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SKU Description Price Qty
B-7K Eterna Master Parts Kit $439.43
B-6K Job Parts Kit For Eterna Cartridges $65.10
B-23K Parts Kit, Eterna Spring-Check Spindle Assembly Replacement Kit $81.50
B-21K Parts Kit For Eterna Spindle Assemblies $15.62
B-20K Parts Kit For B-1100 Series (Workboard Faucets) $35.69
B-19K Parts Kit, Four-Arm Kitchen Handle $18.99
B-18K Parts Kit For Four-Arm Lab Handles $30.40
B-17K Parts Kit, Spindle "Old-Style" $41.33
B-13K Parts Kit For Eterna Spring-Check Spindles $19.70
B-12K Parts Kit For Workboard Faucets: Left & Right Hand Spindle, Seat Washers, Washer Screws $24.99
B-11K Parts Kit For Eterna Spindle Assemblies $18.34
B-10K Parts Kit For B-0107 Spray Valves (Gray) $18.38
B-16K Parts Kit For Spray Valve $16.21
B-5K B-0230 Series Faucet Repair Kit "Old-Style" $143.14
B-9K Parts Kit - Lever Handles $16.42
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