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Sensor Activated Soap Dispensers

Deck-mount Automatic Soap Dispenser

The SJS-1650 sensor-operated soap dispenser deck-mounted sensor triggers the unit to deliver a pre-measured soap application for the highest levels of hygiene. Refills simplify replacement, reduce waste and allow for approximately 1000 uses. The contemporary design creates a superior impression and complements all restrooms.

  • Sensor-technology activates soap dispensing
  • Hands-free operation promotes hygiene
  • Easily attaches to deck surface
  • Uses four replaceable D batteries that operate soap dispenser for up to 75,000 activations
  • Low soap level indicator
  • Easy loading refills
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SKU Product Description Price Qty
SJS-1650 Sensor Activated Soap Dispenser | Battery Operated $168.48
SKU Refills Price Qty
SJS-1651-3 Liquid Soap for SJS-1650 Soap Dispenser (5700307) $16.10
SKU Accessory Price Qty
Dcell-2 D-Cell Batteries, 2-Pack $3.49
Dcell-12 D-Cell Batteries, 12-Pack $17.00
SKU Optional Accessories Price Qty
SJS-7 Optional AC Adapter for SJS Soap Dispenser $26.45

More Info

Convenience, Hygiene and Dependability in a New Design

SJS-1650 image detail

Sloan announces the new SJS-1650 sensor-operated, deck-mount soap dispenser for convenient user access. The contemporary design complements any restroom, creating a positive lasting impression.

To operate the SJS-1650 dispenser, the user places hand under the spout nozzle; the sensor automatically detects the user's hand and dispenses one soap application

Easy Operation and Maintenance

The SJS-1650 features hands-free soap dispensing, improving hygiene and keeping restrooms cleaner.

  • Automatically activates when a user's hand is placed under the spout nozzle
  • Battery-driven sensor technology delivers a pre-measured amount of liquid soap
  • Easy-to-load refills simplify soap replacement and reduce waste
  • Yellow LED in the sensor window blinks when the soap pouch needs replacement


    Active infrared sensor

  • Offers hands-free operation by delivering a pre-measured soap application to the user's hand "on demand," improving hygiene.
  • Chrome-plated brass spout

  • Delivers strength and durability for abuse-prone environments
  • Visible low-soap yellow indicator light

  • Provides ample notice to replace soap pouch, maximizing full soap usage and ensuring continuous operation
  • Prime/Reset button

  • Quickly and efficiently fills soap path, eliminating the need to activate dispenser multiple times with sensor
  • D-cell battery case with gasket

  • Provides power to dispenser while protecting batteries from harmful moisture. Battery compartment can be remotely located. Red LED in sensor window blinks when the batteries need replacement
SJS-1650 Inline and Offset Mounting options

    Offset mounting

  • Accommodates the most challenging installation environments by allowing the pump and soap cartridge to be located anywhere within an 18" radius
  • Replaceable soap path

  • Entire soap path from container to tip can be replaced as needs dictate

Liquid Soap Refill for SJS-1650

SJS-1651-3 Liquid Soap Refill (1000mL)

The Liquid Soap is pH-balanced and has a pleasant fragrance to encourage better hand hygiene. Lack of or insufficient handwashing has been linked to the dangerous spread of infectious diseases. With the Sloan SJS-1651-3 liquid soap you'll be doing your due diligence to provide and maintain access to appropriate hygiene wherever handwashing is important. Sloan is a worldclass leader in water preservation and commercial plumbing supplies.

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  • SJS-1650 Deck-mount Soap Dispenser
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