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Hybridflush Side Mount Automatic Retrofit for Urinals & Water Closets

$200.00 / each

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Hybridflush Side Mount Automatic Retrofit for Urinals & Water Closets

AMTC Hybrid Retrofit Autoflushers

Hybridflush Side Mount Automatic Retrofit for Urinals & Water Closets

Battery Powered, Sensor Operated HYBRIDFLUSH® Side Mount Retrofit Conversion Kit for Exposed Urinal and Water Closet (Toilet) Flushometers.

Model HSM-801-R (Flush cycle is detemined by flushometer being used)

Retrofit Options
Standard HYBRIDFLUSH® Side Mount can be used on AMTC flushometers as well as various flushometer models manufactured by Sloan®, Zurn®, and Helvex®.

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In Stock

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

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ADA Compliant
  • Patented Gear Motor Drive
  • Hands Free Infrared Sensor Activation
  • Vandal and Water Resistant Design
  • Chrome Plated Metal Housing
  • Quiet Operation
  • Electronic Manual Flush Button (Front)
  • True Mechanical Manual Flush Button (Side)
    *Mechanical Button Works When Batteries are Drained
  • Operates on (4) "C" Alkaline Batteries (Included)
  • Battery Life 3+ Years
  • "Low Battery" Blinking LED Indicator
  • Easy Battery Replacement-No Water Shut Off Necessary
  • Adjustable Sensor Distance
  • Optional Water Saver Mode
  • Optional Three (3) Second Flush Delay Mode
  • Optional 24-Hour Flush Mode
  • Installation Tools Included
  • No External Volume Adjustment for Water Conservation

The HYBRIDFLUSH® Advantage

The HYBRIDFLUSH® is a revolutionary full-featured automatic/manual flushometer. The HYBRIDFLUSH® incorporates a unique patented mechanism that allows for automatic/manual operation for unsurpassed reliability. The patented HYBRIDFLUSH® design allows for a push button to be used as an alternate flush option that is independent of the battery power. The HYBRIDFLUSH® by Advanced Modern Technologies Corporation is the most efficient, economical, and complete automatic flush valve system on the market.


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