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Recycled Wave Urinal Screen and Deodorizer - Melon - Case of 10

Recycled Wave Urinal Screen and Deodorizer - Melon - Case of 10

Environmentally friendly & recycled urinal screen

Recycled material

Contains approximately 50% recycled material in each screen.

Cares for the environment

No ozone depleting ingredients. 1/10 the VOC's of most aerosols. Available for sale in all 50 states.

Freshens urinal for 30 Days

10 times more fragrance which is gradually released over 30 days versus a vinyl urinal screen.

Saves time & money

Revolutionary design reduces splash back while optimizing fragrance release, cutting cleaning time by up to 50%.

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RWDS10 - MN Recycled Wave Urinal Screen and Deodorizer - Melon - Case of 10 $24.90

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This patented urinal screen releases more than twice the active ingredients as look-alike screens over 30 days to keep the urinal and restroom smelling fresh. The Wave doesn't just mask, it releases optimized bacteria that consumes odors. The revolutionary design features protrusions on the top that diffuse the urine stream while releasing a pleasant fragrance, cutting cleaning time in half.

Key Benefits

  • Freshens the Urinal and the restroom for 30 days - The patented Wave contains more than twice the actives as lookalike screens.
  • Saves money because it is stronger longer - Twice as long as lookalikes
  • Super-long protrusions eliminate urine splash, and saves clean up time.
  • Eliminates odors - Releases billions of optimized bacteria that consume mal-odors in the urinal.
  • Complies with VOC requirements in all 50 states, North America and Europe. 100% recyclable.
  • Recommended by the #1 Manufacturer of Waterless Urinals - Flacon Waterfree Technologies.

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