patrons; they significantly reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other illnesses throughout entire businesses. Ultimately, clean commercial bathrooms are more proactive in protecting employee well-being, so it's highly recommended that you implement devices like sensor-activated soap and paper towel dispensers. More importantly, it's essential to maintain regular custodial services throughout the day to ensure the most inviting space possible.

Keep Restroom Resources Fully Stocked

Along with boosting hygiene, regular visits from custodial staff also ensure your restroom resources are properly stocked and available for use. Having access to paper towels, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, hand soap, and other items at all times helps enhance your company bathroom experience. For guests of your building, this reflects positively on your business.

Fix Problems ASAP

Problems are bound to occur in any public bathroom, but this is only truly impactful if issues are left unresolved for long periods. For example, a toilet with an over- or under-flushing problem may require valve repairs or replacements. Putting these services off increases the chances of further challenges, such as structural damages caused by leaking or safety concerns due to sewage ruptures. Patrons don't like using toilets with inconsistent flushing behaviors, and they certainly won't feel invited to a severely damaged restroom. If a mechanical or related complication arises in your facilities, it's vital that you implement the proper solutions as soon as possible.

Follow these five ways to make your company bathroom more inviting and you'll have a space that's more hygienic and functional for your business as a whole. Shop our selection of restroom products to ensure your facilities are always prepared for guests!

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