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Wilkins Double Check Detector Assembly

Model 350ADAR (Sizes 2-1/2" - 12")

Model 350ADAR (Sizes 2-1/2" - 12")

Designed for drop-in replacement of existing longer lay length assemblies without the need for additional spools or spacers, saving 2 to 6 hours of installation labor and up to 2 machine hours per backflow replacement. A custom sized grooved spool installed between the backflow body and downstream shut-off valve allows customer specified assembly lengths to be shipped directly from the factory.

  • Designed to replace old, long lay length Double Check Detector Assemblies
  • Reduces the cost of assembly replacement
SKU Description 10" Price Qty
10-350ADAR-A 10" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL A $12,687.07
10-350ADAR-B 10" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL B $12,818.16
10-350ADAR-C 10" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL C $12,948.50
SKU Description 8" Price Qty
8-350ADAR-A 8" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL A $9,384.10
8-350ADAR-B 8" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL B $9,481.97
8-350ADARL-B 8" 350ADAL W/GRV SPOOL B $8,825.17
SKU Description 6" Price Qty
6-350ADAR-A 6" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL A $5,940.70
6-350ADAR-B 6" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL B $6,019.58
6-350ADARSCFM-A 6" 350ADASCFM W/ GRV SPOOL A $6,043.28
SKU Description 4" Price Qty
4-350ADAR-B 4" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL B $4,197.40
4-350ADARSCFM-A 4" 350ADASCFM W/GRV SPOOL A $4,244.15
SKU Description 3" Price Qty
3-350ADAR-A 3" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL A $3,356.70
SKU Description 2-1/2" Price Qty
212-350ADAR-A 2-1/2" 350ADA W/GRV SPOOL A $3,202.56
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Installation and Maintenance Instructions 2-1/2" - 6" PDF icon
Installation and Maintenance Instructions 8" & 10" PDF icon
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