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Wilkins Bladder-type Thermal Expansion Tank - Commercial

Model WXTP

Model WXTP

Designed for installation on potable water lines between the backflow preventer or pressure reducing valve and the water heater to protect against water thermal expansion. When system pressure increases, water enters the tank which expands into the pre-charged air chamber, keeping system pressure below the relief valve setting.

  • Bladder style tank for commercial applications
  • Bladder prevents water contact with steel shell
  • Free standing base mounted tanks
SKU Description 1-1/4" Price Qty
WXTP-165V 44 WXTP-165V Expansion Tank, 1 1/4" FNPT, 44 gal $887.41
WXTP-320V 85 WXTP-320V Expansion Tank, 1 1/4" FNPT, 85 gal $1,221.00
SKU Description 1" Price Qty
WXTP-50V 14 WXTP-50V Expansion Tank, 1" FNPT, 14 gal $471.41
WXTP-75V 20 WXTP-75V Expansion Tank, 1" FNPT, 20 gal $561.58
WXTP-120V 32 WXTP-120V Expansion Tank, 1" FNPT, 32 gal $722.89
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Controlling Thermal Expansion YouTube Videos
Regulator Failure or Thermal Expansion YouTube Videos

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