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FlushMate System for all OEMs except Kohler K4404

The M-101526-F31 Flushmate System is a complete pressure-assist flush 1.6 gpf system for 503 series tanks. It fits all 503 series toilets EXCEPT for the Kohler 4404.

Flushmate products cannot be retrofitted to existing gravity toilet bowls. Use only with Flushmate-equipped toilets.

Click Here for Kohler 4404 Replacement Tank

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Introducing Sloan's NEW Flushmate pressure-assisted toilets

SKU Product Description Price Qty
M-101526-F31 FlushMate System for all OEMs except Kohler K4404 $125.14
SKU Accessory Price Qty
ST-100500 Flushmate Cartridge Wrench $8.69
ST-100100 Flushmate 2-in-1 Wrench $3.60
ST300500 Flushmate Tool Kit $10.99
SKU Repair Parts Price Qty
C-100500-K Flushmate Flush Cartridge Used on All Series except 200 $26.64
BU-100505-K Flushmate Upper Supply Used on all Series $7.16
BL-100504-3-K Flushmate Lower Supply Used on 503 and 504 Series $31.27
B-108288 Flushmate Duckbill Valve (Air inducer) $1.55
AP300503 Flushmate Handle Replacement Kit for All 503 Series 2-Piece System $23.35
E-205288 Flushmate Universal Tank Bowl Gasket $2.96
DP-400999-1 Flushmate Push Button Convex Chrome Finish (Only available in convex) $11.99

More Info
Sloan Flushmate 503 Series

Find the serial number on your tank label

Model No. M-101526-F31
FLUSHMATE System 1.6 gpf - For all OEMS except Kohler K-4404 tank and Gerber 28-385 tank

Verify Configuration on serial number XXXXXX-F31-XXXX

Direct Replacement for configuration style F31, F3A, F3AR, F3C, F3CR, F3E, F3ER, F3G, F3G2, F3G3, F3L, F3LR, F03, F03R, F3M, F3MP, F3MR, F30, F3U, F3UR

Replacement kit includes:
(1) Flushmate Complete System 503
(1) Flushmate Complete Service Manual for 503 Series
(1) Bulk Pack kit for M-101526-F31 Series

FlushMate System for all OEMs except Kohler K4404 M-101526-F31
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flushmate tank
Review Star Rating
Nov 23, 2018
it fit good, works great, easy to instal, and cheaper than local supplier by far!

Perfect install
Review Star Rating
Aug 29, 2018
15 minutes to replace

New Flush Mate
Review Star Rating
May 25, 2018
The Flushmate was very easy to install and was much quieter than the old one.

Review Star Rating
Apr 23, 2018
Installed easily.

The old flushmate was not broken. So I didn't use the new one. I put it in storage.
Review Star Rating
Mar 12, 2018
Have not installed it. Haven't a clue if it will work or not. As it turned out the old flushmate was fine.