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Sensor Activated Faucets

Aqua-FIT Single Post Electronic Faucet

  • Customizable Settings: Line Purge, Sensor Range, Metering Mode
  • Dual Solenoid Operated
  • Chrome Plated Cast Brass
  • Integral Above Deck Mixing
  • Includes an in-line filter, 4 "AA" batteries and an inlet for a 1/2" ball riser
  • Also features a 30-second time-out, achieved through an infrared convergence-type proximity sensor
  • ADA compliant, battery powered, chrome plated sensor faucet for retrofit and new construction

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SKU Product Description Price Qty
Z6955-XL-S Aqua-FIT 4" Base Electronic Faucet $372.78
Z6955-XL-S-CWB-E 4" Base Aqua-FIT Battery Sensor Faucet w/ CWB for Hardwire 1.5 gpm $330.88
Z6955-XL-S-CWB-F Aqua-FIT 4" Base Electronic Faucet with Connector Wire for Hardwire Install, Non-Aerated $364.66
Z6955-XL-S-E 4" Base Aqua-FIT Battery Sensor Faucet w/ CWB for Hardwire 1.5 gpm $323.53
Z6955-XL-S-F Aqua-FIT 4" Base Electronic Faucet, Non-Aerated $356.57
Z6955-XL-S-MT-E 4" Base Aqua-FIT Battery Sensor Faucet w/ Mixing Tee 1.5 gpm $338.24
Z6955-XL-S-MV-E 4" Base Aqua-FIT Battery Sensor Faucet w/ Mixing Valve 1.5 gpm $350.00
Z6955-XL-S-TMV-1-E 4" Base Aqua-FIT Battery Sensor Faucet w/ TMV 1.5 gpm $382.35

More Info

Serio Series™

Aesthetics are a growing priority within commercial restroom design. The new designs of the Aqua-FIT faucet system also provide durability, quality, and ease of retrofit required in demanding commercial environments.

Architect and Engineer

  • Field adjustable time-out, sensor range adjustments, and line purge settings that will adapt to any environment
  • Multiple designs that will appeal to any commercial application
  • Low powered electronics provides 10-year sustainable battery option

Building Owner

  • The new concealed sensor lens and aerator reduces vandalism costs
  • Water conserving options with LEED flow rates of 0.35 /0.5 gpm [1.3/1.9 Lpm]
  • Lower maintenance cost with 10-year lithium battery option


  • New Aqua-FIT mount and inline spout construction for easy installation and retrofitting
  • All cast brass spout designed for durability
  • The best comprehensive warranty on brass and fixture products across the industry

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