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Sensor Activated Faucets

Zurn AquaSense Battery Powered  Sensor Faucet

AquaSense E-Z Sensor Pedestal Faucet

  • Heavy-duty cast brass sensor operated faucet
  • Battery, plug-in, hardwired or Hydro Generator powered
  • Low-lead compliant (AB1953)
  • 3-year warranty

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SKU Product Description Price Qty
Z6915-XL Zurn AquaSense Battery Powered Sensor Faucet $325.20
Z6915-XL-MT Zurn AquaSense Battery Powered Automatic Faucet with Tee Connector $345.20
Z6915-XL-MV Zurn AquaSense Battery Powered Automatic Faucet with Mixing Valve $374.20
SKU Accessory Price Qty
P6900-CP8 8" COVER PLATE ASSY. FOR Z6912, Z6913, and Z6920 $48.36
P6900-ACA PLUG IN POWER CONVERTER, 6VDC FOR Z6912, Z6913, Z6915, Z6920 $29.99
P6900-XC-B120 10' EXTENSION CORD FOR Z6912, Z6913, Z6915, Z6920, AND Z6922 $27.00
P6900-XC-B24 24" EXTENSION CORD FOR Z6912, Z6913, Z6915, Z6920, Z6922 $27.25
P6900-WEDGE Wedge Gasket made to Tilt Z6901 Faucets $24.66
SKU Repair Parts Price Qty
P6915-B-L ELECTRONICS MODULE FOR Z6915 FAUCET (Replaced with Z6900-BL) $289.99

More Info

AquaSense E-Z Sensor Faucets

The Zurn AquaSense E-Z Sensor Faucet has been a trusted commercial fixture for over 15 years. As technology enhancements and environmental conditions evolve, Zurn has expanded efforts in design, research, and collection of customer opinions.

The result — an introduction of the new Z6930-XL Sensor Faucet. Contractors, engineers, architects and building owners will immediately recognize the superior performance and innovative enhancements to the newest member of the E-Z Sensor faucet family.

Self Sustaining and Water Conserving

  • Zurn E-Z Sensor Faucets have the option of adding the hydro-generator adaptor, providing up to 10+ years of battery life
  • All E-Z sensor models are available with low-flow options, down to 0.35 gallons per minute
  • Guard against potential flooding with the automatic sensor time-out feature. A power down occurs after 30 seconds even if an object is in the sensor detection area

Labor Savings and Versatility

  • Zurn E-Z sensor faucets are quick and easy to install with electrical and below-deck components mounted in-line with the shank of the spout, eliminating additional mounting hardware
  • Zurn offers several models in a lead-free compliant version designated by the XL suffix to coincide with the safe drinking water act legislation
  • Multiple power options are available: battery-operated, hardwired, or plug-in
  • Zurn E-Z Sensor Faucets are versatile to meet the needs of every commercial application

What is the Lead Free Law?

  • Effective January 1, 2014 the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (42 USC 300G) requires that any valve, fitting, or fixture coming in contact with potable water (used for drinking or cooking) must meet the requirement of having weighted average of less than 0.25 percent lead content
  • This act has already taken effect in several individual states in the U.S. (California, Vermont, Maryland, and soon to be Louisiana)

Why Lead Free?

  • Studies have shown that by reducing lead in the nation's drinking water systems, the U.S. could save up to $53.1 million in health care costs annually. Children and senior citizens are particularly at risk when exposed to lead in drinking water
  • As a leader in lead-free applications and global awareness of lead-related health issues, Zurn is dedicated to offering the highest quality and safest products available

Lead-Free Sensor Faucets

  • The Reduction of Lead In Drinking Water Act specifically states all products intended for potable water (used for drinking or cooking), meaning that commercial sensor faucets are technically exempt from conforming to this act and law
  • Zurn believes in the importance of eliminating the risk in certain products that could potentially affect human water consumption, even if it is not in direct contact. Sensor faucets are installed in various commercial applications, such as food service or patient healthcare facilities. Restaurant employees wash their hands before preparing food, or doctors washing before examining a patient can indirectly affect human health without directly dispensing water for initial consumption

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