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Sensor Activated Faucets

Aqua-FIT Electronic Pedestal Faucet

  • Customizable Settings: Line Purge, Sensor Range, Metering Mode
  • Dual Solenoid Operated
  • Chrome Plated Cast Brass
  • Integral Above Deck Mixing
  • Includes an in-line filter, 4 "AA" batteries and an inlet for a 1/2" ball riser
  • Also features a 30-second time-out, achieved through an infrared convergence-type proximity sensor
  • ADA compliant, battery powered, chrome plated sensor faucet for retrofit and new construction

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Z6950-XL-S Aqua-FIT Single Post Electronic Faucet $384.83

More Info

Introducing Zurn's Aqua-FIT* Serio Series

The Aqua-FIT Advantage

When it comes to restroom design and development, it's important to plan for the future and for the unexpected. With the new Aqua-FIT faucet system, upgrading or replacing your commercial faucets has never been easier.

Selecting the new Zurn Aqua-FIT platform gives you the confidence of knowing your bathrooms will always look new, extending the useful life of the restroom without the big expense of a complete redesign. No need to worry about the plumbing underneath when you want to replace a damaged faucet or change to a new design, just one simple tool will do the trick.

*Flexible Installation Technology

Key Features of Aqua-FIT System

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The FIT System

Design today — plan for tomorrow with the Zurn Aqua-FIT Sensor Faucet System. The all new Zurn Aqua-FIT Sensor Faucet System features Flexible Installation Technology (FIT) for easy upgrade or retrofit with just one simple tool [shown on the right].

Tools Required

3/32" allen wrench

Step 1

Disconnect wire connection from the below-deck electronics

Step 3

Loosen the setscrew using a 3/32" allen wrench

Step 5

Slowly lift the faucet up over the base. Be careful with below-deck electronics wire

Step 2

Identify the setscrew and ball detent located on the back of the faucet base

Step 4

Depress the ball detent and lift the spout up and off the shank

Step 6

Remove faucet completely from sink

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