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3/4" Model 350/350XL Vessel Repair Kit

$145.00 / each

3/4" Model 350/350XL Vessel Repair Kit

Zurn Wilkins RK34-350V

3/4" Model 350/350XL Vessel Repair Kit

  • Accessories allow for speedy repairs
  • Repair Kits provide cost savings by avoiding full replacement
  • Complies with ASSE® Listed 1015 and CSA® Classified B64.5
  • Quality materials designed for long-lasting parts replacement
  • 1-year warranty



Total: $145.00

Due to high demand, lead times could extend up to 2 weeks.

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The Vessel Repair Kit is compatible with the 3/4" Model 350 and 350XL Double Check Backflow Preventers. Repair Kit components include one Pressure Vessel, one #1 Seat, one #2 Seat, one #1 Seat O-Ring, one #2 Seat O-Ring, two Poppets, two Springs, two Sleeves, one Housing Inlet O-Ring, one Housing Outlet O-Ring, four Pressure Vessel Screws, two Test Cocks, and two Test Cock Cap Plugs. Repair Kits are sold as accessories for quick and simple repair needs, providing long-lasting protection from backsiphonage and backpressure of polluted water into the water supply.

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