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Sloan HYB-4000 Hybrid WaterFree Urinal with Jetrinse Technology

Hybrid WaterFree Urinal HYB-4000

Sloan WES-150 WaterFree Urinal Cartridge

WES-150 WaterFree
Urinal Cartridge

The all-new, wall-hung Sloan HYB-4000 Hybrid WaterFree Urinal with wall outlet comes with revolutionary Jetrinse Solution Technology, allowing for even further convenience, cleanliness and automation in your restrooms! Automatically injects one gallon of water through housing and drain line every 72 hours to prevent clogs and struvite build-up.

Features & Benefits:
  • Uses the same classic WES-150 cartridge
  • Waterfree operation saves on water costs
  • Lithium battery lasts at least 8 years
  • Touch-free operation, preventing germs
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Two wall hanger brackets included
  • IR switch for manual rinse activation
  • Patented housing and drain line rinsing
  • 20% less plastic than previous designs

SKU Product Description Price Qty
HYB-4000 Sloan HYB-4000 Hybrid WaterFree Urinal with Jetrinse Technology $473.51
SKU Cartridge Kits Price Qty
WES-150 Sloan WaterFree Urinal Replacement Cartridge Kit (1001500) $45.99
WES-160 WaterFree Urinal Replacement Cartridge Kit (Facility 20-Pack) $936.75
WES-155 WaterFree Urinal Replacement Cartridge Kit (32-Pack) $1,420.00
SKU Cleaning Supplies Price Qty
SJS-19 WaterFree Urinal Cleaner & Deodorizer Starter Kit $23.99
SJS-20 WaterFree Urinal Cleaner and Deodorizer Concentrate Refill (2 Pack) $8.13
D58000-001 WaterFree Urinal Steel-Tip Cleaning Brush $4.12
SKU Accessory Price Qty
WES-7 Sloan WaterFree Urinal T-Bar Cartridge Removal Tool $28.76
SKU Urinal Screens and Mats Price Qty
WDSAC Wave Urinal Screens - Apple Spice $3.14
WDSHM Wave Urinal Screens - Herbal Mint $3.14
WDSMA Wave Urinal Screens - Mango $3.14
WDSCB Wave Urinal Screens - Cotton Blossom $3.14
WDSCM Wave Urinal Screens - Cucumber Melon $3.14
WDSCT Wave Urinal Screens - Citrus $3.14
UM6-6 P- Shield Disposable Urinal Floor Mat (Case of 6) $66.12

More Info

How Jetrinse Solution Technology Works

How Jetrinse Solution Technology Works

Water is supplied to the back of the housing through a solenoid valve and air gap device.

The water is directed through a nozzle against the cartridge, powerfully redirecting it down the housing and drain line.

The solenoid valve is programmed to inject approximately one (1) gallon of water every 72 hours.

An infrared switch, discreetly located underneath the fixture, allows maintenance personnel to manually operate the Jetrinse system during cartridge changes to confirm its operation.


22 5/8" H x 15 3/8" W x 14" D

Approximate Weight

43 lbs.

Mounting for ADA Compliance

For lip height of 17", distance from finished floor to drain centerline must be 10"

Patented Cartridge Sloan WaterFree Urinals

The replaceable and biodegradable, liquid-sealed cartridge filters waste so liquids enter the drain and sediments are collected for disposal when the cartridge is replaced after 6,000 to 7,000 uses. Multiplying each use by 1.6 gallons of water (to compare to low-flow toilets) or by 3.5 (to compare to older units) shows a savings of 9,600 to 24,500 gallons of water.

Drain Connection & Material

Installs on standard 2" drain connections with threaded nipple. Suitable DWV materials include cast iron, galvanized steel, ABS and PVC.


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