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ASI Automatic Hand Dryers

ASI Hand Dryers are a great alternative to Paper Towel Dispensers in Commercial Facility Restrooms and Bathrooms. Warm air hand dryers provide a hygenic method for commercial restroom patrons while reducing wasteful usage of paper products and paper dispensers. If you have any questions about the ASI Hand Dryers or any other brand we offer, please feel free to call us at 1-800-440-5556.


ASI JD MacDonald's newest high-speed hand dryer puts the UMPH in hand drying.

TRI-Umph hand dryer is a state-of-the-art, ergonomic, high-speed unit. With air blowing down and back from vents on three sides, users dry their hands in 12 seconds, in a comfortable, natural position without water splash-back.

Satin look cover: ABS plastic with silver ions. Ergonomic—no need to bend over or bend knees. Air blows down and back from vents above. No water splash-back. Ultra hygienic—over 99% of airborne bacteria is eliminated with the removable Triple HEPA Filter System. 5-year warranty. Available in Silver and Black.

Optional voltages available:
20200-1 – 110-120V | 20200-2 – 208-240V | 20200-3 – 277V

TRI-Umph over germs

  • Ultra hygienic - Over 99% of airborne bacteria and particles as small as 0.3 microns are eliminated with the removable Super Filter System:
    • First Layer: HEPA filter
    • Second Layer: Carbon filter
    • Third Layer: Anti-microbial filter
  • Anti-microbial silver ion treatment added to the ABS cover provides an additional layer of germ protection

TRI-Umph over time

  • Fast drying time – about 12 seconds – with air from vents on three sides
  • Easy to maintain
    • Super Filter System is easy to clean and replace when needed
    • The narrow design of the top half of the dryer allows the unit and the back wall to be easily cleaned

TRI-Umph with ergonomics

  • No need to bend over or bend knees
  • Dry hands in the same natural position that they were washed

TRI-Umph over water

  • Water from hands is pushed backwards onto absorbent ceramic plate
  • Water not absorbed by ceramic plate is channeled into a drip tray … not the floor

TRI-Umph over vandalism

  • Dryer can only be dismounted using a dual-step security system that ensures vandal resistance
  • Reinforcement base plate is secured to the back of the unit

TRI-Umph with more choices

  • Use dryer with heater on or off (internal on/ off switch)
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Available in 110/120V, 208/240V and 277V

How it works…

  • User puts hand horizontally into unit
  • User can rub hands if so desired
  • Air blows out automatically from three sides, drying hands in about 12 seconds
  • Water is atomized and pushed down towards the absorbent ceramic plate behind the opening

More Information

See how you can achieve 95% percent cost savings and 70% carbon footprint reduction by getting rid of paper towels and switching to our high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers. Hand dryers prove to be the leader in efficient and hygienic methods of drying. In addition, they are the most cost efficient and environmentally sound drying technique. Whether Hand Dryers are installed in schools, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, service stations, stadiums, movie theaters, correctional facilities, factories, hotels, health clubs, etc., each individual who uses our hand dryers is guaranteed safety and satisfaction. We are confident that you will agree that warm air hand dryers are clearly the best alternative in drying.

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