Ways To Make Your Commercial Bathroom More Accessible

Whether it's a school, government agency, or retail store, places that serve the public are responsible for providing patrons with a safe and enjoyable restroom experience. Here are four simple ways to make your commercial bathroom more accessible for guests.

Increased Floor Traction

Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities can find bathroom floors tricky to navigate safely. Typically, restroom surfaces become quite slippery with so much foot traffic and spilled water. As such, it's essential that you increase floor traction by implementing non-slip mats around hand washing stations, urinals, and entrances or exits. These mats provide better stability for patrons using the facilities.

Widened/Open Doorways

The most accessible commercial bathrooms usually feature an open doorway layout with enough space to accommodate wheelchairs and other large equipment. If possible, you should design your facility's restroom with these same spacious entrances. However, simply widening doorways is a fantastic way to make your restroom more accessible. And, of course, it's vital that you include at least one wider stall in your bathroom that provides adequate space for guests who need it.

Automated Restroom Equipment

The ultimate way to improve accessibility for your commercial restroom is by installing automated equipment. Automating the equipment around the sinks helps make hand washing easier and ensures better sanitation overall. For instance, sensor-activated sinks, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers are all excellent additions to your accessible bathroom. As a bonus, these devices reduce waste, increase organization, and help eliminate the spread of illness throughout your entire building.

Grab Bars

One specific feature that every accessible bathroom must have is a grab bar. Accessible stalls typically feature these stainless steel bars to provide better balance and stability for patrons who struggle with standing. Additionally, these grab bars help reduce stress and fatigue, making the restroom much safer for people with disabilities. Lastly, grab bars help individuals stand again after experiencing a fall.

Follow these four easy ways to make your commercial bathroom more accessible for everyone. If you're in need of helpful and accessible commercial restroom accessories, check out our quality selection here at Air Delights.

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