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Wool-Cotton Shampoo - Liqua-Acid Gallon 4 Pack

$78.46 / each

Wool-Cotton Shampoo - Liqua-Acid  Gallon 4 Pack

NILodor NIL-C530-005

Wool-Cotton Shampoo - Liqua-Acid Gallon 4 Pack

A unique, low pH shampoo for heavily soiled, light colored carpets. Excellent for Haitian cotton upholstery fabric. Liqua-Acid is specifically formulated for shampooing and/or bonnet cleaning white or pastel colored carpet. Liqua-Acid minimizes the risk of browning or yellowing on light colored carpet. Liqua-Acid will often remove discoloration caused by highly alkaline extraction cleaners. pH of use dilution is 5.0-6.0.

Extremely effective for cleaning Haitian cotton upholstery fabric. Wool-Cotton is a unique product that today's carpet care technicians need for those jobs where a low pH product is needed.



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