How Does an Automatic Soap Dispenser Work?

You can install plenty of devices inside your commercial restroom to improve sanitation and the overall experience for patrons. One of these items is an automatic soap dispenser! Read on to learn more about how they work, variations in mechanics and functions, the many advantages they provide, and the importance of providing bathroom guests with a sanitary environment.

Basic Mechanics and Functions

Most automatic, touch-free soap dispensers feature similar mechanics and functions. In general, these devices utilize a passive infrared sensor that's activated by waving a hand or object nearby. Once activated, the device dispenses a pre-programmed amount of soap. Automatic dispensers built into sink basins often feature radar-based sensors, which sense disruptions in energy. Other devices boast photo sensors, which focus a laser beam on a light sensor—a hand or object disrupting the laser beam activates the light sensor. Regardless of the specific mechanisms involved, an automatic commercial soap dispenser provides many benefits for commercial restrooms and businesses as a whole!

Advantages of Automatic Soap Dispensers

The first advantage of automatic soap dispensers in commercial restrooms is the conservation of supplies. Thanks to pre-programming, you can ensure guests limit their soap consumption with each dispense. The savings on soap refills may seem insignificant, but the impact is far-reaching! Reduced soap consumption means infrequent refills and maintenance, saving on labor and custodial costs. Additionally, automatic soap dispensers help maintain a more orderly restroom environment, limiting cleaning labor requirements and charges.

The Importance of a Neat and Sanitary Restroom

Ultimately, automatic soap dispensers improve the restroom experience and promote a more organized and sanitary environment. Maintaining functional, clean, and welcoming bathrooms is essential for two reasons: Limiting cross-contamination and the spread of illness and creating a positive reflection of your business or facility. By providing automatic soap dispensers, you reduce the chances of an individual spreading diseases to other patrons and potentially throughout the entire building. More importantly, welcoming restrooms show others how much you care about them and your business.

It's hard to imagine that an automatic soap dispenser can provide so many essential benefits for your restroom. By understanding how they work, you can find the perfect product for your specific needs. Browse our selection of soap dispensers here at Air Delights!

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